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  1. I thought after the Vero-TC game I instructed you to keep Vero lined up properly for the Deerfield game. Well it looks like you you failed your assignment. You have to do better next season. Well that was quite an arse kicking. DB IS the toughest team Vero has faced in years, and I expect DB to take the state title. They had just too many talented players compared to ours. Their running back was outstanding. Vero has a great team, but Deerfield is a level above. As the saying goes, we will have to wait until next year !
  2. Joe Pinkos forecast for the Region 3-8A final (via @FlaHSFootball ): Deerfield Beach by 7 over @VBFootball . This is the fourth time this season Pinkos has predicted Vero Beach would lose.
  3. Here is one of your relevant facts. In 2016 Vero beat Treasure Coast in the 2nd round playoffs. Treasure coast beat Osceola in the first round. Osceola was the district champ of their region. So your relevant facts don't mean anything.
  4. Who cares what happened 16 years ago. I guess you haven't heard the saying "If you haven't got anything good to say, don't say anything at all".
  5. We haven't played them for a long time. Today's Deerfield Beach team has only one common opponent, Boca Raton. Deerfield beat Boca 49-6 and Vero beat Boca 42-7. So it should be a close game.
  6. I'm glad you recognized him for what Floridatech is. I just wish he would use spell and grammar checkers when he posts.
  7. I watched the film over and over and could not see an actual punch being thrown. There was a lot of wrestling going on after a strong block by Dawson. I'm told that coach Jankowski is appealing the call, and if he wins the appeal Dawson will play. If he loses the appeal, it could be a long day for Vero.
  8. That's a good question. I hope somebody has an answer. That's Jermain Dawson, Vero's star wide receiver/running back who makes things happen. He is very much needed for Vero to beat Deerfield Beach.
  9. Make sure you keep them lined up correctly against Deerfield Beach !
  10. So how did that work out for you? Loser!!
  11. QB Ryan Jankowski has gained a lot of confidence. He has now matured for his first starting season. Also the offensive line has improved greatly. The big difference will be the coaching, coach J is a mastermind and will have the answer to TC's single wing this time around. Because of that, I give Vero the edge over Treasure Coast on top of Vero having the home field advantage.
  12. You need to come to a Vero Beach home game. Our stands are full every Friday night with thousands. Our 12th man intimidates every opponent that comes onto Vero's field. On top of that we have one of the largest bands in Florida. Even when we travel we have more fans than the home crowd.
  13. roygod

    Vero vs Boca

    QB Ryan Jankowski has come a long way from his 1st starting game. He has now matured for his first starting season. Because of that, I give Vero the edge over Treasure Coast on top of Vero having the home field advantage !
  14. Looks like Vero lined up correctly again !
  15. As a Vero fan, I keep looking past the Boca-Vero game, but it just dawned on me that Boca beat Vero in this years spring game 14-10 which means Vero will have to prepare for Boca a little better.
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