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  1. Why punish the players for the decisions of adults?
  2. I will quote Tech, his comment was deleted "Bro dont take any of em it's all a trap use your head and ask yourself what is going on" Tech to say that is to say Darter is not a wise man... He has lived many a years past probably you and me and is just fine. All I am saying is everything isn't as it seems. Don't take the vaccine I am an advocate for personal decisions however your methodology is not the end all be all. I will have a lot more info on this vaccine in the coming months.
  3. I work in Pharma for one of the companies that is making a vaccine... I work directly with the distributors who this will be placed with... I can only speak for myself but I trust the products my company makes. That is my personal opinion though I am not trying to sway anyone who is against taking a vaccine. I myself have never taking a flu vaccine but this one I will highly consider. Of course I would not be one of the 1st to take it though.
  4. I am not sure if Zoom is restricted or not but I do know and I saw the messages that you cannot under any circumstances send your players work out material or tell ask suggest them to do certain workouts. You will be fired immediately. That was Pinellas only though.
  5. Not much I think is the answer. A HC of a PInellas program asked or was going to post some work outs and training regimes that players can do at home on their own time and was vehemently shot down by his AD who was taking orders from the county AD that said none of that is allowed right now. This was early in April I believe when it happened.
  6. I heard he got a college coaching job.
  7. They don't teach sexed in Columbia County?
  8. In way more ways than football
  9. Can you confirm the guys who retired? Im guessings its the ones I talk to the most lol. Its never easy to follow the legend is the understatement of 2020... its damn near impossible but I wish him luck.
  10. it was the 2 you thought it would be Brock and Mesick... I was not expecting the paper to mention Mesicks name so I am curious if any of the parents or players picked up on it and if they have any questions for their coach coming back to them after flirting with a Panther LOL.
  11. Hey Laz, Man its a pretty cool visualization tool and since your probably already an excel guru it would be really easy for you to use because your just using your excel data as the database for Tableau. You an just do a lot more with tables, graphs, maps, etc than you can with excel in short.
  12. Yup Dan, When I road by it a while back I was like this is where they need to host the states.
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