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  1. I think they should have kept it the way it was. With this new system we have to many variables to figure out
  2. Are you saying Chaminade is better than St. Thomas
  3. Good schedule and make sure I catch that Central game at Traz
  4. Well stated and best wishes to Dillard this upcoming season
  5. What do you think Dillard alumni expectations are. I can tell you Northwestern and Central expect to play every year in the state game. I'm sure Dillard does as well but what if they don't but beat Central and St. Thomas. Would this still be a win in your eyes and the alumni eyes
  6. So you expect Dillard to go 10-0
  7. I don't think so. See Dillard is one that on paper you like damn they got a squad but when they hit the field it's something else. Give an example. Dillard lost to Homestead last year in the playoffs, yet the next round Homestead got the breaks beat off them by St. Thomas
  8. Ight got you. Aye how come you don't have Blanche Ely on the list that game should be a must unless Soul Bowl is canceled
  9. Which games are home and which games are away
  10. Columbus Explorers Schedule 08/26 Benedictine 09/02 Killian 09/09 Champagnant Catholic 09/16 Miami Palmetto 09/23 Northwestern 09/30 Miami High 10/07 Homestead 10/14 Doral Academy 10/29 Barbara Goleman
  11. Jacksonville is in the same boat. I read somewhere that people were upset because you have four schools in the same district and it's unfair. Raines Ribault Andrew Jackson Riverside (Robert E. Lee)
  12. Columbus is in Miami and nowhere near the powerhouses like Central Northwestern and Booker T. Washington
  13. I've always thought in order to get to the top you have to beat the best of the best but with these new classifications I'm not liking them at all. I guess it's because I'm from Miami and you have all of them in the same spot . Miami Edison with 700 students and Booker T. Washington with 1,000 students are in the same class now playing with Miami Norland with 1700 students. Not to mention you have Miami Northwestern and Miami Central. Now if I'm correct only one school can make it to states and it's just not fair.
  14. I know of a rivalry down here in Miami called the Soul Bowl. The Soul Bowl originally started between two historically black high schools. Booker T. Washington Senior high school (Overtown) and DA Dorsey Senior high school (Liberty City). I don't know what year the game started but it ended in 1955. In 1955 Da Dorsey shut down to become an educational school and Miami Northwestern Senior high school was built. Miami Northwestern was built because of the overcrowding in the area. The game continued until 1967 when Booker T. Washington became a middle school to help desegregation in schools. In 1967 Miami Jackson Senior high school and Miami Northwestern started their annual game and is still in existence. At the time Jackson was a majority black school and half of the Overtown neighborhood was zoned to Jackson. This game saw crowds of 15,000 yearly or more until 1998 when they saw their biggest attendance. In 1998 Both were in the same district which had Soul Bowl 1 with 46,000 and Soul Bowl 2 with 35,000. This game is still in existence but lost its luster due to the football team and marching band not doing well on Jackson side and the school is now majority Hispanic. This game now draws probably 4,000. Present day the biggest rivalry in Miami is Miami Central and Miami Northwestern. They been playing I believe since the 80's but have an actual game called the Commissinor Cup since 2009.
  15. In order to be the best you got to beat some of the best.
  16. Down here it's more about football and track then it is basketball.
  17. Oh yeah forgot Raines won it back to back and I'm from Miami so I know the hunger and drive these kids have.
  18. The thing is and I know for a fact in the black communities but football and track go hand in hand. This is why SF has speed. You go to a track meet and the whole park is packed with tents and coolers just like a little league football game.
  19. Yes your right. Overtown is Booker T. Washington Liberty City is Miami Central and Miami Northwestern I have nothing against the other parts of Florida but the talent down here is just to widespread. I'll give an example and I think you've stated it but besides from Bolles a private school no other schools has won a state title but Raines 1997 and 2017 and Mandarin 2018
  20. FBGUY1989

    1A football

    So is Madison County going to win states this year.
  21. Talent wise yes they do get transfers in but majority of the kids come from that area of Overtown. Oh and I guess your right because school's like Columbia, Raines, Riverside (Lee) and Mainland just naming a few probably could never replicate what Booker T. Washington did.
  22. In my opinion I don't think it matters what classification you put a school in if you have talent and coaching you can beat anyone. Do you all remember when (1A) Pahokee was beating the breaks off of everyone. Some say it was because they didn't play anymore and what about (4A) Booker T. Washington. From 2011-2015 they went to states and brought the ring back 4 times. It should have been 5 but they let that 2011 game against Bolles slip away.
  23. Congratulations to all and a bright and healthy future
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