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  1. Lol trinity catholic is like out curse ... we were favored to beat them in 2007 and got beat 45 -0 ....12 years later we lose again smh
  2. Thing just got a little better for Tca .. there 6’1 190 lbs freshman rb Webb is now back and will play this playoff game after breaking his wrist week 2 ... the boys is just as good a #3 from Tca is ... soo now we have our 1-2 punch back
  3. Thank u for always defending us bro I hope Columbia makes a good run and wins state... they are definitely capable.. and it would make Tca schedule look that much better if a few teams on they schedule won state
  4. Bruh u funny asf ... Ik Columbia beat us bad the first game of the year but it was the first game ... I promise u Madison would not beat Tca ... .. let Madison play Tca schedule and I bet u Madison don’t go over 500.... Madison is probably going to play Pahokee for the title and Tca beat Pahokee by 30 something.. ... I’m glad u are a die hard fan to that’s good u have sooo much confidence in your team
  5. Well I guess ur right about that.. I think evey team they played made the playoffs
  6. I sure hope soo !!! Tca finally looks like a decent football team ... but latex time we played trinity catholic we got smashed lol
  7. Don’t feel bad bro Jax Tca might get put out the playoffs by Wolfson... Wolfson would get killed by TCA but we’re 5-5 and their 7-2 with one game left .... most of the team Wolfson have played suck ,while TCA played one of the hardest schedule in the state .. imma be pissed if Wolfson jumps us because they have one game left !!!
  8. If we do make it to state I just hope they have every game they played this season in the back of they head !!! We defy battle tested but they gone have to play they best game to beat chaminade
  9. We back in the 3a playoffs baby!!!!! Hope y’all missed us cuzz we back to reclaim our crown!!!!!
  10. All I’m saying is Jax Tca has played the hardest schedule in 3a and maybe the state ... EVERY team in 3a would have the same record, probably worse actually... ... Jax Tca is gonna beat Raines and then dominate the 3a playoffs... I can’t believe they’re even comparing schools like Wolfson and episcopal that’s bs to me ..
  11. Jess are u gonna do another write up on 3a this year????? Do u STILL think we will see chaminade vS JAX TCA
  12. If Jax Tca was in 3a the last two years they would have been state champs both those year and broke the record for most consecutive state championships in a row .. went 12 -2 their first year in 5a and went 13-1 their second year in 5a...but now they back in 3a to reclaim they spot !!!!
  13. I know that chaminade has a winning record, but do y’all really think they better then Jax Tca ????? I mean they lost to carol city in a low scoring game... Jax Tca running clocked carol city ... I’m just saying!!!! What y’all REALLY think ?????
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