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  1. Yea I get it you want it close for you in North Florida. Man people will drive for a state game.. But since Florida is all about money , n most of the teams be form the south , FAU is a great choice and ppl can make it a weekend trip.. Them games can be at FAU next year and ppl from the north will still drive down.. do yourself a favor, get a DL , rent a car and drive down.. Sounds like you haven’t went out that lake city to Gainesville area..
  2. Has nothing to do with training.. But yes better screening of Police Applicants..
  3. Anything dealing with down south is a no for you.. Oh Well that drive to Orlando didn’t bother me but I know 1 thing if those games can be in south fla next year , them championships games will be on swoll and will be more votes to accommodate ppl who’s traveling from a distance..
  4. Congrats to the winners and the runner ups on a amazing year. All the kids worked hard this year and too bad there can only be 1 winner in each class. Nobody should have their heads down.
  5. Welp we didn’t ask you to lmao.. but your right they finally got one..
  6. Yup. But this the year i wish it was in Orlando. I wouldve been up there the whole weekend withe the Whole city like Dillard would say lol. That was the big topic in the stands last night. Orlando wouldve made some money!
  7. i know why they got destroyed also but we aint here still crabbing about it. I didnt even here nobody claiming Da West was elite this year. But you know Florida schools dont buck nobody even tho we got no buisness playing them. You know how we are epescially from down here.
  8. Facts and i would argue Palmetto had the team to beat Central.
  9. Oh not a cheap shot lol. But im pretty sure you know where im coming from. Weve both seen dominating teams. Both Da West and Central arent that dominating imo this year. My boy coach oline at Da West. Coach Tee.
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