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    No. 4 Miami Northwestern No. 6 Edgewater No. 17 Atlantic (Delray) No. 11 Venice No. 12 Rockledge No. 15 Seminole (Sanford) No. 16 Cardinal Gibbons No. 21 Bartram Trail No. 22 Miami Carol City No. 23 Madison County Niceville Mandarin Lakewood Largo South Fort Myers
  2. When do you go for 2?

    Exactly. You have the mustache playing the best of his short NFL career, you go with the hot hand. Let him win the game for you.

    Flagler Palm Coast American Heritage (Plantation) Columbus IMG Academy South Sumter Miami Carol City St. Augustine Western Seminole (Sanford) Vanguard Washington (Pensacola) Bartram Trail Lake Gibson Palmetto Raines
  4. Columbiafan top 50 rankings post week 3

    Just trying to give you something to think about haha
  5. Columbiafan top 50 rankings post week 3

    I’m just saying does a Lee, Mainland, or TCA really belong in over them?
  6. Columbiafan top 50 rankings post week 3

    Oakleaf is a top 50 school, they proved that against Columbia.
  7. Jax TCA vs Venice this Friday

    TCA is more talented than every team they play and I respect the heck out of the kids that are there, that’s never been my issue with them. It’s always been the coaching (or lack there of). I want guys to watch their film, 6 or 7 games worth and tell me that they are better coached than any team they play. It’s basic, pop warner coaching...they just have the better athletes. The reason they got smacked in the mouth by Columbia is Allen at Columbia is a dang good football coach. Depth plays a role but it’s not why they lost to Venice or Columbia.
  8. A Merciless Beat Down

    I saw tonight that Bolles was up 34-0 and was throwing the ball before halftime. This was after an onside kick. Sheesh.
  9. Jax TCA vs Venice this Friday

    I just don’t know of any successful private school that is doing that. That was my point.
  10. Jax TCA vs Venice this Friday

    How many of those football players actually attend TCA and don’t do FLVS?
  11. Mandarin vs St Thomas aquinas

    Exactly my feeling on it. If Beck plays like he can, they can certainly beat STA. I’ll be in attendance that night for sure!
  12. 2019 Pick em Results

    In the words of Donald J Trump, you are fake news
  13. 2019 Pick em Results

    I was the champ last year?!
  14. TCA & Godby in a Barnburner

    Nice pick play
  15. TCA & Godby in a Barnburner

    When a team runs one coverage and you got good athletes, it’s not hard to figure out how to beat it.
  16. Lakeland Transfers - The Real Numbers

    They could still transfer to whatever school that will take them, they’d just be ineligible for athletic competition for 365 years.
  17. Lakeland Transfers - The Real Numbers

    Unless there is an actual change of address into the school, there should be a one year ban on participating with the future school at all. No attending workouts, nothing.

    Armwood Columbus Miami Central Hoover Rockledge St. Thomas Aquinas Charlotte Dillard Escambia
  19. Lakeland Transfers - The Real Numbers

    Good thing you can just rely on transfers in today’s age. I don’t think Castle is going out and recruiting, I just think he’s run such a great program that guys are transferring in. That’s Florida football.
  20. Raines Vikings

    Raines beats Lee. They are the best DCPS school besides maybe Mandarin. Trinity & BT are the two best teams in the area I’d say as of right now.
  21. I don’t think so. I think they’d have to be playing for them to be interested which would be fine. Have a Bolles vs UC rematch
  22. They do not. I was just throwing out teams that draw big crowds, it can only be done at Bolles. UC has a turf field but they don’t have the infrastructure to hold those kind of numbers.
  23. I think a rotation of games would be great. Bolles was an awesome host. Next year I’d love to see Ponte Vedra vs Nease, Clay vs Fleming, and Raines vs Lee. I think if it’s week 1 next year with those 3 games I listed, it breaks this year’s attendance by a solid amount. It has to be week 1 certainly for this kind of success.
  24. Let me preface this with: it was a better weekend than I ever expected & it is the perfect event to start off a year. It should continue every year but it should be only that weekend.
  25. Over 21,000 there. Awesome experience. The stands were full and it was rowdy. Mandarin brought the best crowd followed by BT. BT looked good but Lee will be a different team come October. They had to replace all 11 on offense. Both will be playoff teams. Mandarin’s defense looked stout. Beck can certainly make all of the throws. That WR Bryant from AC was the best player I saw all day. UC beat Bolles for the first time ever. That was the worst Bolles team I’ve seen. That QB for UC will be a dang good player in 2 years. BT was the best team there, then Mandarin. Everyone else was at least a step behind those two. We need this to continue every year. And we need it to be at a high school until we outgrow that. And we need more HS games on TV in Jax.