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  1. See for yourself https://www.fhsaa.org/sites/default/files/orig_uploads/sports/football/archives/2000-01/brak3.htm As for St. Thomas, not 100% sure I love my Raiders but I wouldnt lie for them.If your not Cocoa, Miami- Booker T. Washington,Byrnes ,Oxbridge.....even Park Vista. If we played you, we beat you at some point. You might have beaten us be we definitely got you. Armwood is one of those teams
  2. We beat Armwood in 2000 41-15 in playoffs before eventually top Titusville-Astronaut in the 20-10 in the state finals
  3. We beaten both but not sure about St. Thomas in the playoffs. We definitely beat Armwood in the playoffs
  4. DB4 I know how you feel. We say the samething about Glades Central.... Best of luck to you.
  5. This team may be the ABSOLUTE best team Palm Beach Central has produced. I wish them well in the 8A classification, and looking forward to see how well they do.
  6. Last time I checked,Martin County is still on the schedule for Kick of Classic. I didnt here about any changes
  7. Of Course! They better be ready for a war in Ft. Lauderdale! Alot of people my have us counted out, but thats fine. We prefer it that way.
  8. Letting our HC know right away. Im sure he'd be honored to play you guys next year. For now, Good luck to you in the 8A.
  9. Vero Beach can bring it! May the best team win.... We going to do everything in our power to make sure that us.... Just hope Vero does the same!
  10. Understood, But how would you rank the top 64 teams?
  11. Id love to see St. Thomas in the 6A Classification. Im sure they can win there district, but to go every year to the state championship??? with this point system???? To me, it would happen but not as often. Someone from Dade will get them sometimes! Whether its Miami Central, Carol City, or Maimi Northwestern, but knowing St Thomas they will get them too. It would be an all out war for the 6A title!
  12. To be real, Our fans needed that badly! We took some beating over the years. Myself and im sure Muckboy561 can back me up on this. We are happy to have Coach Hester back. We didnt win the big one ,but He's pushing our boys in the right direction not just as players but as men. Raider Pride is back! Lets just hope the fans know we wont win it all, A state title may or may not come but we need to stick with who we have and just be fans! We will one day go back to Claim Palm Beach County Claim our Muck Bowl Trophy Claim our 7th State Champion Why.... BECAUSE W
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