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  1. Daytona Mainland tops St Augustine and Jax Mandarin

    He will be a backup qb. He is actually play db this year. Beck was at the game, just didn't play.
  2. True. Meanwhile, 6'2 and 6'3 receivers getting offers as juniors with 300 yards on the year strictly on measurables.
  3. Definitely not that
  4. Definitely not that.....
  5. Absolute travesty. My son play defense on the team so I got to see it live every week. He is completely unstoppable. Nice at pg on the court too.
  6. Who Is Deeper in 8A, South Florida or Orlando?

    I thought there was a rumor of some kickoff classic with mandarin and a ranked team. I have heard no details though.
  7. Who Is Deeper in 8A, South Florida or Orlando?

    Best D my Mandarin team faced all year along with Raines. However, i have no clue how much Wekiva is returning because they had alot of senior key pieces like Mandarin did.
  8. Who Is Deeper in 8A, South Florida or Orlando?

    Oh ok i gotcha. After the new changes, North Florida has gotten more teams in the mix in 8A for this upcoming season. Hopefully that can continue as well.
  9. Who Is Deeper in 8A, South Florida or Orlando?

    I think Wekiva is now 7A this year
  10. Coaches with quick state appearances?

    Bobby Ramsay. Mandarin. Took over in 2017 I believe. Won title in 2018.
  11. Mandarin Situation Is Disappointing

    It's not apples to apples though. Jacksonville is huge and spread out. We have 20 high schools not including the private schools. The talent is so dispersed. It is much harder to have all "home grown" talent like a school like apopka, who before wekiva, got all the players in the area. Especially when it comes to 6-8A. The student body may be huge, but that doesn't mean alot of those kids play sports. I speak from experience as my son starts on d for Mandarin and is a non transfer junior. Most cases up here, one or 2 transfers usually does not have this kind of impact.
  12. Class 8A title game Mandarin vs Columbus

    Yes I agree. I dont see Columbus O getting shut down. Mandarin just needs to get enough stops. Have to force the Columbus qb to throw down field. Doesn't seem like his forte. Looks like they would prefer to run, screen, option, and slant you to death.
  13. So i saw this on facebook and wanted people opinion of it

    I have to agree Schedule wise for Lee and Mandarin. I think as it stands this year, those teams can hold there own against most schools. This year was big for Mandarin as I expect kids to begin flooding the transfer list for football again now. A few head coach transitions hurt them. I think this coach has stabilized things.
  14. Cocoa vs Raines

    True. I already sprung 80.00 for the fam to come see Mandarin Saturday.