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  1. I dont even know the password its just saved lol.
  2. Yeah the streams are really poor quality this year... Glad i have a free account that i forgot about lol
  3. He clearly didnt get humbled.... They need to go back to the drawing board and get off it... ya lost 35 sh** it was a good season but end of.the day you just wasnt a state title team
  4. Yeah i was well aware what the results would probably be.... but man Dillard round here talking the game was close..... IDK how the points got scored or how they didnt you get 35 shi**ed you get off the sticks and to back to the lab.... Your not on their level yet period.
  5. That you did.... I'm reading this thread for 1st time from the beginning but knowing the end result in tears lol
  6. Bob Putnam..... Nuff said lmao
  7. The 2 are close friends and the teams work out together and do camps together in the off season.
  8. This is when DMX was the SHIZZZ!!! LOL knew someone would get the reference lol.
  9. Yeah don't worry I am texting Greg all the trash talk I can now (he is my boy). Alright I hadn't looked at the forecast and did not realize this would be a rainy game... That sucks especially considering its a bit cooler in Florida right now. Also with both teams liking to pass the ball a lot that will have a big effect on the game.
  10. @Vaquero @181pl @Bocefous70 @Perspective @MarkECannon
  11. There should be a few people from this board at this game. Lets meet up and talk trash about Pinellas vs Hillsborough ball during it LOL. Also someone tell ole Jim Bob looking Greg Callahan aka Bocephus he still owe me from a bet from 10 years ago LOL.
  12. Wave is good peoples all jokes aside... Thats my mans an them.
  13. Right... Like if they say "Peezy you don't know crap about football you went to Dunedin" I am like... Well actually I have probably seen more teams in this great state of Florida play live than most so where I went to school don't really mean crap... and yeah your team woulda beat us by 40 but still I woulda tried to late hit your QB and put him out the game... Gotta win somehwhere LOL.
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