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  1. Can anybody give me a run down on St. John Paul II ??? How good Are they and what y’all think will be the outcome of the game ?
  2. ColumbiaFan what you have to say about this bro!!!!! drop your team in your rankings please!!!!!!!
  3. Honestly idk bro TCA been real iffy this year. When they’re clicking there offense is unstoppable, but they turn the ball over a lot !!! TCA defense is alright, they need to tighten up but I will say the have a lot of 10th graders starting on D!!! And Florida high QB IS REALLY GOOD !! That was his first game this year because he was hurt .
  4. You can say whatever you want bro they were beating y’all by 20 I’m the 3rd!!!! And I’m not worried about making my own top 50 idc about that. I don’t really care what spot you rank TCA either !! I’m just saying TCA and the other teams I named in the above comment are definitely batter the Columbia lol I’m done now !!!
  5. Haha Jesse, Columbia fan is just mad because his team lost to a 1A and 2A school but expects his team to go deep in their class!!!
  6. Jax TCA is definitely better then Columbia!!!! We beat y’all head up!!! when we played lee we had 4 turnovers. We threw a pick 6 when it was 2nd and goal at the 6 yard line . we fumbled the ball at the 2 yard line as well . Those to plays lost us the game!! lee is a better team then Columbia as well, they were beating the sh!t out of yall the whole game!!! They turned it over like 4 times in the fourth quarter !! That’s on lee but y’all are definitely not better !!! I also think Florida high is better then Columbia!!!!! They played Madco way closer then y’all did and beat jax TCA ( who y’all lost to ) pretty easy!!! besides jax TCA and Columbia have the same record and we beat y’all soo we’re better just because of that !!!
  7. Lol your just a hater because your team trash this year !! AHP is the same kind of team that we are so your comment doesn’t really matter!!!
  8. Final JAX TCA 27 AHP 14!!! Put JAX TCA back in the top 10 please !!!
  9. Sorry I meant to put JAX TCA in the title not HAD TCA !!! Lol autocorrect
  10. We might have got our a$$ whoop by bolles last week!!! But we are definitely still one of the best teams in the state !!!! Bolles is just that goodddd!!!!!!
  11. Jax tca plays Clearwater Academy International this next week . I was wondering if anybody knows how good CIA Is ? I see they’re undefeated but they haven’t really played anybody!!!
  12. Columbia will be just fine!!!!! Remember jax TCA got destroyed by bolles the first game of the season last year … still went 12-1 beat AHP and won state !!! It’s just one game y’all will be alright
  13. Jax TCA ran the wing-T pretty good to!! We won 3 state championships with that offense, including the team I played for !!!! Hopefully TCA watches this game film and brings back some wing t plays when theY play AHP Later this year!!! and I’m not saying we ran it as good as bolles just throwing that out there lol
  14. What are y’all thoughts on this game? Does anybody know how good Rickards might be this year?
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