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  1. There goes that regular season win streak.
  2. I just watched his Hudl tape. Looks like a good pick up for VB.
  3. https://www.heraldtribune.com/story/sports/2021/04/16/former-florida-gator-and-nfl-wide-receiver-replaces-yusuf-shakir/7257283002/ Jacquez Green is the new head ball coach for now.
  4. My thoughts exactly. As a whole, Polk seems to be as loaded as ever with talent. It's still April, so we could still see some kids shuffle around this summer. I do think Lake Gibson probably has the talent to win state though. They'd still need to get over that Palmetto Hump and then find a way to beat MC. Easier said then done lol.
  5. That's fair. I wouldn't count the underdogs out, but I also wouldn't bet on them either.
  6. It's too bad that QB Braden Davis went down with injuries for LM. That kid is the TRUTH. LM has gotten solid QB play from their backup, and I think this game might be closer than some might think, but I might have picked LM in this game if Davis were healthy.
  7. I do expect this game to be one of the better matchups of the title slate.
  8. Champagnat 27-16 Chaminade 38-35 Card Gibbons 34-28 Hawthorne 15-14 Mia Central 39-24 American Heritage 26-8 Seminole 24-13 Edge 31-30
  9. I will say, it's a shame Dillard didn't opt into the playoff series this year. It looks like they might have a better squad this year than they did in 2019.
  10. Man they got you. Glades Central hasn't sniffed the top 100 nationally in years.
  11. Which team was ranked in the Top 30 nationally?
  12. Seminole Mia Palmetto Edgewater STA Lake Minn Mia Central Dunnellon American Heritage
  13. 700 wins and one state title 53 years ago (at least you have one).
  14. Bart Trail Apopka Mia Pal Osceola Niceville Edgewater Bloomingdale STA St. Aug Gaither Palmetto Mia Central Baker Vanguard Jones American Heritage Bolles Cardinal Gibbons Trin Christian Cham Mad University Christian Champagnat Cath Sneads Mad Co. Was out of town last week and missed the picks. Lame
  15. Gulf High is 11-57 the past seven seasons thanks to an eight win season in 2014. Other than that, they are 3-54 the past six seasons.
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