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  1. Hey Laz, Man its a pretty cool visualization tool and since your probably already an excel guru it would be really easy for you to use because your just using your excel data as the database for Tableau. You an just do a lot more with tables, graphs, maps, etc than you can with excel in short.
  2. Yup Dan, When I road by it a while back I was like this is where they need to host the states.
  3. Dan! I won't be there either but whats up with you man that is our hometown? Hope all is okay. Hit me on the text if you want.
  4. No, will not be attending any state games this year. We have had some tragic times in our family recently so I need to stay here and deal with that.
  5. He is a cool dude.. You have to get past message board personas my man
  6. Come on people y'all didn't catch the sarcasm in that or you all just think Peezy is a snitch... If I didnt snitch on all the 5011 morphs on FLV (just the threat did the trick) or confirm to everyone that Neutral and Wave are the same person (despite telling folks 5011 times they are not and I can prove it but im not because that would be snitching people still don't believe it). Come on now I think I am offended now you folks thought Peezy was going to do that..... Shameful.
  7. Listen man I am just going to beat the next guy to the punch if he hits up my cash app sorry homie... Just kidding LOL. I thought most knew who you were anyways LOL.
  8. If they focus on just running the ball its a chance they get behind and have to throw.
  9. I dont even know the password its just saved lol.
  10. Yeah the streams are really poor quality this year... Glad i have a free account that i forgot about lol
  11. He clearly didnt get humbled.... They need to go back to the drawing board and get off it... ya lost 35 sh** it was a good season but end of.the day you just wasnt a state title team
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