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  1. FishBowl

    Host team

    The point system causes more confusion in my opinion. It was nice to see Norland and Northwestern in, but neither should have been in the playoffs.
  2. FishBowl

    Host team

    Don't quote me, but I thought the district winner would have it over the points. Like Dillard won district and Central had to travel. Even though Central had more points.
  3. No points needed. How about the winner moves on. Stop changing the districts.
  4. FishBowl

    2018 schedules

    Well said brother.
  5. Wow,hope for a good outcome. Must be a bad feeling for Jones High. Watching so many schools play for a championship right down the street from your school.
  6. It says he's at Central. I saw him there and his fathers the QB coach.
  7. Who knows. There was some riff with the QB situation. I wouldn't be surprised if Miramar gets some.
  8. It may not be a loaded roster for too long with HC, OC, and DC leaving. I expect a mass exodus.
  9. Jackson backed out of the game. They were in.
  10. Isn't that what Daytona wanted to do first. If so the process is shady.
  11. Tonight, Im not far from the stadium. Its raining,thunder and lightning. We'll see.
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