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  1. The whole Metro/Suburban thing is softer than a wet paper bag. What ever happened to, "We're gonna keep improving and we are going to defeat one of those Dade County schools to win state"!
  2. Any serious threat to stop them from winning it all in 1A for the 4th year in a row?
  3. Thanks for posting a full schedule for Week 1! When are you guys going to post the full schedule for Week 2?
  4. Anybody know who has updated schedules that I can view? I'm talking complete with up to date cancels.
  5. Lol, 7 teams won state championships in South Florida last season. If the SFHSAA becomes official, the 2020 FHSAA champions should have an asterisk with the exception of Madison County, if they win another one.
  6. I know that the season has just ended, but has anyone heard of any Florida teams traveling out of state for the 2020 season? Also, are there any confirmed games with out of state opponents traveling to Florida for 2020?
  7. My opinion is this, you would think that somebody starting up a school would have a degree. But, whether you have a degree or not, as long as things are done properly, it shouldn't be a problem. There are some folks who did not go to or finish college and are very successful in their work field. There are some who have a 4 year degree and are not as successful. Bottom line, I just hope that they do things properly.
  8. In that case, they should've been a 42 point favorite!!
  9. The Muck has done big things in high school football over the years.
  10. Do you gents think this new formula by the FHSAA is working? Keep in mind, an 0-9 team made the playoffs last season or would you like the old format of District Champ and Runner Up to receive the playoff slots?
  11. Will there be a Selection Show on Sunday like there was last season??
  12. Vero Beach did that to Kissimmee Gateway in 2018. I don't think they've played Flagler Palm Coast in the playoffs. In 2017, they beat Orlando Olympia
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