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  1. How are we feeling about Edgewater taking home a ring this year, front end of this schedule is loaded so I think they'll be a bit more prepared to work with the lack of their 2021 class.
  2. The freshman are ready to get on the field and go. Talking with some of em, they feel like the standards been set now, so they have to put in the work to be great and consistent. I feel like another state semifinals run is possible but if we run into niceville again they might just take it home with them. Haven't seen the freshman nor some of the sophomore class really play much so I don't know if the skill will be on par.
  3. Given I attend Edgewater currently I have a lot of access to "inside information" from friends on the team, I'd hope so, I've heard talk about possible Wekiva/Lake Brantley transfers, we'll see about that though. Duke and the staff have completely flipped this program around from before my freshman year to now and I'm here for it.
  4. The energy and drive was there, but the turnovers man, they killed us. But hey it's all good like you said, not a lot of schools can have such a close game in the finals against a team like sta. I would like to say we'll have another finals appearance but with majority of the skill heading out, we're either going to need some really good transfers or a big leap in field discipline and fundamentals.
  5. Lets Take a Moment To Remember an Amazing man Jesse Jesse passed away December 4th at 6405 SE 210 Terrace, Hawthorne, FL 32640 at the young age of 28 months due to a tragic hornet sting causing a severe reaction which later developed into motor aphasia. His funeral service will be held at 403 Stadium Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32304 12/17 @ 7p followed by an internment at 2649 US-90, Madison, FL 32340. Jesse was born not too long ago on May 24, 2019 amongst this forum. He gained a reputation from all of us being the "Madison Boy" and had a successful career in instigating and generating traction with his posts and reply's. One of his most memorable moments in the community was his quip on "Donut high school", next to all of the times he said that Madison was on it's way to becoming a national powerhouse and blowing out IMG. He will be missed deeply by his friends, family, and all who knew him. May his content count rest peacefully at 523.
  6. He was out on a foot injury around midway in the 2nd quarter, I'll check to see how he's doing throughout the week. Thank you, and props to apopka as well for your fight with seminole, wish it could've been 2 orange county schools but hey, still some central florida representation. Saw it as well, probably just trying to draw penalties if not, most definitely being heated in the moment due to the shifting momentum. But in the end Howes came and did what he does best.
  7. You were right, they put up an awfully good fight against a disorganized eagle team, props to them, but the Edgewater Eagles want to bring this title home this year.
  8. Dang, wish y'all would've told me earlier, having been to every game this season I saw all the film crews but thought it was public, could've had a folder full of game film for y'all to analyze
  9. Venice will give STA a run for their money keeping it neck and neck till 3rd quarter where they'll either make it or break it. Given how venice seems to blow past all of these teams l feel they will have enough energy for 3 quarters of STA and either crumble or dig deep for a win.
  10. EagleEye

    7A Repeat?

    The way things are looking this season I think it's somewhat safe to think we'll have a 7A rematch of Edgewater V STA, assuming that STA can scrape by Venice this year . But in all seriousness with Edgewater coming off of a 2 week break to then put up 52-0 during the 1st half against an incoming Viera at 77-0 (Points), I think it's reasonable to say they might keep this energy at home for another game for Mitchell and even on the road against what should be Niceville. But what are your guy's thoughts on the bracket this year? (I honestly expected Wekiva to be going up against the Eagles next week.)
  11. Thank you, we appreciate it, same to the Darters as well, how confident are you feeling with them recently?
  12. 37-20 says otherwise, granted edge wasn't playing their best ball in the 1st half, their 3rd quarter was a show.
  13. Edgewater was out of it from the jump on this game
  14. TCA Venice BT Cocoa STA North Bloom Edge Vanguard Ponte
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