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  1. Taylor County

    He spoke to the Tallahassee Democrat recently to explain his side... doesn't sound that bad after further review... He is just old school.
  2. Taylor County

    According to the story this is not his 1st HC Gig and he left the last one under similar circumstances.
  3. Taylor County

  4. Taylor County

    How does a guy like that keep getting a job in coaching... seriously do AD's not check references?
  5. Any KOC Games tonight??

    I was referring to Hillsborough County... Everyone once will give it a try lol.
  6. Any KOC Games tonight??

    Clearwater actually born here left here came back later.
  7. Don't jinx us with Hurricane talk (or your gators lol)
  8. True indeed, although I am sure you are aged enough to remember when football season didnt start until after Labor Day lol. Football is technically year round now anyway.
  9. Lennard slapped with cease and desist letter

    LMAO, never thought of it like that but now that you say it... lol
  10. Any KOC Games tonight??

    No, if there are issues since those are preseason games they just cancel them all together.
  11. Football is a fall sport... WE just got to deal with it.
  12. Football isn't only played in South Florida my G.
  13. Venice vs Plant predictions

    Plant plays on Turf and its a good thing otherwise this game would be cancelled. It could still be cancelled because South Tampa is a major flood zone area and if this rain continues those roads will not be passable.
  14. Any KOC Games tonight??

    Expect to see a long list of cancellations... Our fields aren't built to handle this saturation... Sucks because I swear we never used to cancel due to rain
  15. Seeking out a board moderator and a couple of changes...

    Thanks all... especially to Jambun who we have had our differences although i think he gets it now I'm just a joker and like to push buttons... I mean no harm