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  1. Well this be a good matchup for Chaminade vs St. Johns? What do St. Johns bring back? I heard Cardinal Gibbons, STA and Western are also participating in the this event. Do you know the matchups that are scheduled so far @nolebull813?
  2. Great to hear and that should be a good game. Coach Tate is doing a great job building up Dillard. I don't think coach Tate is in any rush to play a national schedule this year. I think he will start this year by playing some State powerhouses then progress to playing a National schedule the following year. Kids want to play for coach Tate. Dillard admin hit gold with their last two head coach hiring. Coach Tate is working hard with the college recruiters as well as the Dillard community. That's why alot of the Dillard alum are bringing their kids back to play for Dillard again. Coach Tate is building a fence around Dillard and they should be a force moving forward.
  3. 954 All day! It was a great game for the kids. Yes Coach Tate was the Head Coach. Coach Macho was on the defensive staff but the DC was the DC from Chaminade coach Joe. Broward looked good. Hope the game happens again next year.
  4. Cent has alot of Broward kids on their roster too. It go both ways. Cent always has kids from Broward on their roster. Gulliver has kids from Broward and so does the West. The kids these days play cross county all the time. American Hertiage has kids from dade. All the Dade vs Broward stuff is in the past. Cent is a better state powerhouse and STA is the better national power house in my opinion. I would pick Cent over STA in a head up game. But against out of state national powerhouses I think STA plays and is coached better.
  5. So it's okay for kids to transfer from Deerfield to Dillard because Dillard is a public school. But it's unfair if kids transfer from Deerfield to a private school?
  6. Zion never went to Dillard. Zion is from Miami and played for the foreign boyz 13u. Zion has been at STA all 4 years. The year Eddie took Dillard to the 3rd round of the playoffs, he had a team full of transfers including the star QB and WR. Just couldn't passed Central.
  7. Dillard got three transfers in this past week. Dillard always get transfers. Don't throw rocks at a glass house. Dillard problem is playing and winning the big ball games.
  8. You don't have to play an out of state team to have a competitive schedule. Venice does a good job putting together a tough schedule yearly. The same goes for Columbus, Northwestern, Chaminade, Cocoa, Central, American Hertiage and Gibbons to name a few others. Dillard is in South Florida so it should not be hard to schedule quality opponents and I'm not talking about Miramar or Plantation. South Florida is full of state Champs and teams that make it to the state semis yearly. So having 3-4 of those teams on year schedule should prepare you for the playoffs. Recruiting in South Florida.... kids and their parents first choice is usually between STA, Central, American Hertiage, Gibbons, Chaminade, Northwestern and Columbus (no order). Parents are knocking the doors down to get in those school. Stop acting like those school have to recruit, they are a brand. They are usually turning kids away. Kids want to play for championships and kids also like schools that get a lot of attention. Also those schools have stability with their coaching staff. Most other schools in South Florida have a high turnover rate with the head coaches and staff which makes it hard to trust the process.
  9. Thanks @THIS_IS_DILLARD! Try to keep your head up. Coaches definitely should have had multiple towels to try to keep the ball dry. All in all Dillard had a great season and one of the best defenses in the state. 8 shutouts in 12 games is unheard of. So hats off to that.
  10. @THIS_IS_DILLARDdid Dillard try to get #2 Montimer the ball? I know he is elite player.
  11. Turnovers, penalties, looking ahead to STA is what doomed Dillard. Homestead also has some ballers. Good season and good luck next year Dillard. You have alot of talent that comes back. Good luck to Homestead next week.
  12. Rumor mill and allegations. He never was going to be fired and that's a fact. He was going to get suspended. Maybe you should ask Rocky Gillis since you like to report Broward County news. But I'm going to let you believe what you want. I stand by what I stated. Btw he does have health issues and was dealing with family issues. I'm not defending his actions versus Dillard because it was wrong.
  13. Coach Glenn or Big Phife is a good man and a very respected man in the community. He has put several young men in college. And not just D1....but every level. He runs circles around every public school in Broward County with putting kids in school. Wish you had a chance to meet him instead of posting hearsay about him. Stop only caring about wins and losses. Care about a coach that's changing young men lives in the community on and off the field. I would love to see him at Ely. The soul bowl would start being competitive again.
  14. On what boards have the homestead fans been talking? All I seen on Cribmedia live was Dillard talking. Talking negative on Deerfield and Chaminade too. I like Dillard to win this game by 10+ points if DE Kelly plays. Homestead has some solid skills positions and they have two DL men that are monsters. But I believe Dillard's defense and speed will be to much for Homestead. Best of luck to all the SF teams.
  15. Two good defenses. American Hertiage QB has been out since getting injured versus St. Thomas. Central offense has been clicking lately. I will take Central in a hard fought game.
  16. Ely has lost most of their talent to Gibbons, Deerfield, Coconut Creek and other schools. They need a coach that the Pompano community believe in.
  17. Soul bowl in Broward and Dade has fell off. Dillard will have a running clock early and hopefully gets out the game with no injuries. Few people have been excited about the soul bowl these past years.
  18. 8A is the deeper class in my opinion followed by 7A. STA, Dillard, Miramar and Homestead in 7a region 4 should be interesting. With the news just breaking that the 4a-8a state championships will be played at the old Lockhart stadium in Fort Lauderdale. That would be huge if Dillard can make it to state and play in their old home stadium.
  19. Good win Dillard! Trap games are always tough. At the end of the day they won the game.
  20. If Northwestern lose to the Rockets again tonight then you should drop them. Tiger (NW qb) has all his WR's tonight so let's see how this plays out. Northwestern defense has took a step back but coach Max will have them ready to play tonight.
  21. Bro get your facts right. STA played Western at STA. Western played a solid game against STA too! Showed up and lost though. Moral Victories again.
  22. I agree with you! I was rooting for Dillard to win as well! Dillard can beat STA. It's hard to beat a team twice.
  23. Rankings are opinions! I live in SF and go to all the big dog games. I have not seen Dillard beat a big dog. Just alot moral victories. These teams have beat big dogs in the last two years. CENT, STA, Chaminade, Gibbons, Hertiage and the West. And they schedule tough opponents. Levels to this. But we are waiting on Dillard to bring home a FHSAA state championship. It will make the community so proud.
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