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  1. Edgewater was out of it from the jump on this game
  2. TCA Venice BT Cocoa STA North Bloom Edge Vanguard Ponte
  3. You haven't been here long enough to understand, if we don't line up correctly, we can't win.
  4. Madison will sweep all the class champs from 2A to 8A and win the 2020 Nolebull Elite Bowl
  5. With Jones barley scraping by in their last 2 games by 1 point on each and Edgewater coming back on a last second fumble after being out for 2 weeks. I'm going Edgewater to win with at least 25 penalties total game given the "ego" of both teams. If Edge gets some good practice in to fix passing and their awareness I'd give em 12 on Jones. Don't know if it's just the false sense of security from the Apopka game or just Wekiva being on top of it but I'm still wondering how Jones went into OT on their senior night against now 1-3 Wekiva.
  6. Was just at the Edgewater V Osceola game, Edgewater was off most of the game till 4th quarter and they took advantage of it. They pulled it off at the end but Osceola was no joke with their QB. I think they'll be sync by the Jones game given how jones played w Wekiva I'll take Edgewater again on this one.
  7. STA Bolles NFM American H Edgewater Niceville Deland Fletcher Newberry Champagnat
  8. Berkeley Prep Oakleaf Apopka Manatee Madison County Florida High Bart Trail Vero Beach Bolles Lakeland
  9. American Heritage Tampa Catholic Bloomingdale Carrollwood Day Charlotte Clearwater Creekside Edgewater Trinity Catholic Treasure Coast
  10. American Heritage Bloomingdale Cham-Mad Trin Christ Apopka Lakeland Mad Co Ft.Myers Bart Trail Vero Beach
  11. Lincoln was just underestimated and Niceville tried to play catch up in the 4th quarter. Are we going to forget the 38-27 Armwood game that was favored for Armwood right after, or the State Finals game that had majority of the stadium on edge beginning to end? Alright sure pal. Go Madison county!
  12. Money where your mouth is? I think egde dumster can pull this one easy.
  13. Hey man drinking and texting is not okay, might have to take a sit down and rethink this message in the morning.
  14. I wanted to talk about the game, I don't understand how that came across as complaining, just saw it as an opportunity to spark the conversation back up but I mean if that's how you took it im sorry I guess? I'm also confused on what you mean by Again if you believe they're fake, I don't think Alabama would like an imaginary RB on their roster.
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