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  1. I think this is a tough schedule but this will make any team playoff bound. I think Duncanville should have scheduled Miami Central which would make a good game.
  2. Dillard puts me in the mind of Northwestern. Your accolades from the past don't matter, but what matters is what you do now which is win and if that's not your motto then hit the door.
  3. I agree with everything you said. Miami Central does not shy away from tough competition. I'm not sure who's at fault but Miami Central is not scared to play anyone 2010 lost to Camden County 45-42 2010 won against Madison 48-6 2010 won against Prattville 49-28 2012 lost to Grayson 35-3 2012 lost to Manatee 44-34 2013 won against Don Bosco Prep 50-21 2014 won against Hoover 24-21 2014 won against Stephenson 21-20 2015 lost to Dematha 38-14 2017 won against Bishop Gorman 24-20 2017 lost to IMG Academy 24-15 2018 lost to St. John's 37-35 2018 won against St. Thomas Aquinas 43-27 2019 lost to Saint Frances Academy 49-13 2021 lost to St. John Bosco 35-12 2021 lost to Bishop Gorman 21-20 2022 won against IMG Academy 20-14
  4. All those transfers that came to Dillard are now leaving but what did Dillard really do with them. Dillard lost to three powers and to rival Blanche Ely in the playoffs
  5. Does Pahokee and Glades Central still have talent in their neighborhood
  6. Duncanville and Desoto must be scared to play Central a Miami school. I guess they remember that beat down Booker T. Washington gave Cedar Hill 40-21 in 2012 season lol
  7. Northwestern is a different type of school compared to others. Northwestern has been in existence since 1955 and has a strong alumni. Them Northwestern Bulls expect to win year in and out. Not only do you lose to your biggest rival Central twice but not make it so states is a big pill to swallow
  8. I think Central takes Lakeland if they were to play. What do you think
  9. Which is my point exactly. You beat IMG Academy and still Maxpreps don't see you as number one
  10. No what I'm saying is and I'm not particularly saying Duncanville cause it could have been anyone but for Central not having a OOS game I think it hurted them. With an OOS game plus wins against IMG Academy, Northwestern twice which is hard, Columbus and American Heritage in the state game. Come on now easy decision number one spot. On the other hand, Maxpreps I hear is biased so Central could have done this all and still got snubbed by Bosco
  11. If Central wants to make a run at a national title Duncanville is a must have on there schedule and a must win. I think that's what hurt them in the 2022 season for a national title finishing at the number 2 spot.
  12. Happy New Year's everyone
  13. He must have made a mistake and meant Western High Wildcats out of Davie instead of Miami Northwestern Bulls lol
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