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  1. Good to hear from u sir !!!!! i think last year really humble TCA ... we haven’t had a losing season in a really long time ... all I’m saying is .. the coaches are being a lot harder on them this season ... working out harder and training harder then they did last years!!!! It’s gonna be a diff team this year
  2. Deff Jax TCA ...they trying to return to being the Kings of 3a this year
  3. All Ik is .... JAX TCA ready time make it back to state this year ... they got about 8 kids with d1 offers right now maybe more .. and I’m tellin u all them TCA KIDS been putting it big time work this off season !!!!
  4. Jax tca I look for a week 6 game ... I wish they ever have lined up .. cuz that would have been a great game
  5. Imma call some ppl ik and see what week it is then I’ll get back to y’all
  6. Good because I did want Tca to back down because they had a losing record last year ..
  7. Does anybody no if Jax Tca playing the same teams as last year??
  8. That’s literally the only reason lol ( so he can feel good about him self) they should do a Jax tca vs TX trinity
  9. Lol why does Trinity christian TX always pick the worst FL teams to play ??????
  10. Lol trinity catholic is like out curse ... we were favored to beat them in 2007 and got beat 45 -0 ....12 years later we lose again smh
  11. Thing just got a little better for Tca .. there 6’1 190 lbs freshman rb Webb is now back and will play this playoff game after breaking his wrist week 2 ... the boys is just as good a #3 from Tca is ... soo now we have our 1-2 punch back
  12. Thank u for always defending us bro I hope Columbia makes a good run and wins state... they are definitely capable.. and it would make Tca schedule look that much better if a few teams on they schedule won state
  13. Bruh u funny asf ... Ik Columbia beat us bad the first game of the year but it was the first game ... I promise u Madison would not beat Tca ... .. let Madison play Tca schedule and I bet u Madison don’t go over 500.... Madison is probably going to play Pahokee for the title and Tca beat Pahokee by 30 something.. ... I’m glad u are a die hard fan to that’s good u have sooo much confidence in your team
  14. Well I guess ur right about that.. I think evey team they played made the playoffs
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