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  1. Scorestream should be completely updated for all teams outside of South Florida. Broward and PB publics (don't recall what the situation was with Miami publics) didn't really get tracked as close as the rest of the state since the schedules were a complete mess. (I'm actually half surprised you didn't hear of two schools showing up to a site both expecting to play the host school.)
  2. For all interested: There's an "ignore user" feature so that you don't have to view the posts of users you don't want to hear from. Hover over their username and the option should appear.
  3. Avant Garde out of Hollywood is fielding a team this fall.
  4. QBs Coach at Alcorn State https://www.wctv.tv/content/news/Former-Lincoln-head-coach-Gray-officially-announced-as-QB-Coach-at-Alcorn-State-569929101.html
  5. In somewhat related news, Georgia will be opening up gyms (with restrictions) on Friday. Will be interesting to see what, if anything, GA teams will do with that, even if on an unofficial level.
  6. Appears to basically be a more fancier name for Director of FB Operations.
  7. McArthur HC Pierre Senatus has been hired as the DL coach at Florida Memorial University (NAIA). On a similar note, Benedick Hyppolite, formerly of Carol City, has accepted a GA position with the Canes. He spent this past season with FMU helping them get ready for its first slate of games in 2020. Little old news but IMG's HC took the TE position at Indiana.
  8. I got that part, but I was just highlighting that your post said there was (supposedly) an attempt at deceiving people by creating an illusion of sorts that he earned a degree when in fact there was no attempt at deception from what I could see.
  9. Just want to note that unless the website has been edited since this thread was created, it is pretty clear he did not receive a degree from Columbia.
  10. From the way he spoke in his post on Twitter, it sounded that parents was at least partially the reason he decided to step down.
  11. Joe Molina resigned at Cardinal Newman Darrick Carroll, who was the interim HC at Miramar while their HC was suspended, is taking over Miami Christian.
  12. They moved up to D2 ball actually. Same sentiment applies, but just wanted to note their accomplishment of moving up.
  13. SI jumping in now and clarifying he will be QBs coach only.
  14. He's off to Toledo and appears he could be the OC there. (H/T FootballScoop)
  15. Looks like he is heading to a D1 program, but is waiting on the university to make the announcement.
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