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  1. Which Undefeated Teams Will Fall this Week Or Will All Advance ...

    I think Lakeland, STA, Dillard, Lakewood, and Blountstown are virtual locks to advance. I don't think I'd be surprised if any of the other undefeated teams fell though.
  2. Venice vs Palm Beach Lakes round 2

    As nolebull813 would say, Palm Beach Lakes looks like fool's gold. As I was going over the teams when the bracket came out, I came across PBL and thought, why isn't anyone talking about this team? Going through their schedule and results, although not a strong schedule, it looked like they steamrolled nearly everyone. Well then the first round comes around and sure enough, PBL has their hands full with an OK at best East Lake squad. Now I can't say I've watched any PBL film but I've seen Venice this season and I know they are solid. So it sounds like we are going to see a Manatee vs Venice rematch next week...

    BT VB Venice Manatee Lee MC NM WN SS BTW TC Berkley CG Vernon Pahokee
  4. Wharton High School

    I was wondering about that. Dude literally bashes every team in the state of Florida.
  5. Vero vs Treasure Coast

    Is it though?
  6. Hillsborough County just destroyed Brevard County

    Hillsborough had a very strong opening round. I guess they aren't as down as some had thought.
  7. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    Didn't that 4-6 team have the #1 SOS in 6A?
  8. 2019 1st round playoff attendance

    The Palmetto/Braden River crowd was pretty solid. I plan on attending the Armwood/Lakeland game and expect that crowd to be huge.
  9. Palmetto survived Braden River

    I watched the game on Tiger Vision on Youtube. Palmetto was very lucky to pull this game out. Very sloppy play and Palmetto's body language didn't show much confidence in the first half. The Palmetto defense clamped down in the second half and the offense did just enough to pull this one out. I still think they are final four bound, but I can't see them winning against one of the heavyweights once they get there.
  10. After going over the brackets, these are the games that could* be big upsets. 8A #8 Mandarin over #1 Seminole #8 Boca Raton over #1 Vero Beach 6A #7 Auburndale over #2 Lake Wales 5A #7 N.Marion over #2 Dunnellon #8 Chamberlain over #1 Rockledge #7 Sebring over #2 Lake Wales #8 Bishop Moore over #1 Jones I wouldn't bet on any of these but I think these are the most likely if any.
  11. 4A Region 4

    That's fair but I'll still take the Region 4 winner over anybody. Cocoa is certainly no slouch and they're battled tested to say the least.
  12. 4A Region 4

    I think it's safe to say, the winner of that region will be a state champion a few weeks later.
  13. “NEW BLOOD”

    Palmetto (Manatee) is going to the final four.

    Deland Western Flem Island Venice Columbia Lee MC Dunnellon River Ridge Astronaut Trin Catholic CCC Seff Chris Freeport Chiefland
  15. Playoff pickem contest?

    Does anyone on here run a playoff contest? If not, I'll run one!