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  1. Rpi actually has nothing to do with who schedule the hardest as it really should be. Have you looked at the rpi? Madison is sitting 18th in 1A as of now. And 3 seed in region 2. We all anticipate them still coming out of Region 2. But definitely not going to be a 1 seed. Im speaking from a realistic real word mindset.
  2. I don't think you really understand how this works. Madison will probably be a 4th seed if they come out their region. The other regions have a high chance of being a undefeated or 1 loss team.
  3. Still no respect for Hawthorne Jesse??
  4. We had a issue a few seasons ago. Team did not report their results from week 11. FHSAA did the playoff seeding. FHSAA was informed that the game was not report. FHSAA would not go back and fix the issue. There was a .01 or something that small difference in us having the #2 seed, first round bye, and 2nd round home game. Instead we had to play 1st round, travel the next round 5 hours, pay for charter busses, and all the financials that got with traveling that distance. Soooo always make sure the games affecting your season are being reported.
  5. 2018 Hawthorne beat Pahokee in Hawthorne then lost to Madison. 2019 Pahokee beat Hawthorne in Pahokee. That 2019 game should have been played in Hawthorne but FHSAA wouldn't do anything about the unreported game that affected the seeding. 2020 Hawthorne beat Madison, Pahokee didn't play in the playoffs. Seeding will determine who plays who first. Also I believe this year seeding will determine the state semi-final round. We could get some different matchups in the state championship game.
  6. Should be a great playoff in 1A region 4. Pahokee, Fort Meade, Bradford, Wildwood, and Hawthorne.
  7. Have you been to a school with 200 high school students? Or 300 middle and high school students combined? What about if the problem is reversed? What if there isn't enough middle school athletes for your daughter to play middle school basketball? Should she 1) sit around and do nothing until 9th grade??? or 2) play with the varsity and gain valuable experience even if it's 1 minute a game???
  8. I said dump some money.. lol.. they throw parking garages up like they free in Gainesville. Parking garage and add seating on the endzones. I think would be a good choice if they this.
  9. I wish Gainesville would dump some money into Citizens Field... I think it could be a great location.
  10. https://www.wctv.tv/2021/05/24/watch-bench-clearing-brawl-in-madison-and-taylor-county-football-game-caught-on-camera/ Did they win this fight?? Wondering what FHSAA is going to do about this.
  11. Hopefully not Tallahassee. They did us wrong up there. 20 degree weather and had the kids in tents underneath the stadium with no heaters. Was a terrible experience.
  12. Fhsaa gave them the easy route... running clocked whoever they face in semi-final.. wanna bet that??
  13. Union County above Hawthorne??? Fort white in the same tier??? Swap Union and Hawthorne.
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