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  1. Believe it's going to a huge crowd. Predicting one of the best in a long time.
  2. I seen Bradford game. Bradford let #8 have 15+ catches, correct? Bradford played scared to not get beat deep. Hawthorne played it to not get picked apart. PK threw maybe 2-3 deep balls. Nothing made Hawthorne have to backup and they sat underneath on routes. Guys weren't open. Especially with a qb that throws 1-2-3 ball out on a rhythm. That's why he doesn't get sacked cause he gets ball out regardless if guys are open or not. I actually liked your qb. I believe the fact that Hawthorne was able to play with 2 safeties and stop the run with a 4-2 box most of the night was the problem.
  3. Well I apologize if I took it out of context.
  4. Yes you started with you took it on the chin. Then you went to . "PI calls" and "refs evening up the calls" and "illegal being behind the endzone". Everything but.. We didn't play our best game when we needed to. PK was out played from start to finish. Game was in PK favor until the blocked punt which lead to Hawthorne 1st TD. Then PK punted the ball 10 yards to give have the ball on the 30, which lead to the next score or the 3rd score. Hawthorne didn't make the mistakes that PK did. That's why they lost! Fyi. You qb throws everything on timing. Teams are normally scared of PK speed. Hawthorne wasn't. They just sat on stops and outs. What did you see that I didnt???
  5. Refs did nothing about it because it is not illegal. Did you hear cursing or heckling? Or are you going off what someone told you? The sheriff's are positioned right there, so anyone doing that will be removed. Be glad PK not great in basketball. Because they do stand on the baseline in Hawthorne. In the Villages, the have chairs under the basket. Whats more dangerous than that?? Where your qb come from? Guess you guys broke the bank and recruited him. Or maybe that's why the guy the OC. 12 points. Pick 6 and kickoff return. No redzone. Hawthorne was the better team on Friday night. Just as PK was the better team 2 years ago. You fishing for every reason you lost but that. You win some, you lose some. QB had a bad game. Guarantee he didn't just decide to have a bad game.. Was it because of Hawthorne's defense or the fans at the endzone?
  6. Are they on the playing field? Did that effect the game? Is that why PK lost? Look like the coach attention was on the wrong thing. PK never got in the redzone for it to matter.
  7. How many Valdosta kids came over to Madison?? You got a kid from Fort White also, correct?
  8. Cause the whole story is that he was enrolled at a middle school, as a 8th grader, but played high school football at another school, correct? So his suspension had nothing to do with him transferring. He broke a rule. Fyi. Two lineman came from Eastside. Only one of them actually played football and that was jv at Eastside. The other kid was a basketball kid and never played football. If you do your research, which is easy to do. Go look at Gainesville and Buchholz roster. That's where all the Eastside kids are.
  9. Go look at volleyball for an example of how is going to be done.
  10. They are not official as in showing that rpi will reseed after the regional finals. If you look at them you would think that the brackets are already set through the state championship.
  11. The 1A Volleyball Bracket. Take a look at this. https://www.maxpreps.com/tournament/Oq2c0zNiEeyA2wJt_kT-Ug/XqUOzDNiEeyA2wJt_kT-Ug/volleyball-21/2021-fhsaa-volleyball-state-championships--1a-fhsaa-girls-volleyball-.htm Volleyball RPI. https://fhsaa.com/rankings.aspx?path=gvb
  12. All classes are reseeding after the regional finals... stop looking at the brackets... they mean nothing after regional finals. You are looking at a maxpreps bracket. Not a FHSAA bracket. I got cashapp if anybody want to put a lil wager on how this works.
  13. Now this is the understanding that I have. RPI Rankings of final 8 1A and rpi matchups. 1. Blountstown 2. Hawthorne 3. Chiefland 4. Union 5. Baker 6. Madison 7. Pahokee 8. Chipley Regional Final matchups 1 vs 6 2 vs 7 3 vs 4 5 vs 8 Chiefland and Union game doesn't shift anyone up or down because they are 3/4 in rpi. If higher rpi team wins every game Blountstown host Baker Hawthorne host Chiefland/Union If Madison wins and all other higher rpi win. Hawthorne host Madison Chiefland/Union host Baker If Madison and Pahokee win and other higher rpi win Chiefland/Union host Pahokee Baker host Madison If Chipley and Madison win and other higher rpi Hawthorne host Chipley Chiefland/Union host Madison Only way Madison can host is if Pahokee and Chipley win. Chipley and Pahokee has no way to host.
  14. Not how it works.. but you've been told this before
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