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  1. Have you been to a school with 200 high school students? Or 300 middle and high school students combined? What about if the problem is reversed? What if there isn't enough middle school athletes for your daughter to play middle school basketball? Should she 1) sit around and do nothing until 9th grade??? or 2) play with the varsity and gain valuable experience even if it's 1 minute a game???
  2. I said dump some money.. lol.. they throw parking garages up like they free in Gainesville. Parking garage and add seating on the endzones. I think would be a good choice if they this.
  3. I wish Gainesville would dump some money into Citizens Field... I think it could be a great location.
  4. https://www.wctv.tv/2021/05/24/watch-bench-clearing-brawl-in-madison-and-taylor-county-football-game-caught-on-camera/ Did they win this fight?? Wondering what FHSAA is going to do about this.
  5. Hopefully not Tallahassee. They did us wrong up there. 20 degree weather and had the kids in tents underneath the stadium with no heaters. Was a terrible experience.
  6. Fhsaa gave them the easy route... running clocked whoever they face in semi-final.. wanna bet that??
  7. Union County above Hawthorne??? Fort white in the same tier??? Swap Union and Hawthorne.
  8. You know very little about Hawthorne, or any other school not Madison. Everyone trash but Madison correct??
  9. You don't think Hawthorne got something to say about that?? Has Pahokee hired a coach yet???
  10. You tell us?? How many and from where?
  11. Every bracket has region 1 and 3 as home team. No way you get 100% home for these teams on a blind draw. If I'm wrong someone correct me please.
  12. The should have a coin flip for state semifinals. Huge advantage to the team that host. Don't give team home game just cause they are in region 1 and region 3.
  13. That's been my only gripe about Madison. And it not necessarily Madison. But Fhsaa putting them in region 3. Definitely should be in Region 2. There are 9 teams in all the 1a regions but region 4, which has 10. Make region 2 the 10 team region with Madison.
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