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  1. Vero is on a great run, and should surpass it's gridlock of the regional final this year. Treasure Coast is our last major hurdle.
  2. Keep in mind, Vero Beach beat Palm Beach Central in this year's Spring Game and we just beat South Fork54-6
  3. I miss his Florida predictions and nobody has taken them over
  4. It seems everybody in Vero is excited about this year's team. And after observing Vero's Media Day, so am I. Even though we only have 6 total starters returning, they are all skill D1 players providing a nice nucleus. The only problem Vero has is that they have more quarterbacks than spare linemen. Coach Jankowski has got his hands full dealing out QB reps. Hopefully, this is the year we break the regional final barrier.
  5. Talk to your coach as our last two matchups have been cancelled by weather and so far we have several open dates I think!
  6. Date changed to Thur May 12th 6pm
  7. Vero Beach vs Treasure Coast now have the toughest rivalry in east central Florida! It used to be Vero Beach vs Fort pierce Central, but FP Central head coaches kept quitting and the program went downhill real bad.
  8. no more bye 9/17. Vero is on it's way to terrorize North Florida's North Marion
  9. It seems we can't do that correctly on defense. Our offense lines up perfectly. . Pass defense dosen't exist, pass offense outstanding
  10. I agree with everything you said. But each year we(Vero) get players from FP Westwood because their head coaches quit every year and Vero gets a lot more press and scouts.
  11. Cocoa also beat Vero Beach by one point 42-41 in overtime the week before. One of the most exciting games I have ever been to.
  12. Vero is looking strong as ever. We won our spring game jamboree by beating two teams handily. We have a new QB who is looking pretty good, with a couple of excellent wide receivers. As usual our defense was very tough allowing only one touchdown between the two other teams. And I know coach Jankowski will keep his winning ways going!
  13. Great news, Grace was to follow Fred's track but today they changed the track to the other side of the gulf!
  14. The storm whatever catagory is expected to hit Florida Thurday-Friday 19-20.So we have more to worry about besides Covid. I need some football, I'm tired from being stuck in my house!
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