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  1. Dividing schools based on socioeconomics?

    So am I believe that you're saying that no school recruits?
  2. Zachary from Louisiana? They won the state championship in LA's highest classification, not sure why you think DB is gonna roll over them, they have a legit chance to lose. Don't sleep.
  3. 8A Miami Palmetto on the Rise?

    I know Manasco and he had Westland winning 4-5 games a season, that's how I already knew he was a great coach lol. They got some transfers in over the summer to bolster the defense too. They handled Western, I didn't think that would happen. I think Palmetto is a legit state title contender.
  4. Well unless something changed recently, I was coaching the last 3 seasons down in Miami-Dade and my head coach told me that a player can work out at whatever school he wants to during the summer. But once he participates in a practice with a team, that's it. Here's an excerpt from an FHSAA notice of transfer form: "A student who changes schools after initially attending another school is subject to Bylaw 9.3 Transfer Regulations. The student may be ineligible for the remainder of the sport season during which the transfer occurs. However, Bylaw allows the student to transfer to another school prior to the first day of practice in a sport in which the student wishes to participate and maintain his/her eligibility, provided the public school board or private school policies allow the student to transfer and maintain eligibility (reference FS 1006.20)."
  5. Any KOC Games tonight??

    Gulliver Prep beat Barbara Goleman 50-14. I'm surprised at that Palmetto/Western score, although I saw Palmetto's defense did most of the damage. Western's weakness when it comes to the better 8A teams will probably be its offense. Doesn't look like they'll have enough firepower. It won't matter in district play I think, but if they want to beat an STA or advance deep in the playoffs, the offense will have to tighten up bc the defense should be fine.
  6. Western vs Monarch scrimmage

    Moved to Louisiana bro, working as a sports reporter. I enjoy it but I do miss South FL too lol
  7. Yeah like coach said, once you practice for the first time with a team, you can't play for that same sport for another school this fall. The kids have to do what most used to do, which is just make the best of a situation.
  8. Week 1 in Dade/Broward

    I don't live in South FL anymore, but I'll be down there next week and want to catch a game on Friday night if possible. Any that yall would suggest? I could go with the alma mater and see Western play Everglades but I feel like that will be a blowout. Let me know though.
  9. Western vs Monarch scrimmage

    Bruh I graduated from Western in 2006 and I haven't been back in the locker room since. That locker room looks amazing! I'm jealous lol. Anyhow, that Western/Palmetto kickoff classic is gonna be a monster and I wish I could be there to watch it!
  10. BTW has an ad for a head coach up on the FHSAA web site, but at this point you have to just promote from within for at least this season right? Makes no sense to hire a new coach the week of kickoff classics.
  11. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    New South Broward coach: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/high-school/prep-broward/article223601840.html
  12. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    Columbus' new coach:
  13. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    Didn't even know Miami Senior was looking. Alas, they found a new coach:
  14. Football reclassifications

    Those Dade schools plus Coral Park and maybe 1-2 other schools are going independent and starting a conference I believe. They're trying to go with a north/south division format and the top 2 from each division does a 4 team playoff. Been trying to find something official on it but nothing yet
  15. Transfer season

    2022 QB Georges Daniel transfers to North Miami from Miami Christian.