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  1. If I had to take an uneducated guess, 8 games are pretty much set. SJB, BTW, NW, CC, and 4 district games...SR, SM, Norland, and Belen. Last two spots...no clue.
  2. SJB is all I know about, out of state. MNW is playing SJB in Ohio. Who else do they have? And like you said, if there is football.
  3. If there is a season, it would be interesting to see the game between MNW and SJB(that certain top team in California). Especially that MC plays that "certain" team the week before. MNW will be a top 15 team to start the season. And if they run the table they should be in consideration for the MNC.
  4. Sounds like we may have the same source...wink wink!!!
  5. Haven't heard about that one, but STA-Duncanville is are set to play in Ohio weekend of Aug. 28-29.
  6. It's rumored NW will play the defending national champions SJB in Ohio weekend of Aug. 28-29. There's also a 40-50 percent chance MC will be involved in a big OOS game too. Can't speak to much on it, but the team and game will be west of the Mississippi River.
  7. Central has 3 loses this year in blow out fashion and granted they didn't look good but it was to 3 good teams. St. Frances #2 in the nation, Northwestern in semi finals, Chaminade in semi finals. So sometimes it takes getting hit in the mouth a few times to get it. Kinda like mama or daddy going up side our heads for us to get right. There has been turmoil within the locker room and I'm hoping the ship has got corrected. At the right time.
  8. I feel now is the time to address the elephant in the room. Congrats to Dillard for a nice season. For an entire week I sat back and read all of the comments on both posts, although I was itching to speak, I humbled myself for the right time to strike. That's what a real scavenger does. There was plenty of trash talk from Dillard, from posting memes with their name on Central's building to placing an image with a for sale sign of Central's campus. Now that's all fine because it's honest trash talk between fans. As I walked to purchase my ticket Dillard fans were heckling me, standing in front jumping and pointing. I just laughed. Now as far as the game is concerned Dillard did not have a chance from the very beginning. Believe that! The game very well could have be 21-0 at halftime but a poor play call and a holding penalty. I only counted 4 turnovers and several penalties by Dillard. Dillard wasn't ready for that buzzsaw from 95th street. Folks talking about Central hasn't won state since 2015, but this is the furthest Dillard has been in 19 years. In fact last time they won state was 1989. So last time I checked Central's success is more recent. Too much trash talk and not enough production on the field. Humble yourselves or humbled.
  9. Ball game! 35-0 Miami Central...watch what you ask for! Humble yourselves or you will be humbled!
  10. Just when you thought it was safe....35-0 Central...RUNNING CLOCK!
  11. Well...I guess since "Nobody" else will post the score like they "normally" do. I will...28-0 Central. We got a "CODE BLUE!"
  12. Western vs Miami Palmetto in 8A looks like a good on paper.
  13. Many of us aren't to optimistic. Can they turn it around...yes. But will they...who knows? As far as the turmoil, there's a bandaid on it right now.
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