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  1. RPI Week 8 Classes 1A-4A

    Jax Tca plays 7 teams with winning records 1team with a 500 record and 2 teams with losing records so far ... while episcopal plays 3 teams with winning records 1 team with a 500 record and 6 teams with losing records so far .. and the teams episcopal plays are nowhere near the same caliber of teams Jax Tca is playing .. not to mention every team Jax Tca plays this year is a bigger class then them accept for pahokee !!!
  2. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    Florida has to many schools and no money being put into them .. if we had less school more talent would be on one team... I promise u if u get the 50 best players out in Florida and put them up against the 50 best players from any state we will win ...... .. Florida kids are the best football players in the nation,, but we have shitty coaching, and that’s because Florida coach just think we can out run everybody... I only went to a NAIA school in Tennessee for college but me and all the kids that came in with me from Florida we’re hands down the best players on that team ... the coach’s use to always say it and we was freshmen.... alll that to say Florida does have the best players but they don’t have the best programs..
  3. Who Was FL Top 25 10 Years Ago?

    Aye I played on that 2009 -2010 Jax Tca Team ... I didn’t know we was ranked 25 that’s what’s up ... I mean we did go 13-1 and lost in state
  4. Chaminade 6- Pahokee 7

  5. As it stands dillard is the 4th seed (SMH)

    That’s our best bet ... as much as I would like to see us beat Colquitt, I don’t see that happening.. it’s not impossible but not likely... but if we do make that playoffs I don’t see us losing till possibly state
  6. As it stands dillard is the 4th seed (SMH)

    At least y’all seed #4!!!!! ...Jax tca is the 6 seed in there region in 3a ... ik Jax tca hasn’t won a lot of games, but no body n their region plays teams even close to what Jax tca is playing ,, Jax tca is hands down the best team in they region but because of the record they are ranked really low
  7. Jax tca vs phokee highlights

    I know phokee ain’t that good this year butttttt tca was still hitting!!! I’m glad they finally play aggressive!
  8. Mid-Season in review by Columbiafan

    if TCA and chaminade is the state final ... TCA wins just like the did last time..y’all will see I promise
  9. Jax TCA vs BTW

    I sure hope so .. if trinity gets that win I don’t see why they don’t make the playoffs !!they playing better each week now ... hope they can prove something
  10. Jax TCA vs BTW

    Jax TCA vs BTW ... who wins this game? How close or not close do y’all think it’s going to. Be???
  11. Jax TCA vs carol city highlights

  12. Jax TCA whooping carol city right now

    You are 100% right ... I don't need to be over explaining my the schedule speaks for its self !!! And ur right most teams in fl would have a hard time playing this schedule... Thank u for saying that!!! TCAPRIDE
  13. Jax TCA whooping carol city right now

    Private don't mean anything.. their still kids playing against kids.. I'm soo tired of y'all making that excuse... if u teach kids how to play football and get them in the weight room they will be good ... the thing is most coaches don't teach nothing!!! Any team can be good if some1 wants to take the time out to make them good ... anyways trinity is a team with 35-40 kids on it and they compete with most schools ... soo y'all can say what y'all want to be trinity is a good team
  14. Jax TCA whooping carol city right now

    That's good for Madison ... they whoop our ass in 2010 when I played for TCA
  15. Jax TCA whooping carol city right now

    It was 42 -7 in the 4 quarter .. trinity put the back ups in and they scored twice... that's pretty good D to me .. yeah they got a lot of points scored on them the first few games but they just had to come together... I never understand why y'all can give a 3a team that give all school twice they size a run for they money ... but y'all can hate all y'all want ... cuzz at the end of the day my school got more championships then most of y'all school .. ion care wat class we won them in ... I won a ship and many more kids from TCA will to