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  1. Gibbons didn't look inferior Friday night. But I don't think anyone outside of Gibbons players or family members thought Gibbons would win. Most college coaches will tell you there is more talent on STA's squad than Gibbon's squad. I think the Gibbons / STA game was an upset !!!!
  2. I heard ! I'm not sure if it's a step up
  3. The cypress Bay coach resigned already ?
  4. Have either the West Broward or Piper jobs been filled ? Those jobs opened up 3 weeks (?) ago or more. That is a long time ! If neither of those jobs have been filled I imagine a ton of kids would have transferred out by now
  5. Rumor has it that David Coleman at Piper resigned yesterday
  6. Mike Rumph Become head coach at American Heritage in 2013, won a state title 2013. Pat Surtain became head coach at American Heritage in 2016, won a state title in 2016. Dameon Jones became head coach at Chaminade in 2016, went to state in 2016, won in 2017.
  7. Point taken but EVERYONE is recruiting now ! Yes all 3 have more to offer than your typical school but EVERYONE is recruiting !
  8. Chaminade should have a field day with King's Academy. From what I read Gibbons should beat North Marion and I will pick STA to beat Lakeland. That would be three State champions from Broward County ! Impressive !
  9. That's the big thing at any school, keeping your kids. They transfer left and right. The coach who losses them has to work hard to maintain a stable team environment, the coach who gets the kids spends a whole lot of time trying to get his new kids to do things 'our way". It's not uncommon for kids to change schools 3 times in a high school career. Does not do the kid nor the program(s) justice
  10. They both can ball! They play 10 times i think each wins 5.
  11. Either way I think Carol City will beat Central in probably the best game all year!!! I'll say Carol City by one in multiple overtimes!
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