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  1. In my unbiased opinion, on paper it's a defensive masterpiece. The offense is solid as well. However what you see on paper has to show on the field. OL is a concern. Along with chemistry.
  2. Miami Central vs St. John's Bosco, Ca. Aug. 20th at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Ca.
  3. I'm still learning more about myself.
  4. MC's list is missing Somerset Academy which is a district game, and the GMAC game where the athletic district picks a game at the end of the year. Something new being tried.
  5. I mentioned about the Northwestern game earlier. I believe that was suppose to be the ESPN game.
  6. Totally agreed. And if they run the table with just that alone, they will still somehow be a top 10 national team. SMH
  7. Western is listed twice. STA I believe is looking for a 10th game because MNW backed out and is now playing Champagnat. I heard that was suppose to be a tv game too. I was told earlier in the week MC put their name in as a potential replacement, but hasn't heard anything back from STA yet.
  8. Yes, good to hear from you as well. In my opinion, the only teams I would remove are Bloomingdale, TRU, and Berkeley. Not sure who I would replace them with though. But all in all a good list.
  9. This is indeed a good list. I would have AHP ahead of MC for the time being. Maybe even ahead of STA. Both MC and AHP are in 5a so they could be on a collision course with each other. MNW has had success against MC, but I think their losses to graduation were a bit more severe. However they always seem to find a way to get it done vs MC. We will see in 2021.
  10. I don't know if Central is a lock on Dillard's schedule. I know I saw some talks about it on Twitter, but that's about it.
  11. Yes, I was told it was part of a Nike event.
  12. You probably won't see either teams schedule until mid summer. That's been the norm. I can tell you MC has Bishop Gorman on Sept. 4 in Naples. It's also being rumored they will play St. John's Bosco Aug. 20 in Portland. Along with local schedule NW, BTW, 4 district teams, and possibly Dillard.
  13. Lost a lot of senior leadership. But have some good returning players. Daniels, Brown, and Big Baby will be missed.
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