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  1. That Vero Beach target thing was pretty weak, but the point I was trying to make is weaker teams should be trying to schedule stronger teams that are in their brackets because of the point system we are under, as it's the only path to the playoffs.
  2. I totally agree with you on the first part of your statement but I think it would be exactly the opposite on the headache part. With today's point system you think you would rather play the top teams. Also a team like Vero Beach has got to have a monster target on it's back with everybody wanting to take a shot breaking that regular season winning streak.
  3. If there is any ignorance being demonstrated here I think it might be by somebody other than me. Over the course of evolution we have been hit with many new virus's and have developed immunities for most of them, and that is what we are doing right now, developing immunities to Covid19, except for the weak and unhealthy. We have hid long enough, its time to get back to living almost normal lives. Our young people have to get back to work before we totally destroy our economy. I'm 78 years old with diabetes, being overweight, and two stokes, a totally high risk subject. I had my flu shot in the fall but I still contracted the flu (or covid19) in the last week of January while attending a high school basketball game. I'm still alive and ready to go to a high school football game.
  4. If we follow your plan to stay in our houses till we are safe from all future threats there will be no future football and probably no United States. The depression of 1933 will be kid stuff compared to your plan. We will become a third world country ruled by China. We have a new strain of Flu Virus every year and we don't have vaccine's for many of them. Heck, one of us may go out and cross the street and get run over by a bus, or may die in a head on crash on I-95, or get hit by an meteor! There is no way we can predict the future, and there is no way we can stay locked up in our protective bubble for the rest of our lives. Let's get out there and return to normal quickly and take another chance like we do with every other situation we encounter in our everyday lives!!!
  5. The smartest medical people in the world cannot predict a second spike. If there is one we'll be ready for it. Also you'll notice there have been no deaths to high school age healthy players. But I can guarantee you there will be hurricanes!
  6. Between Covid19 and hurricane season, this would be a great excuse to start Florida high school football later. The FHSAA should consider how many games were cancelled because of hurricanes. As August and September are peak hurricane months, maybe we should consider starting high school football in Florida October 1st. Just don't schedule out of state games in the 2nd half. The only problem I see is the overlap into basketball season, where players will have to choose a sport.
  7. What your all forgetting, Vero has coach Jankowski, who puts it all together every so called "down year". Our defense will be very strong, and I mean strong. On offense we have our starting running back McMillian back with a couple of good wide receivers. We just need that mysterious quarterback to walk on the field. I have not followed the JV quarterbacks, so I don't know what we have coming up the ranks.
  8. I totally agree with Drogo "Stop trolling, quarantine must be getting to you". I am an avid Vero fan and I would never make predictions like Floridatech. If we don't get a experienced quarterback transferred in it could be a long season. We do have a very good running back and some very good wide receivers coming back.
  9. Are you talking about J. Allen from JC?
  10. VERO, VENICE, VIERA, are there any other V schools we can add to our schedule?
  11. I thought after the Vero-TC game I instructed you to keep Vero lined up properly for the Deerfield game. Well it looks like you you failed your assignment. You have to do better next season. Well that was quite an arse kicking. DB IS the toughest team Vero has faced in years, and I expect DB to take the state title. They had just too many talented players compared to ours. Their running back was outstanding. Vero has a great team, but Deerfield is a level above. As the saying goes, we will have to wait until next year !
  12. Joe Pinkos forecast for the Region 3-8A final (via @FlaHSFootball ): Deerfield Beach by 7 over @VBFootball . This is the fourth time this season Pinkos has predicted Vero Beach would lose.
  13. Here is one of your relevant facts. In 2016 Vero beat Treasure Coast in the 2nd round playoffs. Treasure coast beat Osceola in the first round. Osceola was the district champ of their region. So your relevant facts don't mean anything.
  14. Who cares what happened 16 years ago. I guess you haven't heard the saying "If you haven't got anything good to say, don't say anything at all".
  15. We haven't played them for a long time. Today's Deerfield Beach team has only one common opponent, Boca Raton. Deerfield beat Boca 49-6 and Vero beat Boca 42-7. So it should be a close game.
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