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  1. Supposedly Columbus lost alot. Not nearly as much as Mandarin did but what they lost was some key line pieces from what i have been told. They keep winning though so maybe they pulled it together.
  2. Dang. I know the feeling. We lost 18 senior starters. Looked completely inexperienced at times. We left Receivers wide open etc. It was ridiculous.
  3. I thought u guys would be the team to beat this year. That title game last year could have gone either way.
  4. Very true. Line backers and strong safeties are their strength. Two just left the house with a breakdown of what defense they are running tonight. Hopefully the inexperience doesn't ceeep its head up and we have a great battle by both sides.
  5. And bartram is the other one. A school 15 minutes away from Mandarin.
  6. Should be good. I know nothing about Seminole other than what my son is watching on film. Playing oakleaf and sandalwood can help since those teams have super fast qbs with big arms like Seminole has. All i see is Seminole running every team off the field. Scary fast.....like we were last year.
  7. For me i just want my team tested. Otherwise when u get hit in the mouth in the playoffs after whipping everyone, u may or may not be able to respond. We ran into that last year against some favorites we played. In fairness, this is a 80% different starting lineup. Most got no pt last year so i have no idea how they will respond under the bright lights. Strength are the returners on defense which are the 4 LB/rovers. Really good. D line thin. Cbs young. Oline playing better but inexperienced also. Power back out with concussion i found out. Carson locked in last 4 games. So it is a guessing game for me. I think it will be a good game though.
  8. Haven't seen st Augustine since spring. Mandarin played Lee. Defense is even better than when we played them. Columbia fan spot on about the qb though. They have athletes on offense to help throw in wrinkles for him though
  9. Mandarin final 3 games of regular season last year. 34-33 win over spruce. 39-34 win over flagler palmcoast. Loss. 27-20 to fletcher. Would u say that is about the same thing as this year? Do u not think we hit our stride last year? Can't be concerned with blowouts. Have to be concerned with learning how to win when things are not going perfect imo. Especially when u have an inexperienced team.
  10. This is why u have to watch the games. Sandalwood is a very good offense. We gave up a punt return. And carson fumbled in the endzone and they fell on it. Defense only gave up 14. Ed white was a flat game. Happens to high schoolers. Was blowing out oakleaf 28-7 and d coordinator went into a prevent style. Should have been a blow out. Fletcher has a potent offense which features a 2000 yard rb. Nobody stopped their offense once they hit there stride 6 weeks ago. Oakleaf, sandalwood, and fletcher would beat many of the teams in. Mid florida. But like last year. We were picked to lose every playoff game because people dont realized how good the teams are we are beating. Regardless of record. Guess we have to prove it again. Blowing out bad teams like some teams are doing should not be your basis on if a team is a good team or not and hitting their stride. Sandalwood is loaded. Alabama commit, two fsu commit. Oakleaf 2 Miami commits. Fletcher has sec olinemen. Rb will go where he wants. Penn st franklin was at the game looking at fletcher guys also. Dont get caught up in records.
  11. He is more fundamentally good than being an overall elite qb in the traditional sense. Bartram is coached well and makes few mistakes. I wish Mandarin could have faced them late in the year vs early. Too inexperienced at the time with 18 new starters. Different team now. Peaking at the right time again.
  12. Unfortunately i don't knownif Mandarin power back is playing.
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