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  1. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    In two years yea
  2. Vero Beach unofficial schedule

    If u include Dwyer in the jamboree then that makes Vero schedule more impressive and I'm curious to know who the KOC game is too, I think from Spring jamboree to week 10 is pretty strong opposition and I'm going to praise Vero again for this because this time we don't even have to leave the state or area to challenge ourselves, I hope this will help us play football after Thanksgiving because playing Chaminade and Viera late in the season is tough because both them teams be picking at the end of the season and both are loaded this year too.....
  3. Vero Beach unofficial schedule

    8/237:00p American Heritage 9/67:30p Venice 9/137:00p Lake Minneola 9/207:00p Merritt Island 9/277:00p Centennial 10/187:00p Chaminade-Madonna 11/17:30p Viera
  4. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    Right I thought it was gonna happen
  5. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    Bruh Vero playin Dwyer AHD Venice Chaminade Viera Very strong opposition this year
  6. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    Another solid game.....
  7. Vero Beach schedule so far

  8. Venice regular season predictions 2019

    Very very hard to beat Vero at home playoffs (an exception I guess)
  9. Vero Beach schedule so far

    Bruh Chaminade and AHD on the schedule
  10. Interesting facts about Vero's schedule so far

    This is a deep playoff type schedule tho, the one that'll ship u deep in the playoffs
  11. Interesting facts about Vero's schedule so far

    I'm kinda scared bout the schedule this year but at the same time, Vero prolly got some transfers in for the offense
  12. Vero is playing teams that have been making recent trips to states since 2015...... Viera Runner ups (2015) AHD Runner ups (2015) Chaminade Runner ups and back to back champs (2016,2017,2018) Venice state champs (2017) I know this ain't the strongest schedule but this is props to Vero because if u been following them for the last 10 years, then u can see a big difference in the schedule and playing Chaminade means Vero is inching closer to playing the AHP/MC type teams....
  13. Vero Beach schedule so far

    Aye don't ask me I'm a fan, I'm not the coach ask THEM that maybe their playbook change in the playoffs, but facts is still facts like example Vero beating Oscar Smith Venice and Pahokee AWAY on the road, people had questions about whether we could bring the W back.....while Vero has beaten solid teams like Viera and Pahokee at home I mean just sayin those are facts
  14. Vero Beach schedule so far

    Spring KOC and regular seasons are different stories from playoffs with Vero just sayin
  15. Vero Beach schedule so far

    I agree with you on everything u just said