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  1. Pinellas County’s one and only “State Title”

    The only reason they went undefeated is they did not play Pinellas High or Gibbs................ I will leave that open for interpretation LMAO.
  2. Hillsborough County Trivia Question

    Did not realize my boy was a Guy Toph winner... Anyone know where he is coaching these days?
  3. Yup 6'7 and went back and forth between OL and Tackle at FSU.
  4. I remember that 03 year well. LOL had quite the season dominating weak Pasco competitiion. Not sure who they played in the 1st 2 rounds but they won those as well. Then came the 3rd round. I was in town (from college) so I went to the game vs Melbourne Palm bay who featured, Joe Cohen UF, Xavier Carter LSU, Reggie Nelson UF, Zach Slate ECU and a few others I cannot remember. They beat LOL in a rare below 40 degree weather game 42-7. The next week they played Lincoln at home in the state semis rematch from the Fog Bowl from a year ago and won going on to win the state title that year.
  5. Depends on the year... some of those years they would have ran up against American Heritage Plantation super team.
  6. FL HS football in NFL quiz

    Lakewood has quite a bit but not quite double digits. Off the top of my head they Have Shaquill Griffin Shaquem Griffin Isaiah Wynn Marquez Valdez Scantling Dante Fowler Rodney Adams (he may be retired) Bernard Reedy (not sure if he is on a roster but was with Bucs in recent years) I think I am missing 1 or 2 but not sure. Ryan Davis at Auburn will likely get on a squad as a practice squad guy at least but could make someones main roster as well.
  7. Many on this list will just continue to age (as they will never see the state title game again or at least in my life time I am sure.,
  8. Look at it on a map... Daytona is further than Orlando for panhandle teams.
  9. Willie must go...

    This is actually true but only considering their small population in relation to the amount of people they have in the NFL or at BYU LMAO.
  10. Willie must go...

    I aint turning this into a race thing (maybe too late) but There are a few states in the US I would not want to spend more than a day or 2... Bama and Mississippi lead that...
  11. Willie must go...

    If you show me a Patriot squad that won a Superbowl without the help of black Athletes I will Cashapp a thousand dollars for ever white boy on the team right now. How about this take ALLL the black players off of Tommy and Bills team and see where they end up...
  12. Willie must go...

    Point here? Let us not pretend pre 68 didnt exist. The fact that he had to be the 1st to do it says a lot about those times and America in general.
  13. Willie must go...

    You guys took my statement too literal guess I should have been more clear and said for a large part of his career. So those 3 in the 60s... yeah a little suspect to me. Also... What do you think... If the Ole bear didnt go get his butts kicked by USC would he have even started looking at Black players? Maybe he scheduled that game on purpose knowing what would happen to get the Bama racist Brass in line to allow him to do it because times were changing. Either that or it was a dang cant beat better join em type thing.
  14. Willie must go...

    Plus Bear did not have to recruit or play against black athletes... Just sayin LOL
  15. Willie must go...

    Possibly... His dad clearly did not like Taggart for whatever reason... I was not there LOL