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  1. You think Lakeland is going to beat Central
  2. I think it's a Florida thing because in Texas they show out. Like bra do you see they football stadiums it's insane. Yet Traz Powell stadium is in need of an upgrade and no dade county public school has a stadium on school campus like Broward County
  3. How's Broward in terms of crowd size. I'm guessing soul bowl is the biggest game
  4. Booker T. Washington people won't show up like you thinking. They have to be playing Central or Da West and they side still not be completely full
  5. So what them Bulls gone do this year
  6. Who's your 3 losses since you saying 7-3
  7. Northwestern and Dillard should schedule each other even if it's just a pre season game which wouldn't count towards their records
  8. Miami Northwestern Bulls 2024 Football Schedule 08-22 Coconut Creek 08-30 Venice 09-06 Carol City 09-13 Norland 09-20 Columbus 09-27 Jackson 10-04 Central 10-11 Key West 10-18 Booker T. Washington 10-25 St. Brendan
  9. I have a question for all of you guys. Before all the turmoil happened with Lake Minneola were they even going to be competitive this year
  10. You right. Down year or not if Ice has anything to do with it Booker T. ain't running from nobody
  11. I agree with you on everything you said. Why play these powerhouses and get the butt kicked out of you. Yes you're not running away from good opponents, however what does a 63-0 loss due to the morale of a bunch of young men.
  12. Will Lake Minneola even have a team come August
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