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  1. Can't win it all because I just started but I can try to whoop your tails week to week American Heritage Tampa Catholic (3-0) Bloomingdale Bishop McLaughlin (3-0) Charlotte Clearwater (1-2) Fleming Island (3-0) Edgewater (1-1) Trinity Catholic (2-0) Treasure Coast (3-0
  2. I work for one of the main Vaccine developers and there will be one soon. Was originally planned for November 1 but I believe it will be by end of the year.
  3. Well it still stands COVID was fairly new... Americans still were in denial (still are really) and they didnt have their ducks in a row.
  4. A. they didnt have their ducks in a row and B. Spring football just wasnt as important.
  5. Yeah but that is more of a pipe dream... Logistically you have to change everything and we know Hillsborough county isnt quite good at things like that.
  6. I would just say postpone it.. Nothing is gained and no true test of the 2 teams without the linemen involved. Also there is a completely different rule set. I hadnt seen that yet I wonder if John Kelly is one of the ones under quarantine sucks for him he has a big family at home.
  7. We aren't in the south (as in dade broward) and our numbers are not as high as other urban counties. I get it though just saying perhaps their information was incorrect. You can get the virus from any team anywhere...
  8. Osceola, yeah they would have beat East Lake likely. Tough nosed teams typically have an edge on the likes of them. But they would have beat East Lake even with the coaches son at QB.
  9. Nah man that hurt but the Dwyer loss was IT East Lake with 5 division 1 power 5 players would have won a state title vs Niceville just as easy as Dwyer did. It unfortunately was horrible coaching decisions in OT IMO that cost them the game..... I made some disparaging remarks regarding it that were public that I think coach has held a grudge on since.
  10. LMAO I am not sure WAVEBB has the temperament to deal with one such like her.
  11. Dang so that just happened or been and just finding out?
  12. I was thinking the same thing LOL. But he said he was a Freshman so maybe he hits his growth spurt in a year or 2 and he is... 6.0 190lbs or something... Hopefully he trains hard and gets that 4.6 down to a 4.4 or 4.5 and I am guessing he has quick feet and good vision... I never seen the kid I a just guessing coming from a Madison fan who has seen a great number of really good RBs they are really seeing something special in the kid and not just being a homer. Remember some years back when a guy came on FLV saying "He had a kid who was going to be better than Noel Devine" Then he posted
  13. He was on this board under a different name for a while
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