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  1. Baseball, soccer, cross country (especially girls), wrestling, and softball would all take major hits to it.
  2. LBV is going to struggle to develop a community. I know exactly where that is (have rented a house there many times) and it’s a transient area.
  3. Why’d so many players opt out? I thought that was odd as much schools/coaches didn’t have that happen
  4. I still think they beat MadCo but you are correct. They’ll lose half their starters to those two programs
  5. What a start to the season. Could lose the KOC and weeks 1-3. I think you’ll go 2-2 and then win out from there. Edgewater and CG as the teams to beat you.
  6. They return a good team and hired a good coach. I thought quite a few FPC kids would transfer but with the hire? I doubt it.
  7. I would not have TCA that high nor would I have Niceville either. I believe this is the weakest the north has been in quite some time and do not see any top 20 overall teams as of right. Potentially TCA, Niceville, BT, and Bolles could make it in but I do not think it’s likely. TCA will win state but that’s because 2A is not particularly strong. They lost a lot of talent to graduation and didn’t add any playmaker transfers.
  8. I’d rank Dillard, just off the top of my head, around 20 right now. A team good enough to win a state title but not accomplished enough to be favorites. I think they’ll benefit well in the transfer portal as well
  9. Where has Carol City gone?
  10. Yes if they sweep or go 2-1, then they have a good argument. I’d favor Columbia over Lee and TCA right now
  11. What team do you think ends up being the best? I wish we could see Bolles/TCA vs BT
  12. That Pine Forest team is one of the finest in FL history
  13. 7A is going to be super competitive this year. Lake Gibson/Lakeland/Edgewater all in region 2, Armwood & Manatee in region 3, and Dillard & STA in region 4 I think we see LG vs STA in the title game. Edgewater and Dillard will be the party crashers
  14. Yulee/West Nassau have been benefiting from North Jax parents who don’t want their kids in DCPS. There’s a lot of movement in the area that people from outside don’t realize.
  15. Bolles has much better academics than any of the schools you listed and UC is the same distance from Nassau.
  16. Why not? Bolles has always had kids from Nassau. I bet we will also see some transfer up to Camden with Herron there, which was a big key for them winning titles.
  17. I hear Rush Propst is available
  18. Getting kids from Nassau and St John’s would definitely be the way for them to really get good. Bolles doesn’t seem willing to lower academic standards and as a result, they’ll never get a lot of DCPS kids
  19. So people are saying that we should have high school sports where coaches are legally allowed to recruit players from another school? Can they provide transportation/housing if necessary?
  20. They lost the Thomas kid to Creekside, who always manages to get 4-5 kids a year, but I think they’ll add about half of those kids. They should be the favorites to win a title if they get those kids.
  21. Haven’t heard much. Lee has been the talk of the town. Raines is pretty consistent in the teams they have so I’m expecting a good season from them. Best teams in area should be Bolles, TCA, BT, Lee, and Raines/Baker County.
  22. Lol we are talking about high school kids, of course they talk trash. And yes you are correct, Broward and Dade are the prominent counties for football because they have a great pop Warner system, great coaches, and way more people. I think many in Duval would kill to just have those kind of sponsorships that you have in Lake City. Or the ability to not have to recruit your own kids to get them to stay.
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