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  1. Larry Little High School - Booker T. Washington (Miami, Florida) College - Bethune–Cookman NFL - San Diego Chargers (1967–1968) Miami Dolphins (1969–1980)
  2. Eddie Feely. His assistants were Gerald Odom and Dwight Thomas. "Neon" Leon Bright was one of his famous players.
  3. Does anyone know where Benedictine plays their home games? Looking at Google Earth, all I see is a practice field on campus.
  4. Any word on the date? Neither school has added it to their schedules, yet.
  5. True. It'll be a tough one for them
  6. Wilber Marshall was another Astronaut grad. He played for 2 Super winning teams, Chicago Bears in 1985 & Washington Redskins in 1991.
  7. So, I guess there will be no make-up game for Cocoa on this Bye week? How does that affect them for the play-offs at the end of the year?
  8. They were in the same district then too. Classes only went to 4A. Cocoa was 4A some, during that era. Back then Palm Bay was the newest school in the county, to make up only 10 HS in the county.
  9. It used to be big, at least in the 70s & 80s.
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