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  1. They haven't been nearly as good the last 10 years or so.
  2. Camden beat a State Champ Miami Central if memory serves correct.
  3. Should IMG be allowed to compete for a State Title?
  4. Did they have a dorm? How did they house those international kids?
  5. Right....who is really scared of the competition? Who really just wants a trophy given to them?
  6. If the South Florida schools are so big and bad why do they care? Sounds like they might be scared of competition because they don't wanna play each other? Or they just want a trophy given to them?
  7. What does Trinity have coming back?
  8. Going off Josh's projections there was a district with a 6 hour and a 5 hour trip. That was eye opening
  9. The 12 district model there is a lot of travel for district games. I could see some schools in the panhandle complain.
  10. Hawthorne took a ton of North Marion players this past year.
  11. Why even have enrollments classify it? If you want to be a true State Champ. There should only be 1 class. With enrollment used to classify you are only a champion of a specific set of schools not the entire state by your logic.
  12. Gotcha. So I know they said they planned on having them out before Christmas. How does that work with the independent teams? Are they taken out of the classes before they divide them up? Or do they put them in and end up having to take them out after?
  13. I think if we ask a lot of those small schools to play teams like Chaminade and require them to play them in district play. There will be a ton of independents. If you ask them to play them in the playoffs thats one thing. Maybe the school has a decent team. But to have to play them every year when you might have a bad team, I don't think they will go for that.
  14. From my understanding the old way of doing things. The smaller classes 1A-3A or 4A didn't those classes have less teams in them? So when they say evenly distribute for 7 classes. Does that mean all classes will have the same number of teams? If so wouldn't this make for some big enrollment discrepancies with the smaller classes?
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