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  1. MadCo getting drunk on that 1A wine
  2. That isn't the point. The point is that a winless team, regardless how they achieved playoffs, should not host. In the same way the best team in NW Florida should not have to make the playoffs through a play in game.
  3. Winless Choctawhatchee hosts first round playoff. Wow. And Niceville has to play-in.
  4. s1nglewing


  5. Like the yearly flu vaccine that is usually 10% effective?
  6. Some counties are beginning to restrict travel out of state and out of county. It appears there may be non-existent champions in spring sports this year.
  7. Chip Petree is the new guy at Ft. Walton Beach HS
  8. Fort Walton Beach finally posted their position vacancy yesterday... with a close date of today. Guess they have their guy.
  9. Greg Jordan from Port St Joe to Liberty Co. - previous Liberty Co. HFC Derek Causseaux will remain as an Asst. Coach.
  10. I see where Franklin County's superintendent arbitrarily chose to forfeit the remainder of the Seahawk's season with two games left a couple weeks back. The coach said he still had 25 players and they wanted to finish the season. Initial reports were that the coach was fired as well, but the school district has since backtracked on that.
  11. Pensacola Catholic, Niceville, Blountstown, PSJ, Pine Forest
  12. I've had players jump to kill clock. It's a very old and time-tested coaching tool.
  13. Coach Pruitt stepping down at Union Co. was a bit unexpected.
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