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  1. Going to have to go old school looking at box scores from the newspapers
  2. Krop, Surge, Boyd all got postponed
  3. Alright, that's enough for this thread. Major congratulations to this young man on a huge accomplishment. It's certainly going to be interesting to watch him at the next level!
  4. Pinkos, per Josh, has been MIA this week and last. Josh has tried repeatedly to get in contact with him and has not received an answer.
  5. Hey @Jullian - you accidentally posted this in the flag football forum. Moving it now to the tackle forum.
  6. I can think of at least members on here who would disagree with that
  7. Obviously alot of unknowns here but have to give props to the Dillard team here! Even if DB is down a bunch of key dudes (hypothetical - have absolutely no idea) Dillard really showed up tonight!
  8. Wow, talk about a whole different class of opponents. Will be cool for some of their opponents though to say they took on Immokalee.
  9. All - I have been asked to do two things in this thread. 1. Lock this from future comments. 2. Remind all of you of our forum rules and that political discussions surrounding COVID-19 are not permitted.
  10. "Sorry guys, no mini bottles of Gatorades today, we didn't submit our schedule until mid-April"
  11. At one point - and who knows if was ever enforced - the FHSAA had it in the rules that if you didn't get it in by I think it was March 31 you got fined $50.
  12. Wow, talk about a little bit of everything in this schedule: You've got Deerfield, Niceville, Miami Central .... and then Dade Christian.
  13. Please don't shoot the messenger. I just share what @Joshua Wilson writes and publishes.
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