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  1. If you knew the source who composed that sentence, you would not be surprised. Spelling and attention to detail are not strongpoints of the author.
  2. Don't know if they still do, but Freeport used to have dumptrucks lined up side by side on the west endzone side & turned their headlights on when an oppnent's kicker was making an attempt, and blew their airhorns when Freeport scored.
  3. s1nglewing


    Before y'all crown Columbia, they have to get by Choctaw first
  4. Niceville 35 Choctawhatchee 21 (05/20)
  5. Louisiana I hear has implemented a NIL thing for HS athletes. Arch Manning is already worth over a million $. HS athletics is about to be completely ruined.
  6. He learned. That's been a while. A long while. He's staying on as AD. Okaloosa recently separated HF and AD so head football doesn't pay nearly as much as it used to. New superintendent has agendas. He'll be gone soon.
  7. Odd time of the year for that. https://crestviewbulletin.com/hatten-steps-down-as-bulldog-football-coach/
  8. He didn't do it by himself. A majority voted in concert. I think he sought a fair playing field... which if is true to character he will find that MC shouldn't be playing in 1A Rural. We'll see where he stands.
  9. Never been mad. "Disappointed", is a better word, that Coe never put an end to abusing the unfair advantage his teams had to pad his resume, but I guess character is shown through one's actions. That's why I expect better from Coach Harris.
  10. Harris is a fine coach. Hopefully he'll man-up the MC program to play equivalent competition (quit the hiding behind a loophole).
  11. 400m = 55.27. I ran 440 in 52 in 1981. My oldest kid ran a 49.75 in 2004 @ 15 years old. You're way slow for a sprinter. However5K in college = 17:53 - not bad, but not elite. Congrats on achieving to the best of your ability. Better than most so kudos for that. Why not expound on your successes rather than on those HS successes you have nothing to do with? You're a pretty good athlete. I just don't understand the affectation with a HS football team that you have no connection with whatsoever.
  12. Haha - real boring when you don't get reps in practice, play WR on scout, and sit during games.
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