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  1. Daytona Mainland tops St Augustine and Jax Mandarin

    I don't think Beck played.
  2. Jax TCA plays Deerfield beach in spring game

    Where will this game be played?
  3. Jax TCA might have a few transfers

    IMG can actively recruit. They don't play for a state championship so they don't have to adhere by FHSAA rules. That was my understanding at least.
  4. Jax TCA might have a few transfers

    Who's the rumor? IMG?
  5. The new North Florida League 1A

    So are those teams dropping out of FHSAA?
  6. The 3 Worst Counties for Football Awards

    At one point in time Raines had the most guys in the NFL in the entire nation.
  7. Class 3A Classification Opinion

    I don't think JAX TCA went independent 15 years ago. They won the State Title in 2003.
  8. Upcoming reclassification

    Ponte Vedra most likely moving up to 6A.
  9. Private Schools Dominating National Polls More Than Ever

    The other part of this question is home school kids. I know they are allowed to play at public schools. I know there is one private school where I live that has a team full of them. I don't believe they count on the enrollment but if you have 20 football players that are home schooled and just show up to play football I don't really see that as being fair. You could have a small school enrollment wise and add 20 players and become a different type team.
  10. Two Teams from Marion County still in it

    Gus Scott doesn't coach at Trinity this year.
  11. New Alignment

    Will there be new alignment after this season? I know it's been two years, but I thought I remember something about it being 4 years?
  12. 4A Scheduling - Who Are These Teams Playing?

    This is what I keep posting about with St. Joseph in 3A. Their schedule is completely 2A and Independent teams and they are going to receive a first round bye. Seems unfair when they are not playing the same competition as the other teams in that region.
  13. Hypocrisy in the point/playoff system!!

    The main problem I have with the point system is in 4A-1A. Take a look at 3A region 1. St Joseph is undefeated and on track to be the number 2 seed in that region. They will have played 6 2A schools and 4 independents. How can you really determine if they are better than the other schools in their region when they don't compete against them? I'm not picking on St. Joseph they are having a great season. But if we are truly trying to get the best teams how can we determine that if they don't even play each other? St. Joseph is going to end up getting a a bye in the first round over Fort White and Baldwin and they both would beat St. Joseph badly.
  14. FloridaHSFootball.com Week 10 Pickems

    Flagler Palm Coast (7-2) at Mandarin (5-3) (Thursday) Raines (7-1) at Lincoln (6-2) (Thursday) No. 1 Carol City (8-0) vs. No. 2 Miami Central (8-1) South Dade (7-1) vs. Miami Southridge (6-2) Cocoa (6-2) at Pahokee (5-4) Barron Collier (7-1) at Naples (7-1) Apopka (6-2) at Wekiva (7-1) Gulf Breeze (7-1) at Navarre (7-1) Tampa Bay Tech (7-1) at Plant City (8-1) Clearwater Central Catholic (9-0) at Cardinal Mooney (8-0)