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  1. Both schools are intriguing. I agree that the immediate impact will likely be minimal to surrounding schools, but looking at the new district lines for longer term impacts: Lake Buena Vista Vipers Lake Buena Vista pulls a lot from Dr. Phillips' old district (for simplicity call it south of Sand Lake Rd). LBV also pulls from Freedom. Lots of vacation rentals in LBV's district as it is the heart of Orlando's tourist area. It'll be an interesting to see how this translates to athletes and athletics. Dr. Phillips should stay strong. They lose some of their district, but nothing too concerning from my glance at the new districts. Freedom really gets squeezed and honestly the district lines are very odd (thin sliver between LBV and Cypress Creek). Horizon Hawks Horizon pulls pretty much entirely from Windermere. The area around Horizon has a lot of new housing developments and apartments (and many more on the way). A lot of movement to this area for families looking for new homes / apartments within reasonable commutes to Orlando and even Lakeland. I could see Horizon developing into a decent sports school. Football will rely on solid coaching to build up a program and rival Windermere's momentum. This could develop into a fun rivalry as both schools continue to grow. West Orange actually gains back some of their old district (from Windermere's district). They will benefit from gaining south of Hartwood Marsh. Again, lots of new development in this area. Windermere loses a lot. I think they get hit hardest by the new schools (Horizon) but they do have a few years head start and some momentum already building. Thoughts?
  2. That’ll really hurt the smaller private schools that are K-12. Football a bit, but definitely other sports.
  3. He will not. Braden Davis (South Carolina commit) is returning to Delaware to finish his HS career. He transferred to Lake Minneola after Delaware cancelled their fall season due to COVID.
  4. Very disappointed that Lakeland won't be streaming this year. Any reason why?
  5. I tried using NFHS Network last week and wasn't too happy with the results. Some of the games I wanted to watch said delayed until about halfway through the game. Most games had extremely poor stream quality. I also tried to tune into the Armwood vs. Bloomindale game via The Identity Varsity stream...what a disaster. I often think, hey a bad stream is better than nothing...in this case, nothing would have been better. They started by posting a link that didn't work until the 2nd Q, then once the stream opened the camera was smeared where you could barely make out a football field in the background. Extremely disappointing. I know Lakeland has quality streams on their YouTube channel, but they won't be in action until next Friday (09/25). Palmetto also does decent streams on their YouTube channel and they have a game this Friday (09/18). I'd be happy to post links if needed, but both of those are pretty easy to find. Anybody know of other teams that do a decent stream?
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