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  1. Jags904

    Corky Rogers

    Has passed. He was 76. Prayers to his family, he was a great coach and builder of men.
  2. Bates didn’t graduate, he went to Oakleaf. But you are correct, they won’t win without those kids. They’ve lost their 5 best returning players
  3. Lee has lost three players to Oakleaf and at least two to the Sandalwood. They will be extremely DOWN.
  4. Lee has lost three players to Oakleaf and at least two to the Sandalwood. They will be extremely DOWN.
  5. When I originally heard the school was being built, I thought it was in Windermere. If that would’ve been the case, I think we would have seen them be quite excellent (on the state level) in your country club sports such as swimming, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, etc. Very similar to what Ponte Vedra has done up here in NE Florida
  6. Found out his dad got a job in Jax. Nothing crazy
  7. Ribault was the same way for years. Middleburg is that way with girls basketball right now.
  8. As a coach here’s what I’d be looking for: 1. Supportive administration. Beyond important. Are they willing to hire coaches as teachers? To build good young men, you need to have multiple sets of eyes in the building. Are they going to have your back with parents? Then the general questions like: do I want to live here? Can my wife get a good job here? How is the talent? Etc
  9. Yes it is. They do a complete disservice to the kids, I feel so bad for them.
  10. It is certainly not the number one reason why Gateway schools have had very little success. It has much more to do with a lack of coaching stability (often times due to incompetent administration, for instance the Jackson coach Atwater being fired after greatly improving the team)
  11. You are exactly right. They don’t have the talent to win 4-5 games in 8A with the current coaching staff. They’d need a total overhaul with a great coach to do it.
  12. Y’all would’ve made the championship in your rightful class (4A) no doubt in my mind.
  13. First, let me congratulate all of the kids that have earned the opportunity to play in state championship games. I see as much talent as ever in today’s game. And I see a lot of dang good HS football players. However, I am seeing some of the worst football I’ve ever seen here in the state. Teams are making the state championship game that I truly believe 10 years ago would’ve been 2nd round exit type teams. Penalties seem to be at an all time high, tackling an all time low, and a lack of fundamentals from top to bottom. Basic offensive and defensive schemes. And we simply have too many classifications. Am I totally off base or am I onto something? If I’m onto something, what do you think could be done to remedy the situation?
  14. The Bartow over Bolles game is the biggest upset. Bolles was ranked #1 in the country and the injuries they sustained in that game ended up being too much to overcome
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