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  1. Schedules

    That has nothing to do with the topic.
  2. Schedules

    As much crap we give Ga. posters, the GHSA is always on point. The FHSAA knows what they need to do, but the problem with doing the right thing is it makes too much sense.
  3. Schedules

    Deadlines are definitely needed. You can't go into July and even early August not knowing what's going on. It also helps fans get an idea how to plan for time off from work, etc. if there's an OOS game involved.
  4. Miami Central 2019 schedule

    We have a good QB that transferred from American. Amari Daniels is back at RB along with Owens from last year. WR's are good. Not great. OL is decent. DL will be good and LB. Secondary will probably be our strongest. But talent has never been the issue. Coaching is. I didn't make it to the game last year. My son had a football game that night, so you know what that meant.
  5. Miami Central 2019 schedule

    That St Frances game is going to be a dozy! If we somehow pull that off I like our chances of running the table, baring any major injuries. But when it comes to playing Carol City and Northwestern the playcalling on offense gets really suspect. But time will tell.
  6. Miami Central 2019 schedule

    I feel the need to fix it.
  7. Miami Central 2019 schedule

    I apologize for the abbreviations. Lol
  8. Miami Central 2019 schedule

    Here is the schedule for MC in 2019. Dates, time and determination of home and away games at Traz Powell Stadium TBA. But this is the order of games. Pre-season Cedar Grove, Ga. @Traz Wk 1 St. Frances Academy, MD. @Traz Wk 2 Booker T Washington @Traz Wk 3 Carol City @Traz Wk 4 South Ridge @Traz Wk 5 Edison @Traz Wk 6 Belen @Traz Wk 7 Northwestern @Traz Wk 8 Norland @Traz Wk 9 South Miami @Tropical Wk 10 Chaminade @Chaminade

    Happy birthday bro!
  10. Could there be a chink in the armor at Miami Central?

    Awww...this is cute!
  11. AHP got the best resume in Florid???

    And that is the moral of this story! Lol
  12. AHP got the best resume in Florid???

    Yes, that's the only time Gainesville and MC ever played. That 2012 Gainesville team was pretty decent. Rather that matched up well with the other teams on the list is irrelevant. The list was just a rebuttal to the opening post to the topic that AHP has a better resume in the state.
  13. AHP got the best resume in Florid???

    @ColumbiaHighFan2017class I didn't think by me mentioning Gainesville was gonna start an all out debate on this post? For the record I was only referring to their 2012 team. You must have some serious hate for them?
  14. AHP got the best resume in Florid???

    Thank you! I see someone sees where I was going with my post.
  15. AHP got the best resume in Florid???

    Fully aware. They still make the list.