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  1. Madison could go up to 2S and compete with Cocoa etc. They wouldn't have to play Bolles who they're scared of. But I doubt they would move up.
  2. Didn't Chris Dunkley 5 Star WR transfer to Pahokee from Royal Palm Beach?
  3. Madison has had 100 kids out for football or dang close to it. And you might wanna look up the definition of resources buddy, doesn't always mean money. And Madison has just as much or more money as anyone in 1A pretty much. I think what's funny to me is you say Madison can play with or beat all these top teams in the state and then wanna rag on 1A teams. Madison can't beat those teams thats why they came down to 1A.
  4. I don't think you can compare other sports. Football is the ultimate team game and take a lot of numbers and resources. Which Madison has being a bigger school. Thats why in college football its the same few schools winning all the time. And very rare for a small school to beat a big school. But with March Madness they have had Butlers and Davidson beat the big boys and make runs. You can't compare the other sports with football. And an FYI. Wewa who Madison played in the first round of the playoffs has an enrollment of around 230 students. If you cut that in half for boys means they have about 115 boys in their entire school while Madison has 100 kids on their team. Yeah that sounds really fair and similar competition.
  5. Good one. You really got me there
  6. Jesse you're right a school of 400 if they had their program going right could have around 50 players. The problem is Madison will have 100 at the same rate. My point was just when the people on these committees keep pointing to 1A for competitive balance and make sure to say nothing is happening to 1A. I just don't think that's correct. Madison has dominated and the only teams able to challenge them have gotten in a ton of transfers. I don't think they have 1A right is what I would say. I like what some of the other posters have said about if you win you move up and if you're a losing program you move down.
  7. I just wanted to say this on the topic because I read a quote from a coach saying look at 1A and how great that is. As competitive balance is the main reason for the metro/suburban debate. But Madison County has won 4 out of 7 State Championships since they've been in 1A. In 5 playoff games this past season against 1A teams Madison only gave up 18 points! The 3 loses Madison has to 1A teams is 2015 against Trenton, 2016 against Pahokee and 2020 against Hawthorne. Trenton got in trouble for recruiting during those years. Hawthorne the last few years has gotten in more transfer than many private schools. Is that what they're telling 1A schools they have to do to win? Makes me sick listening to these coaches saying 1A has it right when they clearly don't.
  8. Buddy my team is the reason Madison went to 1A ducking lol
  9. I'm sorry. I just found this funny since you root for the team that found a loophole to play schools smaller than them but you don't like teams that duck teams lol
  10. Black is a monster. Yulee has lost 2 D1 lineman in 2 years now. Bolles has picked up an OL from Episcopal, DL from Fleming Island, LB from Nease, a TE from North Carolina. Bolles will be huge on the OL. If they can figure out a passing game they should make a return trip to the finals.
  11. Make that 6 kids from Fernandina to Yulee and Fernandina's best kid is going to Trinity. Trinity also got a kid from Baldwin.
  12. No he came from Oakleaf, the OL from Yulee. Rumor has it they are getting the kid from Fernandina as well.
  13. For any of the private schools around the state that are good in a big metro area they get their kids from that area. All of Trinity's kids did not start there from the 7th grade. The two kids who signed with Florida last year transferred in. Trinity Trinity does a good job and I agree they are not afraid to play anyone. They also learned how to work the homeschool system in their favor.
  14. I've heard the same stories about the privates. Now the validity of them is up in the air, probably on both ends. In Duval a lot has to do with the coaching. In my opinion it has not been on par with the rest of the state. Trinity and Bolles have good staffs. So tons of kids will want to go there.
  15. Look I agree that public schools are getting kids. But I don't agree with the much worse. Trinity, Bolles, UC they all get kids from surrounding areas of Jax.
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