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  1. Booker T. Washington Tornadoes 2007 14-0 7 shut outs 2013 14-0 2 shut outs 2014 15-0 2 shut outs Miami Northwestern Bulls 2006 15-0 7 shut outs 2007 15-0 5 shut outs
  2. Don't forget Soul Bowl against rival Blanche Ely cause people tend to forget against rival schools records go out the door
  3. Doral Academy Firebirds 3-0 1. South Dade 33-18 2. Barbara Goleman 43-8 3. Miami High 37-0
  4. Miami Beach Hi-Tides 2-0 1. Miami Springs 15-2 2. Hialeah Gardens 21-0
  5. Palm Beach Central Broncos 1. Forest Hill 51-12 2. Dwyer 44-14 3. Boca Raton 48-21
  6. Tampa Bay Tec Titans 1. Plant City 34-0 2. Steinbrenner 53-30 3. Hillsborough 14-7
  7. Pahokee Blue Devils 3-0 1. 28-21 Against Wellington 2. 46-0 Against Immokalee 3. 28-7 Against Palm Beach Lakes
  8. Miami Killian Cougars is 3-0 1. 20-13 Against Miramar 2. 35-27 Against Miami Norland 3. 35-21 Against Miami Palmetto
  9. True but nobody should schedule IMG Academy even on good days because you'll always be outnumbered. St. Thomas has never schedule them and I wonder why
  10. No not a chance but anything can happen and hopefully this be the last year they play each other
  11. So is Deerfield Beach going to cancel the whole season or it was just this one game
  12. If this is accurate I feel bad for both schools because Covid is no joke. I've never had Covid and I'm vaccinated but I work in the hospital and I see and deal with these incoming patients first hand. Also remember Deerfield Beach and Dillard was probably a huge match up this year and I'm not saying it's right but Deerfield wanted to play and probably didn't think people would find out. I went to the Northwestern and Booker T. Washington game tonight and that's big time rivalry between Liberty City and Overtown and I guarantee you all had this game been canceled or forfeited somebody was losing they job and it's going to be the same with Northwestern and Central game
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