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  1. Vero vs Treasure Coast

    You gotta hedge your bets lol
  2. Class Playoffs Brackets...

    Vero against Treasure Coast, Vero won regular season game by a point in OT and they always battle, Treasure Coast also runs the Single Wing which isn’t seen a lot in today’s spread happy style most teams run.
  3. Vero vs Treasure Coast

    We actually have a full thread about these 2 styles, nice little read: But this should be another great game between the 2, obviously I’m a Vero homer but I’m giving Vero the edge. Vero will actually have tape on TC from this season to help game plan going against their non traditional style of offense, our teams been getting healthier, and both the offense and defense have really stepped their games up the second part of the year and started clicking. All this and being played at home I’ll go Vero 31, TC 20.
  4. The 14 Best First Round Playoff Games

    It seems everyone over looked the Jensen Beach- Miami Killian game. On paper Killian should have had their way with Jensen Beach instead it went into OT at 3-3 and Killian pulled it off 6-3.
  5. Vero Beach Playoff Trivia

    Was it Taravella back in ‘03? I played that year I know we beat that districts runner up and champ I thought they were the champs.
  6. Not only that but also held their running back who was averaging around 140+ yards a game I heard to about 90 yards, even still you could tell that guy was one hell of a running back
  7. Ties Lakeland now for longest consecutive regular season winning streak at 60 games. Despite the score it was more of a defensive game Vero stayed disciplined though and made some big plays for scores and come out with a solid win over a solid program by throwing a shut out on them . Go Vero!
  8. State Champions of the Past

    McCarthur? Or something along those lines out of the Ft Piece area maybe?
  9. Chaminade Vs Vero

    I was on that team we weren’t world beaters solid team yes but not great, our ‘02 team I was also on was a much better team. I felt like if we utilized our passing game more that year in ‘02 we could have made it to state instead of getting smacked by Venice in the 3rd round who shut down our Wing T we were running.
  10. Chaminade Vs Vero

    @Ric Flair Curious on your take lol
  11. FloridaHSFootball.com Podcast

    Just curious Josh did you discontinue the podcast with the inception of Under the Lights? Had some traveling to do and went to look at the listing and seen there isn’t any new ones, just curios thanks!
  12. Vero Beach traveling to Viera???

  13. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    I wish Vero would play more Brevard teams good competition and in the past had good rivalries with Palm Bay and Merrit Island when they shared the same districts.
  14. Vero vs American Heritage

    Pretty sure that was the running back who dropped it, looked like he was thinking about what he was about to do instead of catching the ball, that would of been a big play if not a TD. Growing pains though replacing a lot of guys on offense they’ll work themselves out hopefully sooner than later.
  15. Vero vs American Heritage

    We also had some huge missed throws last night too, if they would have connected wouldn’t of been close, and I’m not talking about contested catches but over throwing wide open guys, then the times we did hit them it called called back. Really need to work on the discipline. Both the running backs looked good though and I forget the one kids name he’s got some pretty good hands out of the backfield and quick feet.