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  1. It's been awhile. Vero's last state championship was in 1981. I agree with you as I think Venice's football program is as strong as Vero's, and I'm talking about the fans and community.In the year we beat you we traveled to Oscar Smidt in Virgina who was the state runnerup and we beat them.And now we have a giant target on our backs having the longest unbeaten regular season record in the states history. Take your best shot Sept11th.
  2. First of all I"m not your buddy,secondly this conversation will be over Sept 11th. In your list of excuses, you didn't explain how you let Vero score 42 points against your defense. Were your defensive coaches not at the game also?
  3. Boy VeniceIFB you really don't like Vero. Vero lost to Osceola in a regional championship game in the past,we didn't have any excuses like you, they just had more athlete's then we did.
  4. Sorry, but Venice is the weakest of those five teams. we already traveled out to you and wound up beating you 42-20.It's a shame you needed so many excuses to cover your loss We beat TC by 1 point, we beat SLWC by 5 points we have not beaten Osceola yet,and have not played Clearwater yet.So that leaves your score!!
  5. There are five teams on this schedule that are capable of beating Vero(but of course ,none will) Treasure Coast, Centennial, Venice, Clearwater and,the toughest our old nemesis Osceola!
  6. Sept 11- Week 1 Away vs Venice Sept 18- Week 2 Home vs Port St Lucie Sept 25- Week Away vs Centennial Oct 2-Week 4 Away vs Martin County Oct 9-Week 5 Home vs Treasure Coast Oct 16-Week 6 Home vs FP Westwood Oct 23-Week 7 Home vs FP Central Oct 30-Week 8 Home vs Clearwater International Acadamy 7pm Nov 6-Week 9 Home vs Kissimmee Osceola 7pm
  7. Vero Beach is available that date
  8. Vero's coach has not announced that we are playing Venice yet. But I hope it happens!!
  9. Where did you get that info? I hope it's so, as all the scheduled teams are local only
  10. That's what you said the last time we played each other! So how did that game end? I'll remind you Vero 42 Venice 20
  11. The TCPalm new schedule for Vero sucks as we only have a six game season with 3 bye's. We start late Sept18 and end early Oct 23. All local games,no traveling, but no one know's the home team.
  12. Not only do you have the FHSAA influencing scheduling but you have SMAC beating the FHSAA over the head. I hate to bring up politics but this is how the US Congress has been working. The FHSAA is a minature version of congress
  13. Yes,it's called the FHSAA.they forced us to play local area teams only. No traveling in or out of the Treasure Coast!!!
  14. Strange that Floridatech is so quiet.I guess I miss his contoversy!
  15. On offense we will have our starting running back returning along with two very good wide receivers. All we need is a quarterback. But like he does every year, coach Lenny Jankowski will produce a great quarterbback.
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