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  1. Week 3 Live Streams && Games To Keep A Eye On This Week.

    Emmitt Smith went to that school.
  2. Mandarin vs St Thomas aquinas

    Did Mainland ever find an opponent for 10/11?
  3. 99 Struggling HS Teams in Florida

    Any program can be turned around in my opinion. Daytona Beach Mainland has made the playoffs 25 years in a row and 26 of the last 27 years. if you go back 3 years before their first playoff appearance, they were 4-36 in a 4 years span.
  4. Superior Collegiate

    Just an opinion that's all
  5. They simply need to learn how to block, that was my biggest take from the Carol City game
  6. Superior Collegiate

    They would probably put a running clock on every SSAC school, OCP and St. Stephens included
  7. Can anybody stop the Dreadnaughts?

    Yeah, that's probably true. I'm just saying those dudes from Polk county have size, speed, and they're DOGS on that field
  8. Can anybody stop the Dreadnaughts?

    So who would be Lakeland's toughest competition besides Miami NW, Columbus, and Central? I think that they'd beat Carol City, Southridge, etc.
  9. Lakeland spanked Manatee 45-0 last night and in their KOC, they smashed Kissimmee Osceola 43-20 and that game was 43-0 before Osceola scored. I know St. Thomas beat De La Salle last night, but can they beat Lakeland in a 7A rematch?
  10. Statewide 7v7 tournament

    That event keep growing and growing, that's pretty cool.
  11. Statewide 7v7 tournament

    How many schools competed in this?
  12. Statewide 7v7 tournament

    Lmao!!! I feel where you're coming from because quite a few guys don't even play for their school during 7on7s, the play on all star teams.
  13. Miami Central 2019 schedule

    I think SM may be South Miami
  14. 2019 KOC Games

    Oh man, Max Preps has bamboozled me a million times over the past few season. They'll have games on the wrong day, incorrect home or away team, etc. I usually look on here, the newspaper, or this other website that I follow.
  15. 2019 KOC Games

    The FHSAA needs to copy what GA is doing!