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  1. Update: Just texted a buddy he heard he enrolled into Fl Tech and was gonna play football last year but due to budget cuts and COVID they shut down there football program. Not sure if he’s still enrolled or transferred out. Still don’t know why he left Syracuse. Still hasn’t played college ball.
  2. I’ve always wondered that myself just disappeared it seems, didn’t see anything of him getting into trouble just left and that was it no real reason.
  3. Man I’m staying at the Parc Soleil right next to LBV didn’t even realize it at first with all the other construction going on looks like it will be a beautiful campus it’s also huge! Do they anticipate it becoming an 8A school per attendance in the coming years and built it accordingly?
  4. I’m legit excited for this season nice seeing some new competitors!
  5. I just wanna know when are they gonna play Polk High?
  6. Power 5- SEC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 conference’s.
  7. Exactly in order to be proven guilty of libel you have to prove without a doubt that what was written caused direct and irrefutable damages to yourself, business or organization. A message board that what maybe a couple hundred people visit that is based on opinions I doubt would hold any water in any court.
  8. @Joshua Wilson he was a board moderator, do you happen to have idea or able to shoot him a personal email? A few of us are honestly concerned as he was an everyday, multiple post, poster that basically disappeared.
  9. Any one know him out side of the board?
  10. #2/#8 Would it be Palm Beach County with Glades Day, Glades Central, Pahokee or possibly Clewiston combo?
  11. Omg bwahaha that was amazing!
  12. Yeaaaaaa tell my 2 year old daughter youre the dominant one, you’ll be making play dough cupcakes in her play kitchen faster then it takes to stand up from telling her that lol. I work 15-16 hour shifts when I’m at work (oilfield) I consider that my break time compared to being home lol.
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