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  1. The Tarpons have played with a lot of undersized O-Lines even why back when I played - I played in the NAIA in the 70s, started three years as the smallest OT in the NAIA at 195, and the other OT was one of the largest at 6'8" 285 - my game was about 24 inches off the ground. Then I moved to my HS position my Sr year at guard. Those O-lines above are massive. I saw Carol City when they thumped Charlotte in the State Semi-final game a few years ago with guys that size - but a few had some footwork. I agree; you see these great big O-linemen and I marvel how they do it. I've watched three teams big men wear down in three games this season. I could never gain weight, then after football - after 10 years, could never keep it off. By the way, here's a couple of SW FL guys to watch: We play Lehigh next week, who has Richard Young, who they're billing as the Top RB in the nation (see below) they have a LB & C that are getting a lot of attention. We have a couple of guys flying below the radar, Sr. Corner TaiVhain Kelly, lockdown corner, return man; Sr QB John Busha, 6'2" 200lb physical duel threat; 6'2" Sr WR Niqueu Graham; 6'6" So WR John Gamble; he had two of the nicest toe tip TDs I've ever seen in the last three weeks - incredible body control. https://www.news-press.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/05/05/football-recruiting-ramps-up-some-southwest-floridas-best/3079153001/
  2. In Punta Gorda, families had a choice to go virtual or Brick and Morter. School went well for the first week, we got a game in the Friday night with 1,000 in the stands, and play in Sarasota Friday. JV game tomorrow night and Volleyball is playing. In school, kids are wearing masks (If they get caught not wearing, they get referalls, then if it happens again, they automatically got to virtual school). Teachers and staff have to have a mask on anywhere on school property. They spray and wipe down desks between each class. Doors are propped open to let students in and out at bell, so no one touches them. The custodians spray a sanitizer every night that lasts for 2 days on desks not being used. If a student gets sick, or even if one of their siblings gets sick at another school; that student is sent home for two weeks. They do contact tracing. So far so good. But this is going to be a fluid issue. I think South Florida's decisions were based on trending politics- Local Democratic leaders bucking against Federal and State Republican executive branches. I mean how else can you explain my Miami Hurricanes playing tomorrow night in Hard Rock with 13,000 fans allowed and the Dolphins with the same number when they open?
  3. Players leave every program, we've lost kids to Venice, Port Charlotte; no one can take them away, if they want to stay. And, at least put PC first - Desoto was a farm team for them over the last decade after that former Desoto coach arrived there.
  4. They’re down, and they're young. They do have a beast on the DL. They lost five starters to transfer (Three to Port Charlotte, and two to us). I think someone told me they also had some kids academically ineligible, but they only dressed 24.
  5. VeniceIndiansFootball, you guys have an interesting schedule this season. How do you think the Indians will fare after seeing the team live if we can get the entire season in? I'm not familar with a couple of those teams your playing.
  6. This is the 2nd year in a row Charlotte is doing that - last year we started 5 seniors, all first time starters. This year only a couple with playing experience. We always have a fair amount of skills, but that's our achilles tendon.
  7. PC's QB is experienced and they're going to be good this year. They usually always play good Defense, so at least you scored some points, that's a lot against them.
  8. I hope we can keep it rolling. Tarpons got the game in, they're playing around SW FL and the Canes start Thursday night - things are looking up.
  9. How did it end? Last I heard Venice was getting thumped down 21-0 in first quarter, did they mount a come back?
  10. I played NAIA Ball in the 70s, we had 7 guys from Belle Glade and another six of us from Florida playing in Dodge City Kansas, St Mary of the Plains College - pretty darn good teams. Our two running backs, Roy Brown and Walt Haslam who both rushed for over 1,000 yds my Sr season (I was an OG). They told me about running down those rabbits when they burned the Cane fields down, 35 years before ESPN ran that story and promoted it with some Miami kids. Another school, Bethel College out there, had some Pahoke guys.
  11. In Punta Gorda they pre-sold to parents of team, cheer and band. Then they have the remaining available tickets (up to a 1,000 which is 1/4 capacity) to sell at gate. And, there's a District Wide edict that you have to wear a mask on school property at all times. Kids have been great this week in school. They want to be back. Charlotte opens with Desoto - the last time this game was in the Fish Bowl, there were between 5-7,000 but that was the showdown between the State's Top Two rushers. This used to be an old rivalry with good traveling fans, but this is a very different year. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for two more days to get to finally see some live football. I think a lot of coaches and teams have worked harder than ever before under these added Covid restrictions and uncertainty. Credit goes out to all of them, and the athletes so games can get played. I'm guessing a lot of people on this site played - think about it being your senior year and being faced with this. If you had a knee or other debilitating injury its hard to accept, but losing a season like this, man it would weigh on me the rest of my life. But then again, I still have reoccurring dreams about two minute drill drives in college.
  12. Hold up Hoss, I've seen comments for years where a couple of those 1a teams claim they can play with anybody in the state. Well then, here's their chance.
  13. Would love to see some of the old names revamped, like the Tamiami Conference or Coral Coast Conference they had in SW FL
  14. What happens to schools that loose a bunch of students to virtual or home schooling and drop 300-500 students; do they change classifications? Maybe the FHSAA shoud look at doing a last minute reclassifying for this BAZAAR season/ playoffs.
  15. Damn, very angry - told her she should have moved to Punta Gorda instead of Naples. We could have set her up with Wavebb and they would have been happy ever after
  16. They've been very good, they're in our district now with Palmetto. They finally got away from Venice, that was a over-heated rivalry.
  17. Marcus Shaw Desoto Bulldogs; saw a 2 hr rain delay at the Fish Bowl with him and Charlotte's Michael Bellamy, then the Number 1 and 2 rushers in the state showdown. Those two kept everybody in their seats, no one left. My youngest caused 2 fumbles that night. Played at USF
  18. I doubt she would take the time to come back and say what she did, how she did. Read it
  19. ...Wewahitchka Low - I bet the local School Boards carve it up good. One thing for certain, ADs will earn their salaries redoing schedules this season.
  20. Damn... we just got delayed to return to school Aug 31 in Charlotte County Sarasota too. From Manny Navvaro Tweet: "Sports Medicine Advisory Committee Chair Dr. Jennifer Maynard is giving the organization’s recommendation to the FHSAA about a return to fall sports and says these are their recommendations: “Delay the start of football and girls volleyball until further notice.” Sorry didn't see the earlier post! 5:25 PM · Jul 20, 2020"
  21. Somebody needed to stop those guys posting the Troll accounts. I think somebody hacked Choctaw_fan
  22. Now I can catch back up on Lakeland Football again!!
  23. He's been a few other morphs - thats what they told me anyway; that he was over here doing his same scorched earth thing for a new audience. He might be out to pasture by now.
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