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  1. Berkeley's #3 Xavier Townsend is worth the cost of admission.
  2. I blame it on the rain too. Should have been 34-24 Jesuit
  3. Cambridge Christian 39-17 Cambridge Christian 39-17
  4. Former Jesuit QB Kelly, RB Ricky Parks, and DB Jordan Young are currently Gaither students. Although i've heard the rumors too, Steinbrenner RB Silas is not at Gaither so far.
  5. I don't know even where to start.... The 1100 miles i put on sucked so much ass oh my lord. Thank goodness the boys went up the day before. Heard they had a solid walk thru at Pensacola HS day of (big shot out to that staff/admin for allowing us out there) and heard they were loose and ready to go. I said they were a solid team and the more film i watched confirmed that. Their d-line was as advertised and are just a hair behind Armwoods dline imo. Their o-line got better as the game went on and they mauled us 4th quarter. That BEAST of a rb was by far the best back we faced all year. We've been solid against the run all year but he was on a whole nother level from a physicality stand point Friday night. Six picks from our QB. Four the first half. Hard to overcome by any team. Our lack of run game all season imo was our downfall. Live by the pass.....die by the pass. Gators came to play to shut down the pass/screen game and did it well. I haven't seen the tape yet but i cant imagine we ran it more than 10 times all game. 21-7 at the half. At one point i felt the momentum switched after a strip 6 brining the score to i think 28-21 in the 3rd but the wheels fell off shortly after. The officiating....lord have mercy. I think they all went to Escambia HS during the Emmit Smith days b/c it 'felt' very one sided. Id love to hear from anyone that watched it what they thought. We had a clear targeting helmet to helmet in the 3rd or 4th. I was on the same line of sight as the ref. He was maybe 5 yards away. The cowboy player spent the night in the hospital. He fell trying to walk off the field and collapsed shortly after the game. Taken by ambulance to the ER. Another bodyslam after the whistle right in front of the same ref and again no call (that might of happened before the non targeting call i dont remember). Way too many penalties. Some, we were def guilty of but i dont think as many as were thrown. Delay of games/wasted time outs b/c of it (insert vomit emoji) Issue all year. QB runs to the sideline for the call EVERY PLAY!!! SMH Escambia might have played their most complete game all year. We clearly did not and deserved to lose the game. Congrats to those boys and coachs. Ill tell you what though...if they can pull out another game like that, they'll bring it to Central!! This is def not a easy win for Central. They better come prepared b/c them Gators are Chomping right now. Gaither does return 7-8 starters on both sides of the ball so we should be in good shape next year.......But, if any RB's are looking for a change of scenery we got spots open Good luck to everyone still playing.
  6. Was out fishing all day today. Still haven't watched any more tape yet. Ill post my prediction in a couple days.
  7. Headed up the day before. Not sure about Friday night yet.
  8. I've watched a little film looking ahead of Lake Minneola (blow out) and Escambia has a solid team. But nothing I watched we havent seen and STOPED thus far. THEY SURE AS SHIT AINT ARMWOOD! Maybe my opinion will change after more tape but right now i got GAITHER VS CENTRAL in the Final!!!
  9. I was just looking at their stands on google maps....gonna be a tight fit tonight.
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