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  1. "Sorry guys, no mini bottles of Gatorades today, we didn't submit our schedule until mid-April"
  2. At one point - and who knows if was ever enforced - the FHSAA had it in the rules that if you didn't get it in by I think it was March 31 you got fined $50.
  3. Wow, talk about a little bit of everything in this schedule: You've got Deerfield, Niceville, Miami Central .... and then Dade Christian.
  4. Please don't shoot the messenger. I just share what @Joshua Wilson writes and publishes.
  5. Dwyer could make the playoffs with competitive schedule: Panthers will face some great competition while adding some new district foes to the schedule.
  6. CO schools sure love this event ....
  7. As a South Florida guy, I love AHD on the schedule
  8. Venice sets sights on states with a tough slate out of the gate: Will the Indians' tough schedule help or hinder them when the 2021 season starts?
  9. Sanford Seminole’s schedule is an RPI delight: The Fighting Seminole will defend their Class 8A state championship with a schedule that will do well with the RPI rankings.
  10. Winter Park’s middle-of-the-road schedule leaves little room for error: Can the Wildcats' 2021 schedule help them reach the playoffs in November with RPI back in the fold?
  11. Josh is hard at work creating schedule breakdowns to preview the upcoming season, and this thread will serve as the home base for each of those breakdowns. Each article is only accessible to FloridaHSFootball.com+ members. Starting today, FloridaHSFootball.com is introducing a new PREMIUM Subscription Service called FloridaHSFootball.com+ (pronounced as FloridaHSFootball.com Plus). FloridaHSFootball.com+ will be a content-driven service with articles written by the FloridaHSFootball.com team along with freelancers from around the state. After many years of being a fully f
  12. Sure, but any intelligent board member would also take the opportunity to rib ya over it
  13. Earlier this week, High School Football America released its final combined Top 100 for the 2020-21 school year producing a cumulative final national ranking that takes in both the fall and spring seasons that were held across the country. Using High School Football America’s proprietary algorithm, the new rankings did not change much from the final Top 100 rankings in the fall where Bradenton IMG Academy was crowned mythical National Champions by High School Football America, it did allow a few teams from around the country to get ranked. This all comes ahead of the planned High Sch
  14. Taylor County - Jesse is still upset cause some Madison players might be getting punished for a fight against Taylor in the spring jamboree
  15. Little late to the party but popping in now with a friendly reminder to, as per Josh's rules, uphold civility and watch the language. Carry on .... P.S. If anyone has concerns about a thread getting dicey, please feel free to PM me or use the report features on here. I'm not always on here and when I am I don't always check through each thread.
  16. *record scratch noise* Do my eyes deceive me? Did you just admit Madison County very well may lose a game this season? An absolute scandal!
  17. I think they got the idea from COVID to put a game on the schedule where your opponent for that week is determined on your success (or lack of)
  18. FloridaHSFootball.com is proud to announce that Baker’s Sporting Goods based in Jacksonville, Fla., has acquired the rights to be our Presenting Sponsor for our Tackle Football Scoreboards that you see each week during the season in the fall as well be the Presenting Sponsor for our Girls Flag Football Scoreboards during the spring. “We are extremely excited about the new partnership with FloridaHSFootball.com. Nobody knows and covers the state of Florida high school sports like Josh Wilson and his staff. I can’t wait to see the Baker’s Sports logo as I check the scores of all our partn
  19. Only one more spring game left on the schedule: FRIDAY, JUNE 4Milton at Navarre, 7:30 CT
  20. Congrats to Daniel Luque on being tabbed the new HC at Avant Garde Academy
  21. @KeemD321 and @FBGUY1989: Just got around to checking the forum and just talked to Josh about the GMAC bowl thing. Seems to likely be something new and from what we can guess it's likely an end of season event to pit teams together perhaps based on conference rankings/seeds/records. Pure speculation on our part but also the best possible guess.
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