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  1. Willie must go...

    This is actually true but only considering their small population in relation to the amount of people they have in the NFL or at BYU LMAO.
  2. Willie must go...

    I aint turning this into a race thing (maybe too late) but There are a few states in the US I would not want to spend more than a day or 2... Bama and Mississippi lead that...
  3. Willie must go...

    If you show me a Patriot squad that won a Superbowl without the help of black Athletes I will Cashapp a thousand dollars for ever white boy on the team right now. How about this take ALLL the black players off of Tommy and Bills team and see where they end up...
  4. Willie must go...

    Point here? Let us not pretend pre 68 didnt exist. The fact that he had to be the 1st to do it says a lot about those times and America in general.
  5. Willie must go...

    You guys took my statement too literal guess I should have been more clear and said for a large part of his career. So those 3 in the 60s... yeah a little suspect to me. Also... What do you think... If the Ole bear didnt go get his butts kicked by USC would he have even started looking at Black players? Maybe he scheduled that game on purpose knowing what would happen to get the Bama racist Brass in line to allow him to do it because times were changing. Either that or it was a dang cant beat better join em type thing.
  6. Willie must go...

    Plus Bear did not have to recruit or play against black athletes... Just sayin LOL
  7. Willie must go...

    Possibly... His dad clearly did not like Taggart for whatever reason... I was not there LOL
  8. Willie must go...

    However I agree with everything you said above. Willie did not do a good job of game planning or GMing (roster wise) to try to account for such a bad oline. Many who defend Willie will say there is nothing he can do (some words famously uttered by Dirk Koetter last year) but I beg to differ... 1st Move is no long pass routes unless you can back the D off with playaction (which we could not since we did not have a QB who could run the RPO) Which leads to 2nd choose a QB who has a quick release so Blackman or Hockman would have faired better as they get the ball out much quicker than DF. 3rd would be install under the center down blocking running plays... Running out of the shotgun just doesn't work if the Dline penetrates to the QB every play 4th would have been to do away with the WR screens that he seemed to run far too frequently because our WR's either didn't care to or could not block for one another.
  9. Willie must go...

    If you did not personally watch the games then you honestly cannot comment if your just gong off of posts tweets from friends. This FSU oline has been HORRENDOUS since 14 the year after the title. Dalvin Cook can run behind swiss cheese and made them look better than they were but the line has been bad. One year we actually only signed 1 count em ONE olinemen who isn't even with the team anymore when you need to bring in at least 3 or 4 every year.
  10. Willie must go...

    This recruiting class was not bad... We just did not get a QB (Willies Mistake putting all his egg in 1 basket then it being too late to get the other guys on board) but we addressed a lot of major needs IE LB, DB, OL.
  11. Willie must go...

    Actually only DF played last year except for 1 game... That 1 game Blackman through for 400 yards 4 tds and 1 INT and was sent back to the bench the next week (in losing effort but still it was the best QB performance we had all season). Willie made the original fatal error by starting DF 12 who didn't fit that offense and had regressed immensely since his Freshman season (mind you he was handing the ball off to one of the best to ever do it FSU which opened up the offense).
  12. Willie must go...

    Its always funny when a rival fan says that a program will never be back.. Then you look at where Clemson and Bama were in the early 00's. CFB runs in cycles... I am sure there were some overzealous FSU fans saying the gators would never back back after their 4-8 season. CFB goes in Cycles.
  13. Deondre Francois Dismissed from FSU

    I agree with Every comment you made including the Olympia one... In which we may have caught one or 2 of them together.
  14. Deondre Francois Dismissed from FSU

    That was Club Pub LOL... I am sure he was told they were Free... That Seafood associate did not however tell his boss they were free LMAO.
  15. Deondre Francois Dismissed from FSU

    1. Doesn't matter he clearly was on that video and clearly made threatening statements towards her regardless if she did set him up. 2. Soon after her sister (allegedly) recanted that and said her account was hacked. 3. This is like a Tyler Perry Movie. Glad he is gone honeslty.