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  1. Don't be salty cause I'm sure if Columbia High was getting transfers you'd be telling everyone on these forums
  2. You right cause in Miami you have neighborhood's like Liberty City which has school's like Northwestern and Central but then go down you have Jackson across 95 you have Edison then go down you have Booker T. Washington which a lot of these kids no each other. Down South is the same way. Neighborhood's like Coconut Grove, Perrine, Richmond Heights, Goulds and Naranja are close by so the kids from Coral Gables, Killian and Palmetto all know each other. Giving a little knowledge on Miami if I can
  3. Everything you said is accurate but a lot of the talent live in those neighborhoods so it's not all transfers and those coaches you mentioned are legendary. Oh I see you mentioned Southridge but what's going on with them because they have fallen off.
  4. Do you think this is really accurate or is it the parents cause personally I blame the parents. Think about it if you attend Raines high Jacksonville but switch to Bolles or Trinity Christian Academy or Dillard high Fort Lauderdale but switch to St. Thomas or American Heritage yeah the education is way better but are kids looking at that or just wanna play football and win. As for coaching I find inner city schools to have the best coaches out of privates. Look at the success in Northwestern and Central
  5. You right because the Soul Bowl since 1967 in Miami with Northwestern vs Jackson isn't the last game of the season anymore and the Northwest Classic in Jacksonville Raines vs Ribault since 1969
  6. I think the Muck Bowl been in existence since 1984
  7. Oh my bad but included the KOC that's one of the games I'm attending if Covid let's us
  8. Well if they beat Northwestern although preseason game then turn around and beat Cardinal Gibbons that can give Indian fans/alumni an outlook on what to expect this season.
  9. IMG is a powerhouse so I can see that game as a lost but Central is rival. I'm sure you know all to well about rivals Dillard and Blanche Ely when the record goes out the book.
  10. So are you willing to put Venice in the state game come December
  11. Miami Northwestern Bulls Football Schedule Venice Champagnat Catholic Booker T. Washington IMG Academy Belen Jesuit Miami Jackson Miami Central Miami Norland South Miami Miami Carol City
  12. Well Central is now in 5A with Killian
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