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  1. Terrible season for Dillard. Hype Hype Hype! All that preseason hype and nothing but disappointment and excuses all season. Dillard had over 15 players transfer in and people were calling them the Dillard (Deerfield) Bucks. All we got was a bad display of football week in and week out. Dillard probably leads the nation in penalties. Until Dillard PROVES they are a top tier program on the field....I hope their fan base relax in the preseason and on social media. Dillard continues to be who we thought they are. An overrated, undisciplined, and poorly coached team. Congrats to Ely and the Pompano community. Their head coach should be the South Florida coach of the year for turning that program around. Best wishes to them versus STA.
  2. Great question. Right now I would give the slight edge to Miami Central. Miami Central defense is better and more physical than Chaminade defense in my opinion. On the other hand I think Chaminade's offense is better. Central's special team's return game is better because #2 can take it to the house anytime he touches. I think the game would come down to who makes the least amount of penalties and mental mistakes. Both teams are prone to penalties from what I seen when I watched each time play.
  3. I was at the game last night. Central just on another level than Dillard. Game could have easily been 28-7 at halftime central way if #10 from central would not have dropped those 2 deep bombs. Dillard did fumble on the goal line but they got down there after a questionable personal foul call when central hurt #6 from Dillard. No excuses about the rain. It rained at the end of the 2nd qtr and the end of the 4th qtr when the game was out of reach. And the rain actually helped stop one of central redzone drives at the end of the second qtr. Dillard players seemed like they quit after central returned the punt for a touchdown in the 3rd qtr. Dillard was beat in all three phases of the game. The only thing that slowed central down was countless holding penalties and false starts on offense. Central defense were extremely physical all night. Central is NATIONAL POWERHOUSE PROGRAM. Dillard is a solid south florida team with alot of talented players. But I don't think their a state powerhouse and nowhere near a national powerhouse. I would put them in the same category as Western, Gulliver and Homestead.
  4. The kids I train are from dade and broward and they never beef. They support each other even though they attend different schools (sometimes rival schools). Now it's different when their teams play that week. But a lot these kids play on the same 7 on 7 teams and train in the offseason together. I agree that the kids down here are built different and a lot times they see football as their only way out. Which to me is a gift and a curse.
  5. Jon Jon #22 the running back who transferred from Chaminade. The one who scored twice against btw.
  6. Bro come on! This is a new error of kids. They play between both counties. Central has plenty of kids from Broward and the west has kids from Broward as well. STA, CM and Hertiage has kids from Dade. Who cares. It's been like that since little league when kids from dade would play in the AYFL (Broward) for better coaching. And kids from Broward go play for the Flo league (Dade). This Dade vs Broward rival is so early 2000's and before era. This a new era .
  7. I was at the game last night and against rock creek last week. Last week against rock creek Dillard had numerous of penalties. Probably over 130 yards worth. It was the same undisciplined football team again last night. Dillard scored on the first play of the game and it was a clear holding call the ref missed on the LB that freed the runner (video all over the internet). On the fumble play you're complaining about, it was a clear personal foul face masking penalty before the runner was strapped of the ball, that's why the Lions regained possession. If you are a TRUE Dillard fan then you know Dillard always have several penalties in big games. Dillard jumped off sides like 8 times last night. Dillard had several unsportsmanlike penalties for taunting after the play. And their offensive line had several holding penalties as always. You got away with the penalties against a second year program in Rock Creek. But Dillard won't have a chance to beat any of the S. Florida powerhouses with so many penalties. Both teams had several penalties, making the game long and boring at times. Also Chaminade gave Dillard several first downs on taunting penalties on 4th down. But all those drives stalled with terrible play calling. Other than that first TD and the other long TD by #2, Dillard offense was awful and the defense looked out of shape and lost at times. Dillard has the talent, especially on the DL and offensive skill positions. But they need to put it together asap. Overall Chaminade is just a better team than Dillard and are use to playing in big games.
  8. Refs made bad calls both ways. But the're human. Ref's had a questionable call that called Chaminade's 1st TD back and Dillard benefitted by getting a 98 yard pick 6 from the 2 yard line. Game probably should have been worst then it was. Dillard needs to regroup fast. They have alot of talent but they are not on Chaminade level.
  9. Well this be a good matchup for Chaminade vs St. Johns? What do St. Johns bring back? I heard Cardinal Gibbons, STA and Western are also participating in the this event. Do you know the matchups that are scheduled so far @nolebull813?
  10. Great to hear and that should be a good game. Coach Tate is doing a great job building up Dillard. I don't think coach Tate is in any rush to play a national schedule this year. I think he will start this year by playing some State powerhouses then progress to playing a National schedule the following year. Kids want to play for coach Tate. Dillard admin hit gold with their last two head coach hiring. Coach Tate is working hard with the college recruiters as well as the Dillard community. That's why alot of the Dillard alum are bringing their kids back to play for Dillard again. Coach Tate is building a fence around Dillard and they should be a force moving forward.
  11. 954 All day! It was a great game for the kids. Yes Coach Tate was the Head Coach. Coach Macho was on the defensive staff but the DC was the DC from Chaminade coach Joe. Broward looked good. Hope the game happens again next year.
  12. Cent has alot of Broward kids on their roster too. It go both ways. Cent always has kids from Broward on their roster. Gulliver has kids from Broward and so does the West. The kids these days play cross county all the time. American Hertiage has kids from dade. All the Dade vs Broward stuff is in the past. Cent is a better state powerhouse and STA is the better national power house in my opinion. I would pick Cent over STA in a head up game. But against out of state national powerhouses I think STA plays and is coached better.
  13. So it's okay for kids to transfer from Deerfield to Dillard because Dillard is a public school. But it's unfair if kids transfer from Deerfield to a private school?
  14. Zion never went to Dillard. Zion is from Miami and played for the foreign boyz 13u. Zion has been at STA all 4 years. The year Eddie took Dillard to the 3rd round of the playoffs, he had a team full of transfers including the star QB and WR. Just couldn't passed Central.
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