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  1. Getting kids from Nassau and St John’s would definitely be the way for them to really get good. Bolles doesn’t seem willing to lower academic standards and as a result, they’ll never get a lot of DCPS kids
  2. So people are saying that we should have high school sports where coaches are legally allowed to recruit players from another school? Can they provide transportation/housing if necessary?
  3. They lost the Thomas kid to Creekside, who always manages to get 4-5 kids a year, but I think they’ll add about half of those kids. They should be the favorites to win a title if they get those kids.
  4. Haven’t heard much. Lee has been the talk of the town. Raines is pretty consistent in the teams they have so I’m expecting a good season from them. Best teams in area should be Bolles, TCA, BT, Lee, and Raines/Baker County.
  5. Lol we are talking about high school kids, of course they talk trash. And yes you are correct, Broward and Dade are the prominent counties for football because they have a great pop Warner system, great coaches, and way more people. I think many in Duval would kill to just have those kind of sponsorships that you have in Lake City. Or the ability to not have to recruit your own kids to get them to stay.
  6. The only consistent DCPS program since the 90’s has been Raines and they’ve even had some down years. It’s the nature of being in the Duval. It’s great to have tradition and be great for a long time but there’s something to be said for getting great after a long period of mediocrity or down right badness. Lee had been bad since Corky left but has been solid since OJ took over. Terry Parker had been bad since Christ was a child but now that Dorsey is there? They’re building a good program. Coaching is so important with these underfunded inner city schools. I know you’re young but I wo
  7. The school board got exactly what they asked for. Propst will never coach again and that’s great for HS football
  8. As long as OJ is there and he can keep his staff together? They’ll keep winning. In some ways, city schools have a huge advantage (more people = more possible athletes) but also a huge disadvantage. I’m sure they have nowhere near the stability of a Columbia nor do they have the community support or funding. In fact, I’d consider Columbia a better job than Lee
  9. They will certainly compete right away. Great program, great coach, and sounds like kids will be following him to Mainland.
  10. Yes. Bryce Capers, S/LB from TCA, and Devin Smith, LB from Oakleaf. Both are 3 stars
  11. Not quite that simple when it comes to schools and where you go in DCPS. The two best kids they’ve added are Capers from TCA and Smith from Oakleaf. Those are legit D1 guys.
  12. That’s a good schedule to win 7-8 games as a first year program
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