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  1. Was looking at Jax TCA updates roster and we got some big WRs Tomarion mccray 6'5 225 Sr Joshua moricette 6,3 175 Jr Miles Burris 6'2 185 Jr Seth bialek 6'4 185 Sr Their are a few more Wrs that are smaller fast guys. We have the #1 Qb in the 2025 class in Colin hurley. With those big targets for hurley, I think Jax TCA might have a lot of matchup advantage against other teams on there schedule.. Just my opinion, haven't seen all the wrs play yet !
  2. Trinity vs Columbia is always one of my favorite games !!! It goes either way every time! Never no whose gonna win out of these 2
  3. Ok bet !!! Just let me know , lol I'll come over and talk a lil trash
  4. JAX TCA former OC Guss Scott is back coaching at TCA again!!! This is huge for us, he was the OC when Jax TCA went on their four year championship streak!!!! He took a break for a few years but he back now !!!!
  5. All I'm going to say is if we make it to state, we will beat them like we always do!! We got one of the best qbs in the country, he's only a sophomore and has like 20 offers!!! We have 2 D1 running back in the backfield! And we have a 6'4" 185 WR and a 6'2" 185 WR, that are both fast and have great hand and route running ability! Their both about to start receiving some D1 offers soon as well. I'll let y'all know about the defense a little later, when I do some more research!
  6. We were suppose to lose 2 years ago lol but this is what happened!!
  7. I bet Jax TCA beats them in state this year, like we always do !!!!
  8. Definitely gonna be a slugfest this year !!! Our defense and offense just got a little better as well! A linebacker named Bryce Kazmierczak from Baker county just transferred in, he had 15.5 sack last year! And a WR from ridgeview named miles Burris who had 7 catches and 2 tds for over 100 yards in his spring game !
  9. Jax TCA vs bolles!!! We need our rematch because they destroyed us last year.
  10. I sure hope soo ! Trinity always has my heart racing because you never no if there going to play good or bad !!! I will keep y'all posted tho
  11. We have weeks 1,2,6,9,10,11 open. I wish we could play y’all again! Lol we need our rematch because it was a great game
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