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  1. Venice vs Plant predictions

    Try yo best
  2. Venice vs Plant predictions

    This is a bigger game for Vero than I thought.....
  3. AHD beat Dwyer 35-0

    While Vero struggled against Dwyer in the spring which was a moral victory losing in the last seconds to Dwyer, AHD pummeled Dwyer.......so this an interesting scenario, I'm hearing AHD is down while Dwyer lost their HC but they put up points against Vero and Boca and both teams are potential playoff teams..... Next week Vero gets AHD at home and I also hear AHD is well coached team but like I said they are down this year...... If I gotta winner then I got Vero, because they prove they can beat live teams at home Vero by 10
  4. Dillard - A Program That Could Have More State Titles

    LOL that's not what maxpreps got they got y'all as bitches to Dillard...... 7-4-1 since 2004 Deerfield over Dillard
  5. Dillard - A Program That Could Have More State Titles

    Ok then Deerfield made y'all a bitch each year o and Ely made y'all a bitch too but Deerfield always beats Ely
  6. Dillard - A Program That Could Have More State Titles

    Bruh lol MNW always a perennial power and c'mon now look who Deerfield lost to in the playoffs seriously I mean seriously no jokes
  7. Dillard - A Program That Could Have More State Titles

    Bruh Deerfield lost to MNW who went on to win states Deerfield lost to Flanagan who won states Deerfield lost to Columbus and they went to states I think Deerfield lost to Southridge who went on to win states Plantation owns Dillard right now tho
  8. Dillard - A Program That Could Have More State Titles

    Look who Deerfield have to face when it comes to the playoffs......
  9. Haha Clinton Dix is my cousin and Stephen Dix too
  10. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://amp.tcpalm.com/amp/1354473001&ved=2ahUKEwj3xObZh9biAhUOnawKHabECx0QyM8BMAV6BAgGEAQ&usg=AOvVaw03QN_5N14qgfQStpB9xYQc&ampcf=1&cshid=1559865590690
  11. All this is irrelevant Vero don't need name brand players on the field to beat a team like Chaminade go back and look at the rosters when they beat Viera Oscar Smith 2xPahokee and Venice, Vero runs a 3-4 defense and the linebacker core is solid this year See 2012 and 2015 and if that's so why is the playoff teams we lose to are the highest scorers on our defense
  12. First it was Oscar Smith, could Vero beat a team like that on the road...... Yes, and they coulda put the clock on em if they didn't step off the gas..... Then it was Venice, can Vero beat a very good team from that side of the state on the road......answer is yes and they ain't even give Vero the toughest game of the season it ended up being a 1a Pahokee team that couldn't put it together and local district rivals that ended being good at the same time....... But on paper it seems Chaminade is the deepest team Vero has played in years since Pahokee during their reign..... I still got Vero beating Chaminade tho but it's an interesting game I really wanna see how they deal with that speed late in the season, it'll tell us how Vero will stack up against Deerfield
  13. Vero Beach was the best team at the spring jamboree

    Vero recent jump in schedule will come into play for this Coach J see a weakness that'd why they on the schedule and Deerfield is probably going to be worse in the playoffs
  14. Vero Beach was the best team at the spring jamboree

    I guess we gotta show u again LOL
  15. Vero Beach was the best team at the spring jamboree

    All I know is Venice better give us them points cuz if not we gon be backseat to Deerfield this year, especially if they can beat STA