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    Hi Jessica,
    Thought I would write you a personal note rather than risk appearing contrary in public.  I watched game film of Chaminade vs Muscle Shoals.  You may want to take another look at CM's D-line.  They are very undersized by today's standards.  They have kids listed at 6'1" 215 playing.  They were getting blown off the ball.  Last year C-M had Davoan Hawkins and 2 other really big guys on the d-line...all like 275 or more.  I think they really miss them.  
    Against Muscle Shoals, C-M had a freshman playing on the OL and he was playing on D too in the second half.  Am assuming they were missing one of their regular OL's for the game.  If they were playing a freshman both ways, it makes me question how deep they are.  
    Not that any of that will change the 3A picture.  And I believe what you say about University being lanky.  I see University has a very young roster with mostly underclassmen.    
    I had thought this year's C-M would be even stronger than last year, but I don't see it happening.  Unless they risk playing some of their OL's both ways, they will not match last year's D-line.  And I mentioned in another post how the absence of Shivers and Williams has to have an impact..they were that good.  The sad part is that if C-M did not get as many transfers as they did, they would only be average.  I did not realize they had so many until I started researching the players.
    Have a nice evening.   
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