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  1. EagleEye


    Bold of you, why do you say that.
  2. EagleEye


    Thoughts, Opinions, Predictions on Finals? I feel like if they train and clean up some plays they'll have a close win against STA. Yea I know Armwood wasn't playing at their best but still, almost nobody thought these kids would get by since the Crestview game.
  3. What I don't understand is why he just gave it up and called it incomplete when he was the one who clearly saw the play go down, and it was obvious the back field judge couldn't see what he saw.
  4. This one is somewhat iffy, ref called it a good catch while infront of the play, talks with the other ref and then calls it incomplete.
  5. A lot of the calls were kinda fishy, to be honest with you a big reason Niceville was moving on that field was because of em. But like you said, Now we're heading up against what looks like a state bound arm wood.
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