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  1. Black is a monster. Yulee has lost 2 D1 lineman in 2 years now. Bolles has picked up an OL from Episcopal, DL from Fleming Island, LB from Nease, a TE from North Carolina. Bolles will be huge on the OL. If they can figure out a passing game they should make a return trip to the finals.
  2. Make that 6 kids from Fernandina to Yulee and Fernandina's best kid is going to Trinity. Trinity also got a kid from Baldwin.
  3. No he came from Oakleaf, the OL from Yulee. Rumor has it they are getting the kid from Fernandina as well.
  4. For any of the private schools around the state that are good in a big metro area they get their kids from that area. All of Trinity's kids did not start there from the 7th grade. The two kids who signed with Florida last year transferred in. Trinity Trinity does a good job and I agree they are not afraid to play anyone. They also learned how to work the homeschool system in their favor.
  5. I've heard the same stories about the privates. Now the validity of them is up in the air, probably on both ends. In Duval a lot has to do with the coaching. In my opinion it has not been on par with the rest of the state. Trinity and Bolles have good staffs. So tons of kids will want to go there.
  6. Look I agree that public schools are getting kids. But I don't agree with the much worse. Trinity, Bolles, UC they all get kids from surrounding areas of Jax.
  7. Compared to what other private schools? Comparing to ones in Jax they do.
  8. I agree that public schools in Jax recruit and get many transfers as well. But don't act like Trinity doesn't get any. Trinity got really good with the all star 7v7 started up and they were the first ones in Jax to start a team.
  9. Only public school on the northside of Jax is First Coast. It usually works the other way. Kids leaving there to head to Nassau schools. Like Jags904 said kids have been leaving nassau for years heading to Bolles. Trinity has dipped into Nassau as well. The big OT they had this past year is from Nassau. As for Bolles Nassau isn't much farther than all the regular students who go to Bolles from Ponte Vedra.
  10. Rumors they could be getting that many kids from Nassau County
  11. Marist will be tough. They run the option and force you to be disciplined. But they lost a lot from last year. If Bolles gets some of the kids rumored to be going to Bolles. I think they would handle Marist. The kid from Episcopal just got offered by Virginia Tech.
  12. Bolles has already picked up a couple. One from Episcopal and one from Nease. Hearing a few more might be in the works.
  13. When is the last time Madison beat Bolles? What is their record against Bolles? Bolles is the reason Madison went to 1A
  14. Madison better be a lot better than last season. If they aren't Bolles would run them off the field.
  15. Marty Lee-First Coast Verlon Dorminey- Trinity Christian Darrell Sutherland-Bartram Trail-Will be 20 years this year I think
  16. It was Miami Pace against Bolles in 2003
  17. I'm gunna say Bolles and Marianna beat them at home in 2001 I think.
  18. I believe West Nassau is running a mixture of that or they were at least. Saw an interview with their coach saying they were going to an up tempo no huddle offense. They aren't big and nasty like they were that year. Bolles has snagged the best player from Episcopal and Ponte Vedra's team.
  19. Word is the administration at Bolles wants their new hire guy to do well. As there is a lot of pressure on the administration for him to succeed. Heard they have let some kids in they weren't letting in the last few years.
  20. IMG can actively recruit. They don't play for a state championship so they don't have to adhere by FHSAA rules. That was my understanding at least.
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