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  1. Central has 3 loses this year in blow out fashion and granted they didn't look good but it was to 3 good teams. St. Frances #2 in the nation, Northwestern in semi finals, Chaminade in semi finals. So sometimes it takes getting hit in the mouth a few times to get it. Kinda like mama or daddy going up side our heads for us to get right. There has been turmoil within the locker room and I'm hoping the ship has got corrected. At the right time.
  2. I feel now is the time to address the elephant in the room. Congrats to Dillard for a nice season. For an entire week I sat back and read all of the comments on both posts, although I was itching to speak, I humbled myself for the right time to strike. That's what a real scavenger does. There was plenty of trash talk from Dillard, from posting memes with their name on Central's building to placing an image with a for sale sign of Central's campus. Now that's all fine because it's honest trash talk between fans. As I walked to purchase my ticket Dillard fans were heckling me, standing in front jumping and pointing. I just laughed. Now as far as the game is concerned Dillard did not have a chance from the very beginning. Believe that! The game very well could have be 21-0 at halftime but a poor play call and a holding penalty. I only counted 4 turnovers and several penalties by Dillard. Dillard wasn't ready for that buzzsaw from 95th street. Folks talking about Central hasn't won state since 2015, but this is the furthest Dillard has been in 19 years. In fact last time they won state was 1989. So last time I checked Central's success is more recent. Too much trash talk and not enough production on the field. Humble yourselves or humbled.
  3. Ball game! 35-0 Miami Central...watch what you ask for! Humble yourselves or you will be humbled!
  4. Just when you thought it was safe....35-0 Central...RUNNING CLOCK!
  5. Well...I guess since "Nobody" else will post the score like they "normally" do. I will...28-0 Central. We got a "CODE BLUE!"
  6. Western vs Miami Palmetto in 8A looks like a good on paper.
  7. Many of us aren't to optimistic. Can they turn it around...yes. But will they...who knows? As far as the turmoil, there's a bandaid on it right now.
  8. Trust me after the season we've had, I'm not taking any team lightly.
  9. Oh no! I didn't take in that way at all. Well I feel if they win state, that will open up a lot of eyes. I'm hoping MC and Dillard meet up in the playoffs. Would love to link up with you. Match the face to posts. Lol
  10. Bro! I get it and all I was trying to say is for Dillard to continue scheduling some the top teams in the area or even venture to some teams up north or out of state and win some games. That's how these pollsters recognize you. Maybe winning state this year will be the boost they were looking for. Who knows?
  11. I will agree to a certain degree about MC. No they haven't won a title since 2015 and have exited the playoffs in the 3rd round or less. But has kept them "relevant" in the eyes of some these pollsters outside of name recognition is the fact they have a few big wins in the regular season to keep them on national "life support." 2017 the win at Bishop Gorman was huge. Yes, BG is on sort of a decline themselves, but that MC loss was the first home loss since BTW beat them in '13. Last year they had win against 3 top 25 teams, at Cardinal Gibbons, at STA, and beat Carol City in the playoffs only to lose the next week to NW...SMH! Not to mention that 5 OT thriller loss at SJC. This year they have done NOTHING in my eyes to be considered a top team. Their biggest win is against BTW. Even if they win state, which I'm not confident they will, I feel they need to earn their way back in the national spotlight. Right know they are not a national team and 15-20 range in Florida at the moment. If I was the AD at Dillard, I would look into scheduling a few more local powers like Cardinal Gibbons, AHP, DB, NW, CC, BTW, STA, to build a resume and keep the excitement and go from there. But what do I know?
  12. Well I think anything after second round would be a blessing based on how this team has played this year.
  13. I was told the same thing. Just wondering how much of his heart will be into helping these kids win. Dude is VERY arrogant, stubborn and has pride issues.
  14. Yeah, I can't see MC moving up even if Dillard or Ft. Myers loses this weekend. They made their bed, now they have to lie in it.
  15. I agree with about 95% of this comment. But in regards to the showing, MC had a really good number of fans there. Chaminade's field doesn't hold many people and there's only one side where both fan bases have to split. There were a lot of fans standing on the outer portion of the field.
  16. 6A has no clear favorite. MC is very beatable. Dillard could be a dark horse. Naples can make a nice run if they get home games. Palmetto and Lake Gibson, the verdict is still out on them. And it's a crapshoot for the top half of the draw.
  17. I hear what you're saying about not betting against MC. But the difference in this MC and teams of the past is, a lot of the motivators are gone. Coaches and players. Northwestern has Max Edwards and whatever he is selling those kids, they are buying into it. Roland Smith just doesn't have it. It's not solely about losing to Chaminade because they are good. MC just may be on the decline and if you paid close attention, you saw it at the end of last season.
  18. Yes, the OC is gone. But in my opinion, he was a cancer to the team. Wanted to be the HC, OC, DC, STC, water boy, etc.
  19. Internal issues that are causing problems on the surface. I could see Dillard beating MC this year.
  20. That may have something to do with it mentally, but this team from the first game of the season has had no fire, no heart, no discipline, etc. And the coaching is a whole other story. This defense has been the worst I've seen in 10+ years.
  21. As a Central alumni and fan, all I will say is "this team" is in trouble. What I saw tonight was a complete disgrace! I won't go into full details, but if they get past the 2nd I'd be surprised. They may not make it past the first....And I said what I said!
  22. I've been keeping an eye on your Panthers and have been impressed with what I've seen thus far. I would put them ahead of some of the teams in the dark horse category. Maybe even the last spot for contenders. But we will see.
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