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  1. Pahokee Schedule

    I have them winning 4 games. Brutal schedule.
  2. STA Recruiting

    The FHSAA will ruin you if you don’t self report when allegations are posted. They deal with cheating but they don’t deal with lying.
  3. Jax TCA plays Deerfield beach in spring game

    Beat Chaminade and Buford last year but lost handily to Columbus and STA. I don’t know what kind of transfers they got but they should be a solid team
  4. Freedom Bowl games

    Now if Cocoa had that 2016 team? Then that would be one heck of a game
  5. Freedom Bowl games

    Having seen film on Brentwood, if they don’t beat CCC, then CCC is gonna beat TCA and Chaminade. Brentwood is fast, talented, and extremely well coached...to the point where I think they’d be the clear #2 in 4A. Think the Bolles teams of old. These aren’t the same Cocoa teams of old and Hoover is big, deep, and talented. I expect a 14+ win for Hoover.
  6. Freedom Bowl games

    Why do we even go to this? We are going to go 0-4
  7. Freedom Bowl games

    Yikes...that’s gonna be a rough game for Cocoa
  8. Teams to watch in 2019 (besides the obvious ones)

    I would be shocked. They’ve certainly got the talent but just can’t seem to ever put it together
  9. The problem for STA has been 1) coaching and 2) QB play...the talent at other positions has been there to dominate.
  10. This was before the days of cell phones haha Now they won so I don’t think he was too disappointed to get a ring but he said it just didn’t feel right during the game. That a state championship game should have the stands packed and it should be the loudest game of the year, not the quietest.
  11. Having a brother who played in an empty college stadium as a high schooler, he said it was disappointing when he was on the sideline and saw so many empty seats.
  12. I’m happy with the location. When it’s time for a new location to be chosen, put it somewhere closer to Miami. It doesn’t have to always be in the spot...but it should never be in a huge stadium
  13. I would think that Cardinal Gibbons is going to try and push a little harder with the folks in admissions to get some more guys in
  14. Carol City will have Cardinal Gibbons in their region and then likely the winner of Cocoa vs Bolles in the finals (so Cocoa).