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  1. FBGUY1989


    Wishing a speedy and full recovery for those effected by Ian and I'm just thankful it didn't hit my area Miami/Broward
  2. You know I thought the same thing. Chaminade Madonna and Dillard game was close, but Central blew Dillard out odd
  3. There not playing each other this year but who do you think would win if they did. Chaminade Madonna or Central
  4. Well stated and I got soaked but not that bad. I had to go to work so I didn't stay for the 4th quarter. I wish Dillard the best on the rest of the season and don't take anything I say serious I'm all jokes fun and games
  5. Yep and he has one more of the big 3 St. Thomas. I remembered him at one point saying Dillard would beat Chaminade Madonna and Central
  6. Y'all know Dillard gone be out for a while and not gone want to talk. He probably gone come on here and start talking about golf lol.
  7. Exactly making plays all over the Mecca just like taking candy from a baby lol
  8. I was there in person and I don't believe weather had anything to do with it. For starters Central defense was playing lights out
  9. Not Carol City they're horrible this year but Booker T. Washington is a solid win. Look I'm not taking nothing away from Chaminade Madonna and they should win out the rest of their schedule but beating IMG Academy is something that a lot of schools haven't done. When was the last time a school beat IMG Academy. In addition the schedules are about even at this point but Central still has Dillard who's 2-1, Norland who's 3-0, Booker T. Washington, 3-1 and rival Northwestern 3-1 with potentially three games. Regular season, GMAC and possibly playoffs with this new format. Now just like you and everyone else I'm curious to see where Chaminade Madonna will be placed in Maxpreps top 25.
  10. Guess we gone find out Saturday night
  11. Is the band coming Central has a nice decent band this year
  12. So are you saying that win is more impressive than the IMG Academy win by Central
  13. So are you staying that win is more impressive than the IMG Academy win by Central
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