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  1. Jax TCA plays Deerfield beach in spring game

    I haven't heard of a reason
  2. Jax TCA plays Deerfield beach in spring game

    This game has been canceled. TCA will now play Gainesville HS at home on 5/23.
  3. To the moderators

    I think it's just user error
  4. To the moderators

    Yup it's still up and running, I was in it last night. A link to it is literally pinned as an announcement at the very top of every page.
  5. To the moderators

    Sorry - just now seeing this. We, briefly, had a board dedicated to flag but could not get much traction for it. (This was, of course, when flag was not as insanely popular as it currently is.) Most of the flag community exclusively posted at BCP, which is fine -- we love BCP and never created the flag section to detract from what was built there. A flag section was only created on this forum because Josh started covering the sport. So, without many posts (I think there were MAYBE a half dozen posts in like the one season we had it and four of those were probably Josh creating threads) we just made it so all types of football (tackle, flag, college, pro, 7v7, etc) could be talked about in "The Huddle" and all the other sports could be talked about in the off-topic section. We're happy to rebuild the flag section of this forum if the interest is there and the flag community is interested in posting over here.
  6. Controversial Topics

    To clarify: Nobody has approached Josh regarding legal action. Josh took steps to ensure that nobody does approach him regarding legal action.
  7. STA Recruiting

    No - STA learned of the violation on its accord, investigated and then submitted the findings to the FHSAA. The "response letter" back mentioned at the start of the portion you posted is regarding the response the FHSAA sent to STA letting them know the sanctions being handed down.
  8. STA Recruiting

  9. This is an interesting concept! Not sure if it will ever happen in Florida, but its nonetheless an interesting concept.
  10. This one just announced on Twitter he is heading to Deerfield.
  11. Keep in mind that stadium operators have to submit paperwork to the FHSAA in order to be considered. I know the FHSAA said, for example, they were interested in moving the baseball championships to Steinbrenner Field. Steinbrenner Field said they'd submit the paperwork .... but then never did. Thus, no championships for Steinbrenner Field. So, basically, what I'm saying is FHSAA didn't miss out on that -- unless Pahokee submitted the paperwork for consideration.
  12. Speaking of South Florida and colleges (or other major places) hosting it, here is what Josh had to say about that on Twitter: UF - No availability due to graduation FAU, UCF - No turf fields; thus out of the running Tropicana - No availability Hard Rock - Only could host one game due to scheduling overlaps FAMU - Just didn't work out, apparently
  13. Construction of 18,000-seat stadium with shade canopy to begin in July: https://www.local10.com/news/local/fort-lauderdale/david-beckham-gets-commissioner-s-green-light-for-lockhart-stadium
  14. Number of New Coaches

    The number runs between 20-25% on an annual basis here in Florida and I can almost guarantee it will run the same this year.
  15. Interesting stuff from First Coast News: https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/sports/big-business-number-of-georgia-high-school-football-coaches-making-six-figure-salaries-has-doubled-in-five-years/77-99d3cec6-0852-4d81-a563-117fd68b7c93