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  1. Jags904


    All is good up here in NE FL but I know the rest of the state is nowhere near as lucky
  2. He did transfer but I do know his family lives in Lake City. He is extremely fast and an excellent player.
  3. I got to watch some of the game and wow is Frier incredible. He’s definitely a chip off the old block. He’s the best player I’ve seen all year. I’ll be excited for him to see him as a Nole
  4. I would have been surprised by this result before the season but this was expected. It really should’ve been much worse. Good sign for Trinity, not so much for Bolles
  5. Completely agree. We are quite behind when it comes to coaching as a whole, obviously we have some great coaches.
  6. In NE Florida, I have seen quite a bit of mediocre coaching the past couple of weeks. Everybody runs the same thing on offense (and nobody does it well) and then just stays in their base defense all night regardless of what’s happening. If somebody would do something different, they could mop up in this area. It’s pretty horrible to watch. The penalties are higher than I’ve ever seen. It’s a disservice to the kids and the communities.
  7. I think West Nassau, UC, Creekside, Bolles, and MadCo win. We have a chance to win all of them
  8. Chaminade Columbus STA Gibbons Edgewater AHP Dillard Deland Pahokee (but not by 50 haha) The best games will be Chaminade vs MNW and Columbus vs Jesuit. I can see Jesuit winning but Columbus looks excellent this year
  9. The only time they were good before that was when they had Corky
  10. Lincoln has no political influence. Especially when the FHSAA isn’t even in Tallahassee and is right down the road from you. They had to put you in that district for balancing purposes
  11. Who’d you guys play at QB tonight? Sounds like an awesome game. I think Osceola is certainly one of the favorites to win 4S and same with Seminole in 4M
  12. Was going to say the same. Union County is solid for a 1R but they shouldn’t be beating nor even competing with Columbia. Deland isn’t great but they’re going to be a tough out. I see 5-4 or 4-5 as most likely scenarios
  13. I only know about Beachside. They took kids from Bartram Trail (I edited this for clarification) and Nease so they’re in a tough position as well as being in a county that doesn’t allow much movement amongst students. Great area
  14. Chaminade Osceola Jesuit Duncanville West Orange AHP Don Bosco Vanguard Palmetto Venice
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