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  1. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    New South Broward coach: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/high-school/prep-broward/article223601840.html
  2. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    Columbus' new coach:
  3. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    Didn't even know Miami Senior was looking. Alas, they found a new coach:
  4. Football reclassifications

    Those Dade schools plus Coral Park and maybe 1-2 other schools are going independent and starting a conference I believe. They're trying to go with a north/south division format and the top 2 from each division does a 4 team playoff. Been trying to find something official on it but nothing yet
  5. Transfer season

    2022 QB Georges Daniel transfers to North Miami from Miami Christian.
  6. Football reclassifications

    7A got a lot tougher in my opinion, especially in South Florida. STA will still be the favorite in their district, but Plantation will make them work harder. Then you add Wekiva up north. Going to be very interesting.

    Yeah but the issue is, Deerfield probably isn't one of the teams that is, or should be, happy with that fact. I won't quite put them on the Vero Beach level of playoff fraud, but they're next up.
  8. Indianapolis Colts Sponsor HS Playoffs-How about FL?

    Traveling that far for a first round game just doesn't make sense anymore if you don't have to do it. A team could miss 1 or more likely 2 days of school. Then you have to get hotels for the team, and feed the team. It's not about what they did back in the day, it's more about how they're going to pay for all that. I do agree about football camps that should be free. Or even if you do have camps that you pay for, still have some other free camps.
  9. Indianapolis Colts Sponsor HS Playoffs-How about FL?

    They tried the state finals in Miami, teams from up in the Panhandle didn't like it. Idk about Jacksonville but I'm sure teams on the Gulf coast side wont like it. Tampa would be reasonable but Orlando is much more centrally located. The Dolphins do a lot for the youth/HS community in South FL. Just bc they don't sponsor the playoffs doesn't take away from that
  10. Central vs Carol City Thoughts

    Hard to beat a team twice in one season, especially a rival. When CC won in 2016, they beat Northwestern in the playoffs when the Bulls won the regular season game. But I will say that Central playing all those tough regular season games definitely paid off, at least so far.
  11. Booker T. Washington

    I think the BTW's time as an elite Dade County power is done. They'll be good, but if they're going to keep playing these tough schedules, they're not going to do what they've been doing earlier this decade. Just my opinion. Curious to see what any other people in Dade think?
  12. (8-2) MIAMI CENTRAL @ (8-2) DILLARD

    I think Central will win comfortably, but you're correct about Dillard. They've improved so much, hopefully that continues going into next season.
  13. South Broward Looking for New Coach

    Couldn't be any less surprised. He lost all those kids over the summer because they didn't want to deal with his archaic offensive system. And then the team was awful during the season. Decent talent at the school if you can get them to stay at the school.
  14. Another team possibly in trouble

    Not 7A and not Carol City.