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  1. I've be seeing on Twitter that LG and Lakeland have been loading up with transfers.
  2. Dillard and Lake Gibson battling it out to see who can bring in the most big time transfers amongst public schools lol.
  3. I'll be surprised if MC doesn't roll by 50+. The other two games have a chance to be competitive, but I wouldn't count on that either. I even think Venice rolls by 20. CG vs Cocoa should be the best game of the bunch. I keep going back and forth on that one.
  4. 16 Miami Central 15 Venice 14 Jesuit 13 STA 12 Cham-Mad 11 Cocoa 10 TCA 9 Hawthorne
  5. Sad news indeed. I always looked forward to Joe's picks. RIP Joe Pinkos.
  6. 16 Mia Central 15 Hawthorne 14 Cham-Mad 13 STA 12 Cocoa 11 Berk Prep 10 Card Gibb 9 Mad Co. 8 Merritt Island 7 Venice 6 TCA 5 Champagnat 4 Pine Forest 3 Jesuit 2 Tampa Tech 1 Apopka BG: CAI
  7. 16 Cocoa 15 Jesuit 14 STA 13 Berkley Prep 12 Champagnat 11 Lake Gibson 10 Orlando Christ 9 Seminole 8 Gulliver 7 Benjamin 6 Baker Co. 5 Pine Forest 4 Hawthorne 3 Clearwater 2 Columbus 1 Baker
  8. CalPreps had Palmetto as a 7 point favorite.
  9. My bad, it was CalPreps projection system and not Prep gridirons lol. Not sure why I said PG originally. But anyhow, their projections hit at over an 80% rate so we can't just throw them out the window. I still think Dillard wins anyhow, just throwing that news out there.
  10. This was the last team to beat IMG. Since then, IMG has won 20 in a row. Should be a good game. 24-17 IMG
  11. Prep gridiron has ya'll as a one point underdog.
  12. 16 Cham-Mad 15 Jones 14 Pahokee 13 Benjamin 12 Mad Co. 11 Mia NW 10 Western 9 Raines 8 Zeph Christ 7 Dillard 6 PBC 5 South Walton 4 Mia Cent 3 Avant Garde 2 Clewiston 1 Lake Gibson BG: Lake Highland
  13. I didn't miss any 8A games either. It was certainly the easiest of classes to predict. I didn't give Lehigh enough credit though. They steamrolled Gaither! Wharton handled their business against Mitchell as expected. Palmetto completely shut down the high powered Wiregrass passing attack. I think Palmetto vs Tech will be very interesting. I'll probably pick Tech but I wouldn't count Palmetto out either way.
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