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  1. If our better halfs are not smarter than us than we did the picking wrong Rest in Peace to your late wife good sir.
  2. Jambun.... Please do us all a favor and not do this again... You 100% have the right to ask someone not to speak to you on a public message forum... unfortunately much when you asked me that person 100% has the right to ignore your wishes and continue to talk, respond, talk isht, and troll to the person... As a matter of fact and I am sure with the younger fella it will be even more of a urge that invites that person to troll respond to you.... It did with me I admit it. I would say just "ignore" that persons posts... You cannot control what other folks post but you can easily control wh
  3. Sorry to hear that as well, I have an aunt in a similar situation right now and currently in ICU with Pneumonia as a by product of COVID.
  4. Yes perhaps 2nd "Man" but that would be to Perspective, plus my wife will tell you any day she is smarter than me so your dropping down that totem pole LMAO
  5. Ehhhh this post is sort of grayish as politics goes but he aint a mod anymore so he don't really GAF LMAO
  6. Now this really might be defamation insinuating he works for Morgan and Morgan which could certainly damage his image/reputation. Perspective do I need to call the Turk to represent you?
  7. This was like a Neutral observer story only shorter and much more hilarious LMAO
  8. Well its clearly a false statement so lets start there
  9. Yes I will make the Turkey call next time I speak to him which would probably be about exposing frauds in our HSFB network (more details later). I like how Perspective deflects to someone else while then putting on a dissertation that makes him seem like a tenured professor in the subject LOL. That is why he is my "go to" guy for just about everything LOL.
  10. I don't believe there is grounds for there to be a lawsuit against anonymous poster "Peezy28, or Jambun, or Perspective, or FloridaHSFootball." I think perhaps they could "try" to sue Josh but that is like me trying to sue Facebook for one of its posters making an false statement about me. This was a scare tactic and essentially them trying to throw their weight around... IMO. If only there were someone that knew the law who could tell me if I were right or wrong here @Perspective
  11. I believe the missing part was there was an accusation from a poster about STA boosters paying players... I think is what sent STA Brass over the edge to start threatening law suits and such.
  12. This sounds alot like a perspective from a guy who knows his way with words and laws LMAO.
  13. I missed it too. But if you read the pinned thread it will give you the jist of it.
  14. They tried to pull that Lawsuit BS on me a few years back I called their bluff and was ready to mess their whole day up if they were doing more than bluffing.
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