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  1. Every bracket has region 1 and 3 as home team. No way you get 100% home for these teams on a blind draw. If I'm wrong someone correct me please.
  2. The should have a coin flip for state semifinals. Huge advantage to the team that host. Don't give team home game just cause they are in region 1 and region 3.
  3. That's been my only gripe about Madison. And it not necessarily Madison. But Fhsaa putting them in region 3. Definitely should be in Region 2. There are 9 teams in all the 1a regions but region 4, which has 10. Make region 2 the 10 team region with Madison.
  4. Yea... Think Hawthorne forced 4-5 turnovers. pahokee may have had 125 yards of total offense. Hawthorne was just to loose with the ball. 3 or 4 of the fumbles gave pahokee ball in redzone or just outside of it. Besides turnovers, I think Pahokee punt returns were key. If pahokee had 12 drives, 10 of them started on plus side of the 50. Love #2 and them DE's. Think its #33, has a great motor.
  5. A lot of turnovers both ways. Score could have been other way also. Imagine if game was played in Hawthorne, like it should have been. Pahokee should be able to handle chiefland. Hope to see them at Madison in 2 weeks.
  6. How about Jefferson is really 2-8. They won against cottondale Friday. But guess what? It's not computed into the rpi. Because it was not entered on maxpreps. So every team that played them are impacted and every teams opponents are impacted. Example... Hawthorne is .002 from the 2 seed. This should have been added to their OWP but wasnt. Which may or may not have been enough to get the 2 seed. That's difference of. .1111 or. .2222 which may have made up the .002 needed.
  7. If your gonna combine 1A and 2A then you also need to combine 3A and 4A... You saying 1A cried, but guarantee you would hear more grief from 2A teams than 1A teams if the 2 got combined.
  8. How would a pahokee feel about getting placed in a district? Would they have the option to move up? That's a lot of travel for 2-3 district games a year. What about the schools that would have to travel to the muck? Whoever in that district won't be happy. Will FHSAA give some assistance? Probably not. I say put them in a district but give the district control on what they want to do. Just like in other sports. Either they want to play a district schedule or let the RPI decide the district.
  9. 1A Pahokee 2-5 Fort white 3-5 Bozeman 3-4 Jefferson county 1-7 2A North Florida Christian 3-4 St Joseph 3-4 North Florida Educational 3-4 Trinity Christian 3-5 Saint Francis 2-6
  10. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/highschool/football/os-sp-hs-fhsaa-football-20190923-2znwu7qf4bcthgbfiecyiunuz4-story.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true
  11. Imagine what pahokee might have to travel. Maybe Madison then right back to Tallahassee on a Thursday.
  12. Guess you got me! Hawthorne is tired of losing 1 game to Madison. We are 0-1 all-time and we are just tired of seeing them every year. Yep that's what it is. Taylor and Madison should be in the "North"
  13. My only problem with 1A and FHSAA is all that red on the map is considered north Florida, Correct??? Isnt Madison County in that red??? Why does FHSAA place Madison in region 3??? With Chiefland, Dixie, Trenton instead of with the other North 1A schools?? They put Taylor County in Region 2 with north schools and Madison is North of Taylor. Let's actually have a north vs south in the state championship.
  14. So you have to schedule a team, that's going to schedule good teams, and the teams that they scheduled will have to schedule good teams, and those teams will have to schedule good teams, and then those teams will have to schedule good teams, also ............... So how do you know who to play???
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