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  1. Bama is an excellent recruiting school!
  2. I read somewhere the running clock had started in the 2nd qtr, but they kept scoring. Even went for a 2pt conversion I believe on their last TD.
  3. Am I right, Cocoa has won/lost all their games this season by 1? That’s crazy, and they have had a legit schedule as well!
  4. I just out of curiosity did something I haven’t done in years and checked out there front page. I was surprised they even had up to date stories still. BTW still not convinced OldSchool and Neutral aren’t the same person lol
  5. Sadly no not much fun there at all anymore. I still lurk there myself once in a while, used to an awesome board back in the 2000’s
  6. Yea it seems like schools are doing a lot better this year with the cancellations. Vero ha dtheir game canceled Monday I believe and already had Bartow lined up by Tuesday for the this Friday.
  7. The Vero/Treasure Coast games have always been classics I don’t think either team has won by more than 1 score in like 10 years. TC is always fun to watch.
  8. Dang it I didn’t realize it was on the Brevard Sports channel, I listened on the app though which since I played their almost 20 years ago still has great coverage and play by play. And I prob won’t be paying 15 a game some of the games you know will be a total blowout and just aren’t worth it, plus I’ve seen a bunch of people on Facebook complaining about multiple stream issues as well.
  9. Update: Just texted a buddy he heard he enrolled into Fl Tech and was gonna play football last year but due to budget cuts and COVID they shut down there football program. Not sure if he’s still enrolled or transferred out. Still don’t know why he left Syracuse. Still hasn’t played college ball.
  10. I’ve always wondered that myself just disappeared it seems, didn’t see anything of him getting into trouble just left and that was it no real reason.
  11. Man I’m staying at the Parc Soleil right next to LBV didn’t even realize it at first with all the other construction going on looks like it will be a beautiful campus it’s also huge! Do they anticipate it becoming an 8A school per attendance in the coming years and built it accordingly?
  12. I’m legit excited for this season nice seeing some new competitors!
  13. I just wanna know when are they gonna play Polk High?
  14. Power 5- SEC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 conference’s.
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