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  1. Life Christian Academy vs IMG

    Would love to hear more about this Life Christian team. Wins - Hun, Spalding, Unlisted Opponent Losses - Lee County, Buford, DeMatha Notable Upcoming Games - IMG (could be the IMG B team), Friendship Collegiate and St. Frances The interesting thing is the losses are not bad for a team (practically) unheard of: by 27 to Lee, by 11 to Buford and by 36 to DeMatha. I mean, ISB was losing Buford and DeMatha type games by 50-60 consistently.
  2. Why UCF isn't 2017 National Champions Excuse thread.

    RE: UCF needing to schedule harder It all falls on the UCF AD who is .... well, let's just say he's different than his peers. UF made a very generous offer for a series, but UCF's AD declined because it was a 2-for-1 deal. (UCF's counter-proposals of a home-and-home or a home-home-neutral caused UF to essentially laugh at UCF for the proposal.) UF turned around and made a 2-for-1 deal with USF, which caused UCF's AD to slam USF.
  3. Why UCF isn't 2017 National Champions Excuse thread.

    The whole let's see who claims who as the top team and use that to define us as national champs is the exact same thing that happens with box office movies. Every commercial for each of the really big movies find a media outlet to dub their film the movie of the year. Not to mention only one movie ultimately wins the award from The Academy.
  4. BTW, Carol City coaching changes - new HC job for Ice Harris

    Some places require ads be placed onto job boards even if they eventually will hire from within. Some places even require positions to be advertised yearly even if it's almost certain the current head coach will be the most qualified "applicant".
  5. SWFL Refs

    Correct -- impacting around 7-10 games last I heard
  6. Seeking out a board moderator and a couple of changes...

    Welcome peezy!
  7. Seeking out a board moderator and a couple of changes...

    Late to this thread (that's starting to become my brand on here ...) but welcome back Columbia, welcome to the moderation team OSL and good luck to all who apply for the open position. May the power not get to your head and the force be with you.
  8. BTW, Carol City coaching changes - new HC job for Ice Harris

    Per footballville on Twitter, Ice is going to be the HC. They posted what appears to be photo from the press conference introducing, it appears, Ice as the new HC.
  9. Media day coverage & school by school 2019 outlook

    I see Sun-Sentinel wrote up about Gibbons and STA. Try clicking those articles, sometimes they bury info about other programs in the articles but don't mention it in the headlines. Most of their content appears to be gearing towards recruiting. SFHSSports is where JT used to work. They are still (barely) kicking around. Things went downhill when Josh Darrow left and then JT leaving really hurt them. Doesn't look like JT is doing much HSFB these days. Used to be writing for some small (possibly up-start) outlet. Miami Herald has one article which seems (after quickly skimming it) to at least touch on the major points for the upcoming season. I know NBC (6) was at media day, not sure what they published. WSVN (7) and WPLG (10) should have sent reporters too, though I'm not entirely sure if they did. I saw a tweet or two from Fox Sports Florida at media day so looks like they may have something. Palm Beach's media day was well-covered since 640 put it on and they have tons of interviews, I believe.
  10. Prominent South Florida high school coaches Tim “Ice” Harris and Benedict Hyppolite will join the upstart Florida Memorial University football staff, sources told FootballScoop on Sunday. It was not known as of publishing time what roles the two will have on the FMU staff. From FS: "Florida Memorial announced in late May it will re-launch its football program to begin play in the fall of 2020. An HBCU based in Miami Gardens, Florida Memorial played football from 1927 through 1958. The school presently enrolls roughly 1,800 undergraduates and competes in NAIA."
  11. Columbia schedule

    I guess Columbia fan is still off the board (or at least not posting)? Regardless of his status, may as well as post their schedule since he has many on this board hyped for the season: KOC - vs. Colquitt WK 1 - vs. Jax Trinity Christian Wk 2 - at Oakleaf Wk 3 - vs. Akelynn's Angels Christian (new team in Winter Haven) Wk 4 - vs. Pine Forest Wk 5 - BYE Wk 6 - at Gainesville Wk 7 - at Madison Wk 8 - at Lee Wk 9 - BYE Wk 10 - at Middleburg Wk 11 - vs. North Marion KOC was originally supposed to be against IMG National until Columbia asked IMG to move the game to Wk 9 to fill what appeared to be a mutual opening. IMG agreed and Columbia sent the contract over. According to the Jordan Kroeger of the Lake City Reporter, IMG wanted to go back to KOC since its game against St. Frances was indeed going to take place Wk 9 despite belief the IMG-Frances game would not occur this year. Columbia, reportedly, declined to change it back to KOC as the Colquitt game had already been locked in so now the game against IMG is off and it sounds like, from an interview Columbia's HC gave, the two schools are very unlikely to play at any point in the future.
  12. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    I, of course, don't know any details about the situation but I know sometimes in the past it has had something to do with certifications/licenses that were not able to be obtained.
  13. Five more transfers just showed up at Cocoa

    SFHSSports used to do their best to cover Broward and Dade, though I have no clue what the quality level is now. JT Wilcox presumably is still providing those types of updates for Broward and Dade on his own Twitter (or website) so I'd check there. Larry Blustein is probably doing it as well to some extent.
  14. When did school start starting in the middle of the week??

    I went to a private school and we started Monday or Tuesday, depending on the grade you were in. 6th grade and freshmen started on Monday (super chill day) to allow them to adjust to new buildings, new bell schedule, etc. Everyone else started Tuesday.