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  1. I'm Soo tired of hearing about chaminade!!!! Jax tca beats them everytime we play them ... Of course this year we probably would have lost .. but y'all act like they are more dominant then us... We moved to 5a in the 17-18 and 18-19 season... We went the second round 17-18 and we went to the simi finals 18-19 season.. i guarantee you we would have beat chaminade those years!!! They only been running up the ships because we left there class for a few years
  2. I'm not sure yet ... I'll let you know in a few months... I think we got off track a little bit because we had a 5star qb ... And we switched up the offense to cater to him .... He's gone now .. and I think we have a sophomore qb now , but that means we're gonna get back to really trinity football, witch is putting the best athletes in any position no matter what to win!!!! We didn't do that this year ....the year trinity played IMG on ESPN we had the #9 wr in the country ( dj Matthews ) but he played qb most of the season that year . We won state that year and any year B4 that it was the same when we won state !!!
  3. I hope y'all know Jax tca is do to win another ship soon , don't have 9 for no reason! We have been one of the most dominant schools since the 2010s started when my team won state. Playing the top Miami schools. Playing top Georgia school. Playing top washington st schools and so on ... Sending multiple players to top d1 schools and the NFL. having multiple 1# dbs in the nation coming form us and more.. I just fell like y'all be leaving us out sometimes as a rop program in Florida consistently!
  4. Ccc 39 Jax tca 32. Idk what happened to our defense in the second half but we couldn't tackle $#!t. We held them to 7 in the first half but the second half CCC did whatever that wanted to.
  5. CCC up 29 - 26 ... The had a long kickoff return. Next play was like a 40 yard TD run
  6. Jax tca 26 CCC 21.... 11 minutes left in the 4th
  7. Jax tca QB has rushes for 2 tds. One from about 30 yards and one from 4 yards. Idk who scored Jax tca first TD. It's half time now
  8. I live in Jacksonville and I'm definitely not driving down there to watch the game lol .. is there any linKs y'all know of to watch the game?
  9. Have any of y'all ever heard of Specially Fit Academy ??? Jax tca plays them The last game of the season . Their 6-0 .. but I've never heard of them or any of the teams they have played...are they any good ?
  10. If Jax tca gos undefeated the rest of the season, do you think they could jump back into the top 25? I know the rest of our schedule ain't that hard just asking
  11. You can take Jax TCA out the top 25... All they've done this year is play trash I don't even believe they're going to make it to state
  12. Your good boss man lol I just take pride in my team win or lose.... But we definitely need to tighten up or it's gonna be a long road trying to make it to state again
  13. I know we lost but I just wanted to make a correction.. Jax tca lost 27-14 to AHP... So it wasn't by 3 tds AHP actually beat St John's way worse then they beat us.. the st johns score was 45 -20... They beat St John's a nationally ranked team by 25... They beat Jax TCA by 13.... I think we are definitely still a top 25 team in FL
  14. Confused on scorestream it say we lost 28-6 ... On Twitter it says we lost 27-14? What was the actual score?
  15. Welp I looks like AHP wiped the floor with us lol .. I wish I could've watched the game .. i don't understand how we only scored 6 points
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