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  1. What does Chaminade have on the lines of scrimmage? I know they're skill positions are loaded.
  2. Against UC, the TCA QB threw 2 pick 6's. Hard to blame that on the defense.
  3. Did you go to Trinitys spring game?
  4. https://www.wjhg.com/2023/05/08/north-bay-haven-firing-john-pate-head-football-coach/
  5. Dang I didn't know Bradford had one that big!
  6. So no one really knows what formula Maxpreps uses? There is no way to double check them?
  7. When do they start coming out? And what exactly is the criteria being used?
  8. The top teams in 2S in the north are West Florida, Florida High, Godby, Wakulla, Baker County, North Marion traditionally. But I don't think those teams are on Cocoa's level currently.
  9. 2S is the least competitive division. I don't see anyone coming close to Cocoa. Only a handful of teams in he north could give them a game as well.
  10. Just curious where or how you found those rankings? I could not find them
  11. Yulee picked up a bunch of transfer last season. They got 5-6 kids from Fernandina and still only won 4 games. They've picked up 1 kid from Fernandina this season and got a incoming freshman from there. I wouldn't say they've picked up a ton of top notch transfers. Their top kids are going to be seniors this year and it seems like they have a better coaching staff. I believe they will make the playoffs but I don't see them better than the stated teams. My misunderstanding thought you had them higher. But I would think AC would beat Yulee. Sandalwood is always getting kids but never really does anything with them. I would still say Ponte Vedra, AC and Jackson would beat Yulee. But obviously these are all opinions.
  12. Bartram should be higher. Fleming has a ton of talent. We will see what they can do, could be a big year for them. I think you are severely over rating Yulee. They haven't won a playoff game since Derrick Henry and won 4 games last season. They will be better no doubt, but I couldn't have them above Raines, Clay, Fletcher, Flagler, Atlantic Coast, Ponte Vedra, even Jackson.
  13. Madison could go up to 2S and compete with Cocoa etc. They wouldn't have to play Bolles who they're scared of. But I doubt they would move up.
  14. Didn't Chris Dunkley 5 Star WR transfer to Pahokee from Royal Palm Beach?
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