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  1. Happy New year fam! Absolutely
  2. Happy New Year all! Hope all is well with you and your families? Does anyone know when our "wonderful" (sarcasm) governing body of high school athletics will have the reclassification information posted?
  3. What is the date of the game?
  4. Why ask a question you seem so adamant you already have "your" answer to? Regardless what I answer, you are going to feel the way you feel.
  5. Don't categorize Miami "schools" with 1 school in particular. Only school was Miami Northwestern sir.
  6. Stop it! Unt unt...nope!
  7. Also coming close to winning a national championship at Southridge, but they were upset in the finals by Pensacola Washington, I believe.
  8. This is varsity schedule. The teams on their schedule are ALL high schools. In Miami Dade County games are played as early as Wednesday due to field shortages.
  9. In South Florida it will be an issue for the big games. Those games on average tend to draw 5k-10k based on who's playing.
  10. We are debating where these games should be, but we don't even know if fans will be allowed to attend games at all. Regular or post season.
  11. I love Orlando! It should always be there in my opinion.
  12. Tallahassee is too far north and west for South Florida schools. Champagnat and Chaminade had to do it last year, why can't the panhandle? It's a two way street.
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