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  1. I haven't seen or heard of it.
  2. You mean Chaminade Madonna, not Miami Central.
  3. Yeah, I you're a lil stupid!
  4. I don't have an issue with him. For you to make a post about a team that the team you follow has no history with clearly tells me and others you have a problem with MC. You sound like a lil Bill Castle fanboy! I don't care if or what you thought of MC last year, but they would have mopped the floor with your "Pork" County boys...that's for damn sure. And 49-14? Yeah, I can tell you just started following high school football. That's your best argument? Child please!!!
  5. From your posts it's clear you have something against MC. I don't know why the game fell through, but I can assure you GSB's agenda is for self only and to make as much money as he can while making it seem like it's for the kids.
  6. Exactly! I had a conversation with MP Zack Poff and he clearly wouldn't budge on not crowning SJB or MD champions. It was already predetermined. I even suggested having co-champions. As for as GSB, I have several conversations with him and his agenda is to promote his OOS plan, and if a team isn't on board they are blackballed.
  7. I don't think so, I know week 1 since the MD game fell through should be open.
  8. They kill me when go off topic for posts and posts. There has been a lot of back and forth. I don't think we will ever really know.
  9. Texas school huh? I just don't like having to wait until July. That doesn't give a whole lot of time for fans to make travel arrangements.
  10. Assclown please believe I wasn't asking, it was more so to get your opinion...Clown! I don't give a damn if MC is better than Chaminade. We will come up to Pork County and whip Lakeland's Candy Ass!!!
  11. Child please! I don't expect you or anyone from weak ass Lakeland to have a sensible comment on the matter. What makes a poll credible in your Dreadnought eyes? This should be good...I'll wait.
  12. Although MC didn't play an OOS game, beating IMG is somewhat the equivalent of one. MP is extremely biased and they weren't trying to hide it either.
  13. Well one NationalHSFB.com did vote Miami Central #1 in their poll, so there are MN champs in one publication. Regardless of how major or minor some may see that poll, they're #1. In fact MP tried to play make up and now uses that poll in their comp. poll.
  14. MC hasn't played their best football the last two weeks. Expect a different team tonight.
  15. Not sure if you have been checking the national polls, but Central is #3 in the nation in at 3 polls. They are right there in the hunt. But if Mater Dei runs the table, even if Central wins out the MNC will go to Mater Dei. Also Central needs help from the team they beat in week one...IMG to pull off the win against SFA.
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