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  1. Lakeland appears fully reloaded for 2019

    The FHSAA is powerless. Was talking to a buddy who had text messages & Twitter DM’s from a coach to a kid telling him “you need to leave such & such immediately, they don’t put guys D1 like we do.” Reported it & what happened? Absolutely nothing.
  2. Just what I heard, may be wrong. 21 players in total is correct tho right?
  3. 2014 I think. They beat Bolles that year in the state championship. I remember three kids from AHP transferring in after a coach from there joined Cocoa’s staff.
  4. Prayers for this kids family

    My buddy is an IT guy who gets contracted out by hospitals (have your kids do that people, he makes high 6 figures) and he can’t go to the hospitals if he has the mildest health issue. Definitely a haven of germs and nasty pathogens.
  5. Texas High School Hires Controversial Coach

    That’s disgusting. I’m about as big of a supporter of HS athletics but to hire this guy shows me the character of the school district.
  6. Those teams were unbelievable
  7. 4A Region 1 - An Early Look

    Bolles vs West Nassau should be good

    North Florida is closer to South Florida than it has been since the early 90’s. The results show it.
  9. IMG Football Schedule announced 2019

    What kind of vehicle are you driving that it would cost $300 to drive to Lakeland...? I could drive from Jax to Lakeland for $100 round trip in my truck.
  10. 49 Columbia vs 20 Bartram Trail [Spring Game] Final

    Two transfers from where?
  11. 2019 St Thomas Aquinas Talent

    If you can’t win with that, you are a horrible coach.
  12. 2019 Sandalwood Talent

    They’ll finish 3rd or 4th in their district
  13. https://www.firstcoastnews.com/mobile/article/sports/georgias-highest-paid-high-school-football-coach-stayed-employed-despite-a-decade-of-abuse-misconduct-allegations/77-884b36a2-36e8-4561-a6b9-4feeff61335e Dang! Rush had guys moving from Alabama to Georgia to play ball for him, that’s dedication! Colquitt sold their soul to lose more state title games than they won!
  14. Rab

    As the great Aaron Rodgers once said “R. E. L. A. X.” He does it because he knows it aggravates you.
  15. Football facilities are really nice. 100yd indoor practice facility with 1 end zone. Great weight room with a nutritional station. Over 150 lockers, offices for coaches, and 3 meeting rooms. The gym is quite nice as is the baseball stadium. Not out of this world nice but this is a football forum and I’m speaking on the football facilities.