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  1. Carol shoulda won states last year but they fell apart in the playoffs against Miami Central and the Northwestern took over which was a great run for y'all winning all them games on the road was hard
  2. Miami Northwestern been to states from 2006-2008 and won 2 of em Miami Northwestern won two straight 2017-2018 and will be back this year No i haven't been sleep i was playin when i said i was sleep Northwestern just been overshadowed by Miami Central and Carol City
  3. Aye I'm just giving credit where credit is due when they win states this will be their 7th and they are approaching the elite company
  4. When they win states i think they can be in discussion for Florida elite
  5. This is underrated af Beat 2017 Miami Central 2017 Carol City 2017 Armwood 2018 Mainland 2018 Miami Central 2018 Naples 2018 Armwood 2019 AHP These are some crazy wins, in 2017 they beat Miami Central 2x and Carol City 2x, that's crazy and then in 2018 they beat Mainland Miami Central and Naples on the road, this program is very underrated or I've been sleep on em......
  6. This is the truth and Chaminade is a cherry pick too or Vero put money in their pocket so that they can make themselves look good against Chaminade
  7. This is a relevant topic because Vero will be playin Deerfield Beach the district champs from their area and as a matter of a fact, the streak started with Deerfield beating Vero in 2003 in the third rd of the playoffs......
  8. Deerfield is the most talented team Vero will see this year
  9. Actually all the Vero fans wasn't sure that Vero would beat Chaminade but i was sure they would u can check my post from March.......
  10. Vero offense ain't anything Deerfield ain't seen i got Deerfield
  11. They were just wrestlin smh i saw the whole thing from the visitin side
  12. This the type of weather that causes Vero to lose around these rounds in the playoffs wet or cold/cool weather
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