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  1. Can You Name These Schools?

    Avon Park Red Devils.
  2. Cocoa 2019 Schedule

    Cocoa posted their 2019 schedule on FB. Aug 16th KICKOFF CLASSIC Bayside Aug 23rd Viera Aug 30th Freedom Bowl @ Milton GA Sept 6th Osceola Sept 13th @ Sebastian River Sept 20th @ Heritage(Palm Bay) Sept 27th Glades Central Oct 4th Daytona Mainland Oct 11th Bye Week Oct 18th @ Venice Oct 25th Holy Trinity Nov 1st @ Rockledge BBQ Bowl
  3. 2019 unofficial schedules

    I saw recently on FB that Cocoa has been invited to play at the Military/Veteran Freedom Bowl Game in Atlanta. The dates are August 29-31. No schedule has been posted yet for the 2019 games, the 2018 games are still on the site.
  4. I believe the proposed changes still apply to 1-4A. 5-8A will still go by district champs, so the above comparison wouldn't apply. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Breakdown of 2018 Public School Playoff Teams by County

    Brevard-Merritt Island* , Rockledge**, Astronaut**.
  6. Cocoa vs Raines

    Congrats to Raines.
  7. Cocoa vs Raines

    Raines, TD
  8. Cocoa vs Raines

    That should do it.
  9. Cocoa vs Raines

    Blocked FG attempt by Cocoa. Cocoa just can't do anything in the Red Zone.
  10. Cocoa vs Raines

    Cocoa fumble.
  11. Cocoa vs Raines

    I may just go ahead and spring for the $9.99. WTH
  12. Cocoa vs Raines

    Spoke to soon, just for 1 minute.
  13. Cocoa vs Raines

    Hey it's free, just checked. Thanks
  14. Cocoa vs Raines

    I got home from work to late to make it worth the cost.
  15. Cocoa vs Raines

    14-7 Raines, 6 min until Half