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  1. 2019 unofficial schedules

    BTW vs Apopka could be a big time matchup. Would be a shame if it doesn't count.
  2. 2019 unofficial schedules

    Darn it!
  3. 2019 unofficial schedules

    Yeah, I wish they could move the dates so that the games count on the season records.
  4. 2019 unofficial schedules

    Ok. Which AD did you speak with? Apopka or CG? BTW should be better this season. I am hearing they got a transfer from MC at RB. Was #7 for MC last year. Kid is really fast. MC didn't use him like they should have. Would have been matchup nightmare if they had him as a slot WR.
  5. 2019 unofficial schedules

    I have heard the week as of yet. I could only assume it would be within the first couple of weeks. Might be week 0 or 1.
  6. 2019 unofficial schedules

    I'm hearing Andre Johnson is putting together a 4 team classic together in Miami. Projected Matchups: MC vs Cedar Grove, Ga BTW vs Apopka When I find out the date, I will inform.
  7. 2019 unofficial schedules

    Yes I remember. They were a thorn in BTW's butt for a long time.
  8. 2019 unofficial schedules

    Oh wow! Armwood has finally returned to play an OOS game. I think this is there first since 2011 or 2012 correct?
  9. 2019 scheduling news

    I never said you were a troll and I'm sure you have a life. I just was trying to get clarity.
  10. 2019 scheduling news

    Aww damn!!! I was wondering why there was no reply back. I was actually a lil excited.
  11. 2019 scheduling news

    VeniceIndiansFootball...When and where did you hear this?
  12. 2019 scheduling news

    Miami Central vs IMG??? First I've heard of that...
  13. Football Re-classification

    Indeed...Now let's see what happens.
  14. Football Re-classification

    Good afternoon all, The football re-class approximates will be out next month. What changes do you think will come about? Teams moving up or down in class? District mix-ups? I am hoping Miami Central, Carol City, and Miami Northwestern all get placed in different classes. That might not fly with the "powers that be". But it would be nice. They could still have their annual regular season battles. But to have all 3 of those teams in the same district with their enrollment numbers is far beyond time for change.
  15. State Finals Attendance

    Central has had a 7A population for at least 4 years. When the last re-class numbers came out they were projected to go but due to how the districts were estimated to be setup "8 or 9 teams" they stayed in 6A. I believe the basketball team plays in 7A.