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  1. Imagine what pahokee might have to travel. Maybe Madison then right back to Tallahassee on a Thursday.
  2. The new North Florida League 1A

    Guess you got me! Hawthorne is tired of losing 1 game to Madison. We are 0-1 all-time and we are just tired of seeing them every year. Yep that's what it is. Taylor and Madison should be in the "North"
  3. The new North Florida League 1A

    My only problem with 1A and FHSAA is all that red on the map is considered north Florida, Correct??? Isnt Madison County in that red??? Why does FHSAA place Madison in region 3??? With Chiefland, Dixie, Trenton instead of with the other North 1A schools?? They put Taylor County in Region 2 with north schools and Madison is North of Taylor. Let's actually have a north vs south in the state championship.
  4. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    So you have to schedule a team, that's going to schedule good teams, and the teams that they scheduled will have to schedule good teams, and those teams will have to schedule good teams, and then those teams will have to schedule good teams, also ............... So how do you know who to play???
  5. Football reclassifications

    Well FAMU is located in Tallahassee. Don't think that fit under the rural umbrella. I know absolutely nothing about the Marathon area. I see there population is around 10,000. Where Moore Haven population is around 2000. But Moore Haven is no question a 1A school.
  6. Football reclassifications

    What are the other 2 public schools?
  7. Football reclassifications

    If Moore Haven fits 1A, why FHSAA didn't force them into 1A? They forced other teams into different classes. I also wonder why Madison is still in 1A-Region 3 and not in 1A-Region 2. What makes Taylor County Region 2 and not Madison?
  8. Football reclassifications

    Why wasn't Moore Haven placed in 1A???
  9. Football reclassifications

    Which team is closer to Jefferson? Madison or Taylor? Region 4 has 10 teams... So put the north most region 4 team, Trenton, in region 3, and move Madison to region 2. That moves the 10 team region from 4 to 2 and leaves regions 1, 3, and 4 with 9 teams.
  10. Football reclassifications

    Move Madison to region 2 and move Trenton to region 3. That would make it perfect in my opinion.
  11. Football reclassifications

    Can someone explain why is Madison in region 3? Why not put them in 2? I had this question last go round.
  12. Pahokee@Hawthorne

    I was surprised with the size difference in the trenches, that Pahokee wasn't able to manhandled Hawthorne. #13 from Hawthorne applied pressure all night. Pahokee QB seemed uncomfortable most of the game, and Hawthorne oline only gave up 1 or 2 sacks. Pahokee was best team they have faced this year. Was it clear Pahokee hadn't faced a team like Hawthorne? Think they had a real problem with the team speed that Hawthorne has.
  13. Pahokee@Hawthorne

    Totally agree with you on Pahokee offense. I expected to see more with the caliber of athletes they have. Also with a Qb with a nice arm. Hawthorne made mistakes they dont normally make. Haven't seen them fumble but maybe 2 times all year, and lost 2 fumbles to pahokee. Qb has 3 ints on season and threw 2 against pahokee. Part good coverage, part bad throws, not to take nothing away from pahokee. Score could have gotten ugly, like running clock ugly, if Hawthorne took better care of ball. Also, Pahokee had their chances getting into the red zone 3-4 with no points, which the game could have went the other way if they capitalized. Haven't seen a team play man coverage for a full game like that. Cant just rely on your great athletes, especially verse other great athletes. Gotta show some zone and some man.
  14. Teams That Won Their First Region Title Yesterday

    Hawthorne's second in school history
  15. Upcoming reclassification

    I've already been hearing of a school trying to get back in 1A. They way they are adjusting their count is crazy. Waiting to see if it works.
  16. Average Points Allowed Per Game - Top 50 Teams

    Well Hawthorne's now top 100... they've allowed 4.4 with 6 shutouts... while averaging 53.1 scoring.. have had a amazing season
  17. Change bonus points

    Warner Christian, Walton, Hamilton County, Newberry, Belleview, Village Academy, Lemon Bay, Royal Palm Beach.... These are a some teams that are worth bonus points but have not won a game this season. There are more that only have 1 win. Is it fair that these teams are giving others bonus points based on what they have done in the past? The 3 points have huge impact. It almost boost a category 4 team to category 3, which takes 4 wins in a season to move to category 3. My opinion is that a team should get bonus points for scheduling a previous playoff team but not if they finish category 4. Have bonus points be affected by the current season also. Scheduling a playoff team makes you eligible to receive bonus points but how many points is based off how they finish in the current season Category 4 recieve 0 points or 1 Category 3 recieve 1 point or 2 Category 2 receive 2 points or 3 Category 1 recieve 3 points or 4 Just my thoughts....
  18. 32 Teams Struggling to Score Points

    All of these programs can be competitive with the right person leading the program. I have no sympathy because there are many schools doing better with less.
  19. Playoff Points First Update coming today

    My first opinion... Do away with bonus points or modify how they are earned.
  20. 10 games, zero points.

    Any team went a season without allowing any points??
  21. Who Is This 15-0 Team?

  22. Week 1 - Where are you going?

    Columbia vs Gainesville Thursday. Hawthorne vs Interlachen Friday.
  23. Hamilton county

    Anyone know what happen in Hamilton County? Just seen head coach, both coordinators, and principal have all resigned.
  24. Gainesville vs West Orange

    I wouldnt take much from 5A Eastside beating a 1A Dixie County that lost half their team. Dixie graduated approx 20 seniors.
  25. Spring Game thread

    Hawthorne over Newberry 42-7... JV played 1st quarter. Ended 7-7. Varsity continued with Hawthorne scoring 35 to Newberry 0. Game was called with 9mins remaining in 4th.