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  1. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    Miami Springs and Westland Hialeah looking for new coaches after both coaches resigned
  2. 8A Reclass Summary of Changes

    10 Miami Dade teams opted to go independent and play each other Goleman Hialeah Gardens Varela Coral Park Westland Hialeah Reagan Sunset HML Krop Not sure of 10th
  3. A Struggling Program in Each Class

    Westland ended their streak tonight against ATM. Huge step down in competition from Doral to ATM but amazing to go from 86-0 to 6-0.
  4. A Struggling Program in Each Class

    Yeah I thought that was crazy, but I believe since they committed to a 2 year contract Village/University didn’t have a choice.
  5. A Struggling Program in Each Class

    Village Academy’s issue is being a small small most of their talent transfers to Atlantic. They’ve had also had a revolving door of coaches the last 3 years after Hanna stepped down. HML’s population isn’t as Hispanic as both Westland or Varela. I watched their kickoff classic and they had a decent amount of athletes. I believe the challenge is the district and kids knowing regardless the talent gap is too large. Westland is almost all Cuban kids with no prior football experience. In a Miami Herald article last year the new head coach (4th in 4 years) talked about having to teach kids how to wear shoulder pads. Then the program was growing from having 10-15 kids at practice under previous coaches.
  6. Transfer Season 2018

    Ive heard 25 players have left Doral along with 3 coaches. Heard a lot of players are still shopping for places to play
  7. Transfer Season 2018

    Doesn’t look like anyone staying at Doral
  8. Transfer Season 2018

    I’ve heard more are leaving, so that would lead creadance to the more going on
  9. Transfer Season 2018

    Do they have any linemen? I heard that’s what has been holding them back, even though their skill guys are so good
  10. Deerfield Beach vs Westlake GA on Sept 7

    Bobby May, former Suncoast head coach, is also the OC at Westlake
  11. Transfer Season 2018

    4 transferred from Doral to Miami Jackson including Brieon Fuller and Wendol Philord
  12. Transfer Season 2018

    Supposedly Champagant OC is the new HC at Miami Christian. Expect more Champagant kids to join
  13. Transfer Season 2018

    EF (player initials)?
  14. Palm Beach County Scores KOC

    Miramar 26-0 against Palm Beach Lakes Suncoast 43-19 against Santaluces Berean Christian 14-12 against Somerset Jupiter 34-20 against Okeechobee
  15. Spring Football Games & Jamborees

    8-6 Hialeah Gardens at the end of the first half. Hialeah Gardens hit a long pass to setup their score, otherwise hasn't done a ton on offense. Sunset scored to end the half, nice runs by RB to set up the score.