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  1. Former Jesuit QB Kelly, RB Ricky Parks, and DB Jordan Young are currently Gaither students. Although i've heard the rumors too, Steinbrenner RB Silas is not at Gaither so far.
  2. I don't know even where to start.... The 1100 miles i put on sucked so much ass oh my lord. Thank goodness the boys went up the day before. Heard they had a solid walk thru at Pensacola HS day of (big shot out to that staff/admin for allowing us out there) and heard they were loose and ready to go. I said they were a solid team and the more film i watched confirmed that. Their d-line was as advertised and are just a hair behind Armwoods dline imo. Their o-line got better as the game went on and they mauled us 4th quarter. That BEAST of a rb was by far the best back we faced all ye
  3. Was out fishing all day today. Still haven't watched any more tape yet. Ill post my prediction in a couple days.
  4. Headed up the day before. Not sure about Friday night yet.
  5. I've watched a little film looking ahead of Lake Minneola (blow out) and Escambia has a solid team. But nothing I watched we havent seen and STOPED thus far. THEY SURE AS SHIT AINT ARMWOOD! Maybe my opinion will change after more tape but right now i got GAITHER VS CENTRAL in the Final!!!
  6. I was just looking at their stands on google maps....gonna be a tight fit tonight.
  7. Gaither vs Armwood highlights https://youtu.be/6gZ790yMM-M
  8. So how does Lee match up with Escambia?
  9. Sigh....but facts. And there was a soccer game last night at Gaither (in the rain) as well. Berkley has in my opinion one of the most electric sophomores in the state. Mr. Xavier Townsend! Should be a good game.
  10. Wind wont help either but shouldnt be as windy as last Friday's rain soaked game. Say's 8-10 mph for tomorrow. Last Friday the winds were cookin!
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