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  1. ... and Walton Co. has almost as many students as Madco
  2. In 2017 St Joseph trailed Rocky Bayou 33-8 at halftime but came back to outscore Rocky Bayou 78-14 in the second half - with a running clock for the last seven minutes of the game - SJ scored 78 unanswered points in under seventeen minutes. The final was 86-47 with RBCS scoring the last 14 points.
  3. I think his leadership helped Denver achieve what they did that season- not his ability.
  4. I think he was the HC at Aucilla Christian for at least a year, too.
  5. Big Texas programs pay six +, have butts-in-the-stands bonuses (& put 20-30 thousand in the stands), and other pay considerations. He could possibly double his pay from IMG.
  6. That accounts for a little over 4000
  7. If it's ok for one then it's ok for any (numbers manipulation). Appears Chipley and Crescent City's leadership have scruples.
  8. We'll never find out. Madison County is satisfied being the big fish in the little pond. They clearly don't want any part of being tested by equivalent competition.
  9. Better to market him to a JUCO & save the family a bunch of cash. Prep school's are a rip-off
  10. Best post of 2021 hands down
  11. Coe - Yes - good coach. "Jessie" - Yes - less than admirable qualities in posting. Any other 1A schools doing what Madison is doing in order to skew their numbers to gain a competitive advantage? No.
  12. Good coach, no doubt... but "taking advantage of a loop hole" when doing so bestows an unfair advantage reflects poorly on his character.
  13. You think Coe has nothing to do with the numbers game?
  14. There's the reason Madison County manipulates their enrollment #'s in order to play in 1A - they can't match-up with the good teams in 4A and take the coward's way to (*) championships.
  15. Choctawhatchee was originally located in Shalimar where the current Meigs Middle School is located.
  16. The kid is a 6'1", 200 lb Soph that runs a 4.58/40. He might be pretty sought-after as a Senior
  17. Baker defeated Hawthorne 27-14 to cap a perfect 15-0 season.
  18. Baker defeated Hawthorne 27-14 to cap a perfect 15-0 season.
  19. Thursday Dec 17, 7PM @ Doak Campbell Stadium - Florida 1A State Championship - Baker Gators vs Hawthorne Hornets
  20. Slightly more than 200 for Hawthorne; a little over 700 for Madison County.
  21. Teams are allowed to play an independent schedule and not attempt district play... or be part of the state series. The way these teams should approach rebuilding is to do just that. Continuing to play in the series for years and years when completely outgunned is a failure of leadership.
  22. MadCo getting drunk on that 1A wine
  23. That isn't the point. The point is that a winless team, regardless how they achieved playoffs, should not host. In the same way the best team in NW Florida should not have to make the playoffs through a play in game.
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