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  1. They don't call him the Sexy Beast for nothing
  2. Interesting to know Bolles is back.
  3. Wow negative 58 that's crazy. I don't know how good Bolles is this year but yeah Tigers need to go back to the lab
  4. See man... Columbia got to put it together to get that statewide respect... don't be offended when folks aren't seeing them as a title contender when they have games like this...
  5. LOL yeah not during game but all day leading up
  6. Lol both teams had to deal with the rain don't hate lol
  7. Jesuit may have pulled it off!!!! But 9 seconds is a lonnnggggg time for STA with a short field
  8. What you pointed out was rankings and transfers. I am saying that doesn't matter right now. After week 7 it may make sense but those are not sure fire indicators of talent down south.
  9. Okay Hunter... You my boy and I hate to do this to you but I got to... I have forgotten FL HS football than you know bro.... There is a lot of underlying things in every corner of the state that until you get out of your corner in Lake city and off your computer and explore these areas teams and communities you just won't know... You can run all the metrics stats and rankings you want it won't equate to those in person personal experiences... Like you cannot know what the homefield advantage is for a team like Belle Glades until you have actually been to Belle Glades. That is an example. Not gonna go back and forth with ya on this. Get out there with an OPEN MIND and report back.
  10. If you know Florida football then you know for the Bulls that is a sign... the Community knows whats up long before anyone else does. If they arent packing the stands the product the Bulls will put out this year may not be up to the bar and they know it.
  11. You proved my point by proving your point... Don't trust ranking services.
  12. 247 Is marginal at best on a good year... COVID year!?!?! Yeah he's right you can't say how good a team is based on history (that just let's you know they've done and can do it again) but you also can't base how good a team is going to be based on their players 247 profiles/rankings.
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