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  1. Jax TCA will be in the title game next year .. they are going to have over 20 seniors on the team... And yes the university Christian game was a fluke but it's all good lol
  2. Jax TCA will be back next to reclaim their crown lol . We had 9 senior this year ... We will have over 20 next year... I hope CCC wins , ion like chaminade
  3. I don't know how good OCP this year, but it came down to the wire last year in the playoffs. I hope we come out with a victory in this one !!!
  4. Look at this tuff run by 1 of Jax TCA rbs This run got take off the board
  5. Lol ik I was just hype when I was typing this because the university Christian fans had me mad.....we were one dimensional this game... We ran wildcat almost every play! They should have been able to stop us after awhile !! If we make it to state, well will have to play our best game ever this season because chaminade is a while diff monster this year !
  6. On top of that Our starting quarterback was hurt we had a DB playing quarterback and we almost ran the ball every play and still won the game
  7. University Christian is good don't get me wrong but the game should have been 28 or 35 to 7 They called back 2 Jax TCA touchdowns And they called so many penalties on our defense it was ridiculous they literally kept moving UC down the field the whole game
  8. Lol are they actually a good team? Or would they get destroyed if they played anybody good? I watched some highlights of them on hudl and idk if you can even say that was football on the videos I watched!!! The other teams were so bad it's crazy !!!! Idk anything about Kansas football but what I saw was horrible lol
  9. My bad bro , got caught up in the game and forgot.... Y'all will definitely win the rest of y'all games.. we should win ours as well!! As far as chaminade, we have a good record of beating them in state!! So I'm confident!! Ik our Defense is small but they will make the plays necessary, and our offense is really good ! Jax TCA was spoze to lose to chaminade in state 2 years ago, but we all know how that went !!!
  10. We'll see when we get to state !! Just remember Jax TCA undefeated against chaminade !!!!!
  11. I'll say this Columbia is better then their record shows, that was a big strong team .. Jax TCA was definitely smaller then them size wise!!
  12. Jax TCA was up by 20 in the fourth!!! Columbia played a good game but in my opinion it's not as close as the score... Columbia had two big plays for tds ... Other then that it was penalties moving them down field, or penalties stoping Jax TCA from scoring.... Two tds for sure we're taking away. Jax TCA had the ball on the 1 right b4 half with like 30 secs on the clock , but penalty after penalty drove the ball back and the clock ran out, later on in the game a 50yrd td run is called back for no reason !!!! but it is what it is on to the next one 5-0 !!!
  13. Jax TCA had 3 turnovers on their first 3 drive of the game, a fumble on the first drive , a fumble on the second drive and pick on their 3rd drive, all in the first quarter. Bolles did not capitalize on any of the 3 turnovers. Jax TCA also had 6 starters out for this game. Btw we only have 10 senior on this team! Just throwing that out there!!!
  14. They ain't beating Jax TCA boss man!!!! We are going to dogwalk Columbia this year lol
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