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  1. Exactly in order to be proven guilty of libel you have to prove without a doubt that what was written caused direct and irrefutable damages to yourself, business or organization. A message board that what maybe a couple hundred people visit that is based on opinions I doubt would hold any water in any court.
  2. @Joshua Wilson he was a board moderator, do you happen to have idea or able to shoot him a personal email? A few of us are honestly concerned as he was an everyday, multiple post, poster that basically disappeared.
  3. Any one know him out side of the board?
  4. #2/#8 Would it be Palm Beach County with Glades Day, Glades Central, Pahokee or possibly Clewiston combo?
  5. Omg bwahaha that was amazing!
  6. Yeaaaaaa tell my 2 year old daughter youre the dominant one, you’ll be making play dough cupcakes in her play kitchen faster then it takes to stand up from telling her that lol. I work 15-16 hour shifts when I’m at work (oilfield) I consider that my break time compared to being home lol.
  7. Lol I will say I used to stream YouTube on my TV to watch the game but on mute and stream the ChrsitianFM broadcast but now he’s grown on me too and I enjoy his color commentary. The guys though on the radio are gold and still listen to them when I can if I’m driving. I remember going to the games as a child and my dad bringing a Walkman to listen to their play by play while watching in the aluminum stands under the press box next to that damn train horn!
  8. Coach just curious couldn’t catch the game last night (honey do list that went until midnight) I did see some comments about some “hiccups” and them maybe getting an extra down or two. Anything to this? Are you guys gonna submit tape to the FHSSA? Not trying to drum up any excuses or drama just honestly wondering as a fan/alum, and not taking anything away from Palmetto they to are a very talented team. Proud of the young men this messed up season they and all schools had, they should be too!
  9. But but but... they’s supposed tone good ‘nuff beat Bama!
  10. Making your own homemade stuff there OSL? Lol Pine Cone Liquor Recipe
  11. Coors Light is my intoxication of choice tonight Jesse, what’s yours buddy?!
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