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  1. Jax TCA plays Deerfield beach in spring game

    Does anybody know how good Deerfield is ?
  2. I'm going to all of them I'm excited ... We didn't play school like this at all win I played for Trinity ..
  3. Coach D at Trinity said on an interview that they could possibly have a losing record at the end of the season because this is the hardest schedule he's ever had
  4. How was 5A to much for TCA? They were 1 game away from state last year and 2 games away from state the year b4 ... That seems pretty good to me for only being in 5a two years.
  5. Jax TCA might have a few transfers

    I'm not sure , I haven't heard about that .. I'm looking at all the kids on the roster right now trying to figure out who's new ..
  6. Jax TCA might have a few transfers

    If you look on Jax TCA hudl page theirs a few kids that came from sandalwood and one of them is a CB Committed to bama.
  7. This might be the toughest schedule in fl and jax TCA still needs 3 more games
  8. Class 3A- The End!

    JAX TCA has been moved back down to 3a ... Do y'all think TCA go's back to dominating or not?
  9. Y'all kill me with the recruiting shit ...these are all 14 threw 18 year old kids ... Their all equal some kids just work harder to be better.. .. maybe other schools need to tighten up and start training these kids fr
  10. Two Teams from Marion County still in it

  11. Two Teams from Marion County still in it

    Think that all u want !!Trinity has plenty of weapons and the qb can take over and he only in 10th grade
  12. Two Teams from Marion County still in it

    Fan 74 stfu up bro u been doing this same shit for years .. How u a Trinity fan but never have anything good to say about them .. All u ever do is talk about how they can possibly lose... If I'm not mistaken ur son played with me
  13. Private Schools Dominating National Polls More Than Ever

    I really hope Guss doesn't leave they started coaching their my freshman year... But I don't think thing will change... Guss and the D coach coach Ross ran the offence togather and vice versa for the defense... I think Ross can handle running the O just fine by hisself
  14. Private Schools Dominating National Polls More Than Ever

    Well I feel Jax tca Can compete with Sta any day but that’s just me..