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  1. Akeem Dixon- Vero Beach running back 2013-2017 recruited by Syracuse. Akeem was a true fullback that could make his own holes and then kick in an extra gear and outrun the entire secondary. He was one of the best running backs Vero ever had in recent years. He scored 36 touchdowns during his tenure. Then one day I read that he left Syracuse but nobody ever said why. Just curious, does anyone know why?
  2. Vero lucks out again! Maurice Smith, Jr. transferred from Fort Pierce Westwood to Vero Beach and has shown plenty to become a force with his strong arm and athleticism. Vero won both their jamboree games easily and QB is a great fit!
  3. You can add Vero Beach 34 Osceola Kissemee 7 to your list
  4. Very nice win. Boy that score looks familiar! I hearby grant you permission to brag about beating Lakeland for the next two years!!
  5. Just remember, you started this argument with your negative comments about Vero Beach and our great coach. Then you said "Did I even mention Venice in my post?"" you might want to look at you login icon! We don't play Sebastian River even though I wish we did.As far as recruiting practices, what I ment is exactly what you said. Let's stop this exchange, as we both have good teams and programs!!
  6. Here you go again, knocking Vero Beach. You think it might be because Vero kicked Venice's arse 42-20. Doe's this mean,you think Venice is a cupcake team that Vero scheduled? Any coach that schedules IMG or STA knowing their recruiting practice's needs their head examined. Those teams are morale busters, not measuring sticks.Our playoff loses come in the 3rd round of the playoff's,which in itself is quite an accomplishment.And without a doubt coach Jankowski is a offensive genius!
  7. The battle of the two best teams on the Treasure Coast and surrounding area takes place this Friday. TC brings in the highest scoring offense in the area(45 points per game) while Vero brings in the best defense in the area(allowing only 3 points on average per game)( on average Vero is scoring 38 points per game).These two teams provide a classic battle every year with plenty of D1 talent. Both teams are currently undefeated and Vero is still on its 64 regular season games winning streak!
  8. roygod


    After six undefeated regular seasons, it's time to do it again. First game against a rebuilding PSL team we pulled off a 35-0 shutout. As predicted our defense will be one of the top defense's in the state. The offense has been the question mark, but scoring 35 points may have answered that question. We had to play five different quarterbacks to find the right one, a transfer from Dwyer. On offense we have a returning running back ,two returning wide receiver's and half the offensive line. So with this I"m expecting another great year from Vero!
  9. It's been awhile. Vero's last state championship was in 1981. I agree with you as I think Venice's football program is as strong as Vero's, and I'm talking about the fans and community.In the year we beat you we traveled to Oscar Smidt in Virgina who was the state runnerup and we beat them.And now we have a giant target on our backs having the longest unbeaten regular season record in the states history. Take your best shot Sept11th.
  10. First of all I"m not your buddy,secondly this conversation will be over Sept 11th. In your list of excuses, you didn't explain how you let Vero score 42 points against your defense. Were your defensive coaches not at the game also?
  11. Boy VeniceIFB you really don't like Vero. Vero lost to Osceola in a regional championship game in the past,we didn't have any excuses like you, they just had more athlete's then we did.
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