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  1. In Between Broward and Davie by 95 is actually all Stranahan. Contrary to popular belief (for some) , Stranahan is actually more so in STA's backyard - not Dillard like some perceive: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Stranahan+High+School/@26.1213032,-80.1679858,14.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xe5274072f5d94230!8m2!3d26.1128269!4d-80.1644877 If I am not mistaken Dillard's zone was more centered around Sunrise, like Broward blvd (west of 95) to 441 (SR7), north up to 19th St and east to like Powerline: There is no doubt that back in the day Dillard's roster had a lo
  2. Saw some clips of that Wekiva Defense and it looked pretty scary....the speed to the ball.
  3. Winner of Jackson versus Coconut Creek might get the third playoff spot in the District. I wouldn't sleep on Creek either.
  4. The winter/spring 7 v 7 are private travel teams that play throughout FL and nationwide in some cases. Summer 7 v 7 are HS teams.
  5. But can you explain or any theory why he may move around like that from different counties/regions of FL?
  6. Surely, there are no high profile 7 V 7 tourneys outside of SFL and if there were they surely would not say anything beyond "Good game" to one another..... In SFL they set up air conditioned lounges with champagne rooms at the 7 v 7s so the kids have a nice environment to discuss business
  7. These are the kind of things that somehow go unnoticed though when it works the other way around.....That and the fact that the Immokalee roster and coaches appears to be 50% Hispanic. God forbid OldSchoolLion sees a successful team with a team photo like this: https://www.hudl.com/team/v2/12127/Boys-Varsity-Football/team Again it is not supposed to work like this but welcome to 2018.
  8. Can you explain why and how Immokalee's best player in RB Abraham Alce with multiple Power Five offers transferred from AHP to Immokalee for his Senior year? https://www.hudl.com/profile/3490471/Abraham-Alce It sounds like they are trying to build a All-Star team out there. How can he go to a random public school like that? I thought this was supposed to work the other way around. Oh, wait a minute this is a small example of how a rural public school benefited from the new rule chage - Or is it not?
  9. In 2009 Hardee (9-2) did indeed beat Immokalee (4-6). In 2013 Hardee (11-2) did beat Dunbar (5-6) as well. I'm not aware of any other wins over those programs since the early 2000s, but I may be wrong. There are few 1A schools that are of the level of Madison or Pahokee on a consistent basis in the South Region of FL so I don't know if you even would want to mention who it was. But I am curious now..... What 1A program has Hardee have a good track record with in recent years?
  10. In the link, I see some some very poor counties that are successful (Glades) and some wealthier counties that struggle (Monroe). I cannot conclude much from this. To me their are great teams from rich areas and their are great teams from poor areas. I'm not just talking FL but nationwide. There are also piss-poor inner-city teams and very strong rural teams. I think you can make a argument for it any way you wish with data...I just don't have the energy to start breaking football down by demographics and race. Again, I'm not denying your theory. I also question the accuracy of this
  11. Seriously??? You just said "Hardee would do fine against Madison or Pahokee."? Okay. I'll let you win this one.
  12. Glad someone can admit that. Stacked teams in SFL are not going away. Sometimes if something is not working you have to try something else. Ponte Vedra seemed to figured it out quickly. Venice took advantage of a opportunity in 2017. ...
  13. Okay..Fine game on. Your call. 1. I'm not denying that topic but I am surprised by the details that you state...I know AHP has not been a super power for long and I know STA has great teams in the past but not the run they have had in recent years. 2. LOL ..What does that mean? So what if WH are a 7A school. Do you want to see what some 1, 2, and 3A schools would do to Hardee? There are plenty of 1,2,3, and 4A schools that can show Hardee how to take care of business with teams like Dunbar ..LOL 3. Yeah, Okay...appreciate the answer but as much as OldSchoolLion has
  14. But that is not a problem when a 5A rep shows up at a State Championship looking like that, right? It appears others would prefer to find an issue with the team performing well and blame that for the reason for that blow out. SMH...
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