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  1. Excuse my ignorance, but is he the original Booker T Williams the school is named after?
  2. See if yall can access this link for Dan's picture. The picture will show small in the left corner but if you tap it, it will open up and can see Dans 1920 picture on the BCC Pussycats and his teammates. Xavier Lee dad is big 72... I will not reveal which one is Dan but it won't be hard to figure out and if you choose wrong he gonna run down on you like some ATK vs KTA isht beef. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/6sdeC5bnP0h0
  3. Yes and I'm absolutely not telling lol. Folks like their anonymity.
  4. Yup there's some current and former coaches on here for sure
  5. I can neither confirm or deny this assertation.
  6. Jam has found commonality with several of us board folks and IMO is now more easy going and opening up... So you may get some good jabs from him now. @Jambun82 I got to give props this one was EPIC... Called ole dan an old fart and made him go google it to find out just how bad it was LMAO.
  7. Send me the pick and I will try to post it for you. You got my info.
  8. MEAC is dying, financially I think it was a good move. Sucks to lose the rivalries but we can still schedule them. FAMUAN here from the highest of 7 hills we will Strike, Strike and Strike again! If you didn't already know
  9. Being popular belief there are a lot of highly intelligent highly degreed and highly wealthy in the $$$, life, and job categories on these boards and others.... Its not just a bunch of backwater fans, coaches and parents. Not to confirm or deny but we do have several Lawyers, Drs, professors, scientists etc who have frequented these boards over the years.
  10. This is also the kid who calls Me the N Word during online gaming LOL. (Not Columbiafan the kid in the pic)
  11. YOU CRAP HOLE Piece of POO, INGRATE MOFO! There I fulfilled the last part for you. Now to the rest of it I totally agree with you and I gain lots of amusement by the general butthurtedness of people over message board beef.
  12. Absolutely its DIVE, and EVADE, then RISE to OT11 offense and destroy Xenu Defense
  13. By way of rankings accuracy this is pretty good @badbird
  14. Yup Drogo said all needs to be said. Not much depth but much foreign talent and they will get a few good ones from our area here and there and they are affiliated with Scientology (not calling them a church lol)
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