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  1. I thought that Miami NW could win with perimeter speed but I also thought the people were crazy suggesting that NW was going to dominate the LOS. Jesuit has a great OL and it showed tonight
  2. If you are preparing for a state title run, I think a schedule should be: 25% really tough games 50% games that should be within 2 scores 25% games you’ll win quite easily (aka homecoming). Unless you’re a top 50 national. Then you should be chasing ESPN games
  3. I’d run single wing or old school wing t. Don’t need a QB and you don’t need to have 5 good athletes on offense (aka put more of them on defense). WR’s are pretty much not needed
  4. Some private schools also allow students to homeschool/Florida virtual without having to pay any tuition and just play sports for them
  5. Up here in Jacksonville/NE Florida, I know that Mandarin and Ribault have fired their coaches and are looking for new ones. Mandarin hasn’t been a traditional football powerhouse (the state title in 2018 was certainly unexpected) and Ribault is known more as a basketball school. That being said, both seem to be potentially solid jobs. I’ll be curious as to who fills them.
  6. And this has certainly been one of their better defenses. They have typically been a team that scores 60 but gives up 50. I’ll be interested as to how they do against Apopka as they played them in the regular season a few years ago and gave up north of 500 yards rushing. Apopka didn’t throw a pass if I recall correctly
  7. On defense. 4* DT, 4* DE committed to Michigan, 4* CB, CB/WR committed to West Point, and LB with D1 offers.
  8. Bartram has worse QB play than normal but a still solid running game. The defense this year has been better. 4-5 legit D1 guys there
  9. I think Venice should handle CG. Cruise to a two score win
  10. I hope they enjoy some nice jail time. That’s absolutely terrible.
  11. If Western was playing starters up by 60? Then garbage coaching. If Western was playing 3rd string guys and still scoring? Then that’s on Taravella.
  12. I view it as a better version of NE Florida. Some really high end programs but as a whole, unable to consistently compete with the best areas and programs.
  13. I’ve heard wild numbers of transfers. 30+ in the past two or three years. They are loaded up
  14. That’s what it was. I heard the Holland name years and years ago. I didn’t realize how old I was lol
  15. The Holland name sounds familiar. Did he have a sibling that was really good or is he good at another sport?
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