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  1. They can't the closest maybe Plant or Venice cuz they are well coached teams
  2. STA destroyed teams like Dwyer, Venice, Viera, and Plant in the playoffs these teams can easily compete anywhere in the state
  3. Deerfield is above Vero......present day accomplishments Deerfield beats district champions in the playoffs Vero don't
  4. 2004 lost to Palm Beach Lakes 2005 lost to Palm Beach Gardens at states 2006 lost to South Plantation 2007 lost to Northwestern in the fourth rd 2008 lost to Miramar who was starting a dynasty at the time 2009 lost to Plantation a solid and underrated consistent Broward team 2012 lost to Cypress Bay they went on to set a record with Apopka at states 2013 lost to Miramar who was undefeated at the time and was favored to win states 2015 lost to Flanagan who won states and had a nasty defense 2016 lost to Southridge who won states 2017 lost to Western their becoming a good consistent team lately 2018 lost to Columbus who went to states 2019 lost to Columbus who won states Soooooo u can't sit here and say that Deerfield is this overrated team that gets highly ranked every year, clearly they're losing to teams that are above average , most of these teams go on to win at states too......
  5. Hmmm foreal he looks like the dude that coached me in discus but he passed tho.....maybe he from ft pierce
  6. STA made Manatee, Dwyer, Venice, Plant and Viera look like amateurs in the playoffs
  7. I'm well aware their district is tough which keeps them from being team of the decade BUT in 2017 they had a potential state team, 2018 samething, now they could be for the next decade claiming more state titles and beating the other Miami teams constantly
  8. It means overall bruh if STA were in 6a like Miami Central, they would runnin clock em
  9. That's true too but I give the nod to STA anyways....
  10. I think STA will running clock mainland and armwood
  11. It's up for debate tho I see your argument because Miami central did beat STA and beat Bishop Gorman and Don Bosco prep who STA lost too
  12. 1x national champs 6x state champion 1x runner up 41 playoff wins Beat Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach powers Highlight wins Deerfield Beach Miramar (won states that 2009) Northwestern AHP (won states that year 2014) BTW (won states that year 2015) Carol City Flanagan (won states that year 2015) Mandarin (defending champs from 2018) Atlantic Dwyer Manatee (were no.1 in 2012) Plant Osceola Venice Viera Lincoln Edgewater STA only missed going to states in 2011, 2013, and 2017......Dwyer and Venice are the only reason why they ain't go to states those years and both teams had a hard time beating STA when they weren't at their fullest Miami Central can argue against being team of the decade too..... 6x state champion 1x runner up Stuck in the most difficult district to win, that's the only reason they ain't go to states damn near every year of the decade (2010-2019)...but an impressive run they had tho
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