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  1. 6A Contenders/ Dark Horses for State Title.

    I've been keeping an eye on your Panthers and have been impressed with what I've seen thus far. I would put them ahead of some of the teams in the dark horse category. Maybe even the last spot for contenders. But we will see.
  2. Maxpreps ranks Dillard #10 in 6A To High Or To Low??

    Best of luck to you guys this season.
  3. Maxpreps ranks Dillard #10 in 6A To High Or To Low??

    One thing you have to keep in mind with Maxpreps, they use a computer rating, not ranking. So it's easy to throw some numbers in a CPU and let it do the work as opposed to actually evaluating teams with the "eye test." Now I know you can't see every team and that will make too much since to do so. I think Dillard is better than at 4-5 teams ranked ahead of them. And they play tougher opponents than most of those teams too. If they were in another region, I could see them making 3rd or 4th round easily. Now as far as almost upsetting MC last year....not too sure about that one. Lol! The game was closer than years past, the end result was a 15 point win.
  4. Top 21 Kickoff Games

    They won their state championship last year. But they have a new coach this season. We will see.
  5. Top 21 Kickoff Games

    You forgot Cedar Grove, Ga. @ Miami Central. It's part of a double header with Apopka-BTW.
  6. Columbia 2019 Schedule

    Good stuff...
  7. The 25 Best FL HS LB's of the Past 50 Years

    No my uncle is Ike Readon. He went to Hampton University in Va. Broke many records there as a DL men. Was drafted in 10 round by KC. Just got inducted into the HU Hall of Fame last year.
  8. The 25 Best FL HS LB's of the Past 50 Years

    South Miami-The late great Derrick Thomas. He and my uncle played together at South Miami.
  9. Deerfield @ carol city on espnu Aug 24

    Well from what I am hearing CC lost their QB and are going with a freshman or sophomore. So this game may good into DFB favor.
  10. Miami Northwestern 2019 Football Schedule

    Ditto! Lol
  11. Miami Northwestern 2019 Football Schedule

    Yes there is. We hate each other(not really) but we respect each other. Many of us grew in the same neighborhoods, went to the same elementary and middle schools together, but ended up going to different high schools. With so many schools in close proximity to each other down it happens.
  12. Miami Northwestern 2019 Football Schedule

    As much as I hate to, I have to agree with everything Topnotch305 is saying. They are the two time defending champions, and we(Miami Central) really blew it last season. So whatever they dish out, we gotta take it.
  13. Miami Northwestern 2019 Football Schedule

    Miami Central has a tough one too!
  14. State Football Series Quiz

    There was a tie?
  15. 6A Rankings Top 10 going into 2019 season.

    Belen has a really good RB, but not top 5 in 6A. If they are along with Palemetto the class is weaker than I thought.