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  1. Belen vs Columbus

    I saw two talented and decently coached teams, Columbus having more talent and slightly better coaching. Columbus on year in year out basis has enough talent to win state every year. They will have to find another option besides Parrish if they want to win...though 8A looks down again this year.
  2. Those in Jax can watch 1) Bartram Trail vs Lee (1pm) 2) Atlantic Coast vs Mandarin (4pm) 3) Bolles vs UC (7pm) All on Channel 4 this Saturday. Give me BT, Mandarin, and Bolles to win.

    SFA STA Carol City IMG TCA Armwood Raines Vero Cardinal Gibbons Lakeland
  4. Taylor County

    Not Trenton, Taylor County. There’s a difference between discipline and dictatorship, often times there’s a very fine line you can’t cross. If kids don’t want to come to school, then shouldn’t be playing sports. If kids aren’t at school all day because they are taking college classes but will be there for practice, then that should be encouraged. When you’ve been accused of this at every stop of the way, it’s not the kids or parents...it’s you.
  5. Taylor County

    Lely High School also had an issue with the guy and he was gone after a year there. Dictator is what I’ve been hearing to describe him. Can’t have morning practice and then hold kids after school 4 hours.
  6. My thoughts on Columbia vs Colquitt

    Their fans seem to think that they will play at least 8 teams better than Columbia this year. I told my buddy that it’s more like 4. I hope it becomes an every year type deal.
  7. I’ll be there. Anybody else?
  8. St. Thomas may be getting a new QB

    Not to be rude here but how do you get offered with those stats?!
  9. Oh no now my feelings are hurt HAHAHA I think people like you are needed for a good board. You stir the pot, are about as biased as they come, and likely have nothing else to live for.
  10. He’s a machine. His antics on the GA board likely caught him a ban there
  11. You fell right into what he wants. The guy knows high school football like it’s nobody’s business. I don’t think he does anything but study it. Colquitt should be favored over TCA but it will be a good game.
  12. Trinity Catholic 2019 Season

    That 2015 Trenton team was one of the best coached teams I’ve seen in a long time. Good talent of course but I saw a disciplined, well oiled machine that hit dudes in the mouth and ran all over people.
  13. Coaches on transfers in PBC

    Unless there is a verified move (ie selling of home in one area & buying in another, ending a lease & getting another, etc), then it should be a 1 year sit. Its fine and dandy that adults can transfer jobs left and right but you know what I’ve found out about most of those people? They don’t make the same money they would if they stayed in the same place. I was hired with 4 other guys, 3 of whom left to get new jobs and not one of them makes as much as I do or the guy who stayed. The years you put in is typically reflected on your paycheck unless you’re an executive (where it actually pays to change jobs). Not saying you should stay in a bad situation but the grass usually isn’t greener.
  14. I’m not the biggest TCA fan but y’all got some playmakers in the secondary. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Davis, Brooks, and Robinson as kids as well (nothing against Coley, just haven’t heard much about him). So I think that it’s awesome that they’ll all be playing together this and I will root hard for them in college.
  15. Miami Northwestern 2019 Football Schedule

    A team’s age certainly matters. Look at the 2011 Booker T vs Bolles game. Booker T lost that game due to inexperience, as many of their superstars were sophomores. They were vastly superior talent wise (minus the Bolles OL, that was a heck of a group) and those guys made crucial mental errors. That didn’t happen the next two years. I always have believed that 99% of players will be better when they are seniors vs when they are freshman. They know the system better & are more physically, emotionally, and mentally mature. I remember having a conversation with the infamous Coach Propst years and years ago and he told me that he feels extremely confident about a team when they have 30+ seniors on the team because those are guys who know the system in and out.