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  1. True and we scheduled home and home games against Lake Gibson the two years before that.
  2. Equally ironic, that Mandarin accomplished that against us just last year!
  3. Thanks for the play by play SPY - couldn't log in to the forum on my phone. Second game in a row. Anyhow, full capacity on home side (this is effectively a home game for Columbus) so about 3k fans there proably close to half that on Deerfield side - an hour drive for them. Columbus fans tailgating early and the weather was beautiful but a pretty strong breeze most of the game made for some ugly punting and possibly contributed a bit to a missed FG by the Bucs. Columbus looked strong early on both sides of the ball. Some momentum shifted in the 2nd quarter when the Buc's offense got going. Penalties on both sides helped swing momentum. Bucs probably got the worst of it though. One play in particular stood out with a apparent TD called back on what should have been pass interference on the Explorers but ended up being called back on an ineligible receiver call for the Bucs. Overall, some replays from last year - multiple weak penalties (encroachment mostly) committed by Bucs and a couple untimely INT's really took the wind out of their offensive sails. That said, Bucs offense found success with a bubble screen and stayed in the game all second half. But the Columbus D was tough. At least twice Deerfield got inside the 5 and came away with nothing. The last two games it is clear that Columbus is playing some inspired football. I saw it against Western when Courtney Holmes, a real tough kid and inspiration was supercharged from play one. That carried over for the rest of the game. After that game, during prayer on the field it was clear from the talk that these boys believed they could win it all. Today, the first post on Henry Parish's twitter account right after the game was to his late friend and teammate Ari Arteaga - "We finishing the job, Ari!" These boys have a lot to play for and are on a redemption mission now. I was not convinced coming into Western, but I was feeling much more confident going into this game. I privately told one of my coach friends, before the game - the winner here today should take it all. He agreed. I'm hoping I'm right.
  4. Headed to the field now - will try to update.
  5. Tropical Park has an event there called Santa's Enchanted Forrest in the evenings during the holiday season. Parking and traffic would be a nightmare otherwise.
  6. So next Friday it's a Columbus vs Deerfield repeat Regional from last season - luckily a home game for Columbus this year. Looks like it may be an afternoon game.
  7. Graduated a lot of pounds on our O-Line last year. Kids played their heart out for Merritt's last season and for a junior who passed away over the summer. They were on a mission. This year, new coach, shaky special teams, and no fire in the belly. Hope to see that this Thursday or the state run is gonna end in Westchester.
  8. Western has been thrashing their opponents with solid play on both sides of the ball. Offense is lighting it up with six running clocks and outscoring opponents 476-64. A few trash teams but impressive win against Palmetto and a 5-pt loss against a solid University School common opponent which clocked Columbus this year 35-0. Their defense has been lights out except for the STA game, recording 6 shutouts. My Explorers on the other hand have had a solid season but performed well-below the initial hype in August. New coach, some lack of true leadership on the field, rare kicking woes (against Dillard in particular LOL!) and way too many penalties for an Explorer team. Starting QB hasn't progressed much if at all this year, new sophomore QB getting lots of reps because of it. Losses against BTW and U School are forgivable, but the blow outs in those games weren't. Defense just quit. They've got the tools offensively, but D is really suspect this year. I see an exciting, high scoring game, and I'm not counting my Explorers out. That said, I think if Western gets out early, it could get ugly. I seen us fold once that happened twice this season The defense better get ready to play 4 quarters. Prediction: 41-30, bad guys.
  9. Didn't know that - maybe it's their time. They just have had a string of bad luck making out of the first two rounds. Last year they were comparable if not better than Columbus on paper, and they fell apart in that game: dropped TD passes, massive penalties in the first half and at least two pick 6 maybe 3 To's in all - all on their home field. I'm not saying they can't pull it off, they CAN. but Coach Glenn can't have a showing like that against Vero. I think this years team is actually better than the one Columbus beat last year. And Columbus is worse!
  10. Dillard is right though - consistently one of the top talent programs in South Florida with lackluster coaching. Their offense is serious legit if they could just stay disciplined. Check out this offense. Only struggles against sol'd SJ (DC) and STA teams with a Kickoff loss against Carol City in mid August. Jaylon Knighton, (4-star FSU commit - no. 3 running back for 2020 overall) Aydin Henningham (Pittsburgh Panthers commit.) Xavier Restrepo, (3-star receiver Hurricanes ATH) Bryce Gowdy (3-star receiver GTech commit) Deajaun McDougle (3-star receiver Maryland commit). Woody Jean (3-star O-line Arizona commit) and TWO D1 QB's - Derohn King (Southern Miss commit),and Michael Pratt (Tulane commit)
  11. Western hasn't played a super tough schedule, so maybe that's why they were considered such underdogs against a powerful Palmetto attack. But Western's O is legit and the defense is tough. The scored 43 on SD's stingy defense, scored 72+ pts twice and have 6 shutouts - all of them, running clocks. their two loses were to STA (Legit) and a tough 1 possession loss to a solid University squad (a team that clocked Columbus earlier this season). They are a solid team, and Columbus will have to play WAAAAY better defensively - and much more disciplined - than they did last night to have a shot.
  12. Miami Columbus 35 Lehigh 0 Surprised this game actually happened with the weather being so ugly all day down here. Running clock in the first half, 2s and 3s in for entire 2nd. Lehigh not much of an opponent vs the Explorers at home. Good news is the Explorer quarterback battle is real and should provide at least an adequate dual threat play caller next year, and more importantly someone to get the ball in the hands of either Norris or little Henderson. These 2 receivers are the real deal. Although some big playmakers were are lost over the past two seasons overall, there may not be much of a drop off next season on either side of the ball. At least based on this brief outing. Just gonna be a hell of and out of district schedule .
  13. Looks like Columbus will have an identical schedule as last year, still playing BTW and NW to keep it real non district. Gonna get real right quick with a kickoff pre-season @ Chaminade.
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