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  1. State Champions of the Past

    McCarthur? Or something along those lines out of the Ft Piece area maybe?
  2. Chaminade Vs Vero

    I was on that team we weren’t world beaters solid team yes but not great, our ‘02 team I was also on was a much better team. I felt like if we utilized our passing game more that year in ‘02 we could have made it to state instead of getting smacked by Venice in the 3rd round who shut down our Wing T we were running.
  3. Chaminade Vs Vero

    @Ric Flair Curious on your take lol
  4. FloridaHSFootball.com Podcast

    Just curious Josh did you discontinue the podcast with the inception of Under the Lights? Had some traveling to do and went to look at the listing and seen there isn’t any new ones, just curios thanks!
  5. Vero Beach traveling to Viera???

  6. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    I wish Vero would play more Brevard teams good competition and in the past had good rivalries with Palm Bay and Merrit Island when they shared the same districts.
  7. Vero vs American Heritage

    Pretty sure that was the running back who dropped it, looked like he was thinking about what he was about to do instead of catching the ball, that would of been a big play if not a TD. Growing pains though replacing a lot of guys on offense they’ll work themselves out hopefully sooner than later.
  8. Vero vs American Heritage

    We also had some huge missed throws last night too, if they would have connected wouldn’t of been close, and I’m not talking about contested catches but over throwing wide open guys, then the times we did hit them it called called back. Really need to work on the discipline. Both the running backs looked good though and I forget the one kids name he’s got some pretty good hands out of the backfield and quick feet.
  9. Any KOC Games tonight??

    Atlantic 12, Deerfield 10 Palmetto 23, Western 0
  10. Who Is This Legendary FL HS Player? Xavier Lee/Seabreeze

    Seriously though you’d love for everyone to succeed at a higher level in sports, but it’s unrealistic. This is a good example for kids to not just succeed on the field but in the class to so they can have a career outside of football to fall back on, no matter how good they are.
  11. IMG Football Schedule announced 2019

    Don’t believe it’s JV at least for Vero wondering if it’s an 8 man team? Vero Beach besides the main high school also has St Edwards left the FHSAA a few years ago for the Sunshine League as well as a Masters Academy of Vero Beach an 8 man team. I’m thinking it’s an 8 man game and someone just heard Vero Beach and put the main high schools address in. The “school” looks like it’s tiny and ran out of a strip mall I don’t know if there’s any way they could play 11-man football.
  12. Treasure Coast Trivia Question

    I second that guess!
  13. Hillsborough County Changing Mascots

    Fighting Irish, Aztecs, Vikings etc actually quite a few! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_sports_team_and_mascot_names
  14. Online streaming links:

    Post them if you got them! Here is Vero’s: https://www.youtube.com/user/VBHSFootball
  15. Vero Beach 7 Dr Phillips 19 Final

    The most BULLSHIT officiating I’ve seen so far. I normally am not one to complain (or cuss on these boards)or make excuses but this officiating crew is pathetic.
  16. Just curious where you got your rankings from? Hard sell not to have Veros Demarcus Harris on the WR list, back to back 1,000 yard and double digit TD seasons. Committed before the season to KY, But had offers from UM, UF, UCF, TN, VT, BC and a ton others. Here’s his stats below: Catches/yards/tds 2017:43/1001/11 83.4ypg/23.3ypc 2018: 63/1463/16 133ypg/23.2ypc
  17. Vero Beach vs Dr Phillips next week

    O I know I was just tossing a little more fuel into Flairs comments, I do enjoy his commentary and know exactly where he’s coming from lol
  18. Vero Beach vs Dr Phillips next week

    Pretty sure Coach Janikowski is aware of this forum and what’s going on and said about Vero. He after all is the one who was nominating Vero guys for player of the week directly to the site this year.
  19. I currently live in western CO right now in a place called Montrose. Watch them a couple times a year usually including a few years ago when they were state runner ups as well as the better teams in Grand Junction. Most competitive teams in FL would destroy most CO teams I’m certain. A guy I work with played for Cherry Creek HS out here I believe and played at one of the Disney games. He told me they pretty much know they’re going to be given easy win teams from FL and play them for the trip to Disney, football is secondary. It was pretty sad to hear that.
  20. Who Got Screwed This Year in the Playoffs?

    Jensen Beach (6-4) were the 8th seed going into the final week and got jumped by then 10th seed Norland(4-6). They got screwed in the aspect Centenial and Port St Lucie decided to call their game due to lightning. This made Centinial 7-2. Most likely they would of beat PSL and made them a Cat 1 team if I’m correct at 8-2 and given PSL a 5 point bump and they would have made the playoffs. By canceling the game and not making up at a different time or location PSL got screwed out if the playoffs due to the points, they did what they needed to due but got let down by another team the final week.
  21. Playoff Selection Show

    Columbia do you know if there’s any place to actually see the breakdown of points not just brackets? I can’t find that anywhere.
  22. Glades Central @ Pahokee

    Do they have any streams?
  23. Muck Bowl

    I’m pulling for Pahokee (to help Vero’s point standings) but with what’s going on there I’ll take GC by 2 scores something like 31-21 GC, any streams online to watch?
  24. Fort Lauderdale High - A Great Success Story

    Besides Vero who was there other loss to Lion?
  25. 1A Scheduling - Who Are These Teams Playing?

    What about Glades Day, what happenedto them?