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  1. Central, STA, Northwestern, Heritage & Gibbons are elite. Western isn't. I said your team is good. If i was trolling, i would say your team is trash. GC isn't the same program they used to be. Let's see when Dillard plays Miami Central again, and see where the measuring stick is at. Those are facts.
  2. Need more rabbits in the muck ? GC was elite, don't know what happened there. Perhaps they will rebound, and be in the title hunt next season.
  3. Till Dillard beat STA, American Heritage, or top-notch team like Cardinal Gibbons or Miami Central then you can put them in that category. I'm not putting Dillard as great or elite, and i'm being nice. They're a good team. I'll leave it at that. I'm a fan of another Broward school, but they're not at the level they used to be right now.
  4. I decided to throw a score in every game not to confuse the rest of people here.
  5. Champagnat 24-17 Chaminade 24-21 Gibbons 21-10 Baker 14-7 Miami Central 42-10 American Heritage 28-3 Sanford Seminole 21-20 Aquinas 24-17.
  6. So what's the rule for this. We get points for picking the right team correct or it's just one game for a score ?
  7. Sheesh. No wonder it's taking so long. Come on. Lol
  8. Apopka Miami Palmetto Edgewater Aquinas St. Augustine Miami Central Dunnellon American Heritage
  9. It would make no sense realistically to put a class in where all of them are private because there's only 5 elite schools in FL to be honest with you.
  10. Some of the publics here in Broward & Miami-Dade can hold their own water vs. the Elite [Aquinas, Heritage, Columbus, but i think they just need to cut the classes down to 5 or 6 then it would be fine.
  11. Class 8A - Miami Palmetto. Class 7A - Aquinas Class 6A - Miami Central Class 5A - American Heritage Class 4A - Cardinal Gibbons Class 3A - Chaminade-Madonna Class 2A - Champagnat Catholic. Any chance that this happens where all SFL teams win in Tally, and where dominace occurs again for the Dade/Broward teams.
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