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  1. It was Miami Pace against Bolles in 2003
  2. I'm gunna say Bolles and Marianna beat them at home in 2001 I think.
  3. I believe West Nassau is running a mixture of that or they were at least. Saw an interview with their coach saying they were going to an up tempo no huddle offense. They aren't big and nasty like they were that year. Bolles has snagged the best player from Episcopal and Ponte Vedra's team.
  4. Word is the administration at Bolles wants their new hire guy to do well. As there is a lot of pressure on the administration for him to succeed. Heard they have let some kids in they weren't letting in the last few years.
  5. IMG can actively recruit. They don't play for a state championship so they don't have to adhere by FHSAA rules. That was my understanding at least.
  6. So are those teams dropping out of FHSAA?
  7. At one point in time Raines had the most guys in the NFL in the entire nation.
  8. I don't think JAX TCA went independent 15 years ago. They won the State Title in 2003.
  9. The other part of this question is home school kids. I know they are allowed to play at public schools. I know there is one private school where I live that has a team full of them. I don't believe they count on the enrollment but if you have 20 football players that are home schooled and just show up to play football I don't really see that as being fair. You could have a small school enrollment wise and add 20 players and become a different type team.
  10. Gus Scott doesn't coach at Trinity this year.
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