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  1. Your right on Vero Beach as Seminole will be a gut check,but the teams they have beaten besides MNW are all very good teams. Heritage was probably Vero's toughest game,Vero destroyed Palm Beach DWYer 49-0 and just beat undefeated Fort Pierce WEstwood 35-0 and of course Miami Northwest. Treasure Coast will be our toughest challenge.I'm not sure about Columbia Lake City yet.
  2. You need to insert Treasure Coast and Vero Beach into your picks!
  3. You need to insert Treasure Coast and Vero Beach into your picks!
  4. All you people need to stop ignoring the Treasure Coast area, as right now Treaasue Coast and Vero Beach are reminding you !
  5. I agree with everything you said. But you have to know there has been a shortage of HS referees, so there are a lot of newbies out there trying to make a name for themselves. In this game, they went overboard with calls. The game actually lasted an hour longer because of all the penalties and discussions.
  6. Vero operates on season tickets, so they have to get as many home games as they can to satisfy their ticket holders!
  7. RB,just what Vero needed!
  8. Who and what is this transfer out of Palm Bay? Vero's backup QB and best wide receiver transferred out of Vero.SLWC transferred two into Vero.
  9. Somewhere I noticed a schedule that had us playing Lake Wales on 9/8 and Columbia, Lake City on our Nov bye week, Can anybody confirm that?
  10. Vero played Chaminade and shut them out 21-0 our defense totally destroyed their offense
  11. Regional final 2022 Vero Beach vs Osceola Should be a great game. The Kowboys and Indians both beat Treasure Coast by a score of 10-7, The last time Vero played Osceola in 2020 Vero won 34-7.Vero will have the home field advantage next Friday. Vero's only problem is we don't have a starting quarterback,but we haven't had one for the last 5 games.
  12. They say the cast is coming off Aronson's hand this week,but there is no way he will be ready to face Melbourne or any other team. QB 2 Whitely is the smallest man on the team and will have a hard time playing up to this caliber of play. He has made a valiant effort replacing Aronson but he just does not have the size or passing strength that Aronson has. QB3 EJ White is a refreshing change to Vero's offense who has not had a scrambling QB. But he is only a freshman with only a one game expierience. I think we will get by Melbourne based on our defense, but then we get to our problem area the REGIONAL FINALS, where sooner or later we will have to face Venice or Oceola. We have beaten both of them in the past but our offense is not ready right now.
  13. It wasn't an upset. It was a smashmouth Vero defense that won that game. If we had our starting QB we would have blown them out!
  14. Vero is on a great run, and should surpass it's gridlock of the regional final this year. Treasure Coast is our last major hurdle.
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