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  1. In your rankings do spring games have any effect on them???
  2. Your national guard is going to takeover the police department and we will be a police state
  3. Yall don't know but your government is planning to put us under martial law/fema camps
  4. Because they beat Chaminade well they did beat Dwyer back in the day too, o yea and you can add Pahokee to the list
  5. 1st round beat Carol City 35-14 (Trap game) 2nd round beat 10-1 Gulliver Prep 34-31 3rd round beat defending champs Cardinal Gibbons 31-21 4th round beat 12-1 Lakewood 5th round beat veteran state rivals Bolles 25-21 This right here is probably the best run from last year, these were all very solid teams to beat to wins states.....
  6. I think this year hurricane season gonna play a big role in how the football season may turn out too, I'm wishing we can get football this year tho
  7. All we need is a QB and Vero beats everybody on the schedule
  8. Vero beat both y'all mark those words.....
  9. Vero ain't losin to none of these teams
  10. Wish they can do it with no one in the stands
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