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  1. Any streams available for tonight's games?
  2. Sante Fe had as many wins as north florida christian
  3. "Overall Columbia turnovers (3) and struggles with stopping the run cost them but as I said earlier nobody in 6a North is as good as Atlantic " So does that include Columbia too lol or are they excluded from that since they always play a "BAD" game when they lose? So Escambia is not as good as Columbia or that just you talking about teams you don't even watch.
  4. Man how we ever survive up in panhandle back in the day, playing on that type of grass. I just think people look for excuses for everything now.
  5. Only an upset to people who don't know nothing about panhandle football.
  6. crestview streams their games on facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheGoodCountry/
  7. They do play Crestview in kickoff game this year though.
  8. You forget Okaloosa County Fort Walton Beach 2 Niceville 1 Choctaw 1 Baker 4 so that makes 8 also
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