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    So, what happens if my team has to enter quarantine a day before the first round of the playoffs? How about the day before the state championship? Forfeit? Push the entire bracket back two weeks? Hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see it.
  2. XDC


    “TCPalm asked the FHSAA last week what will happen if a team is forced to quarantine during the postseason because of a COVID-19 related issue. The response was short. "We are not able to provide answers to a hypothetical situation without having all the facts surrounding the situation," FHSAA public relations specialist Ashton Moseley said in an email.” -Jon Santucci (TCPalm)
  3. Unfortunately, you might not get the opportunity, Naitch. As a previous posted alluded to, I’m afraid this season will be marked by a constant start-stop cycle. Hoping for the best, but I just don’t see how any semblance of a season can happen in this current climate.
  4. Hey, @THIS_IS_DILLARD. You got some ‘splainin do, young man!
  5. I was looking forward to some quality football tonight. Didn’t get it. Turned it off after three. Chaminade is incompetent on offense. If this is the fifth best team in the state, as ranked by @Joshua Wilson, we (the state of Florida) are in trouble.
  6. Not sure "outstanding" is the best word to describe the Vero Beach defense. I get that Treasure Coast has a unique offensive approach. But, in the words of Nick Saban, Treasure Coast ran through Vero's defense "like shit through a tin horn." They had their way with them, and if it wasn't for HC Irvin Jones' faulty thought process on two-point conversions, Vero takes an L last week. Look, Vero Beach might prove me wrong tonight. I just haven't been impressed thus far.
  7. This is the worst Chaminade team since 2015. And to be honest, that 2015 team might beat the outfit walking into the Citrus Bowl tonight. That said, I have watched a ton of Vero since they began streaming their games on YouTube--this is also their worst team in recent memory. Vero needs to win a game like this. Excited to have a cold one and watch this one play out this evening. Good luck to both teams.
  8. From a streaming perspective, it looks to be a messy week. As always, if you see anything pop up, please reply so that I can add it to the list. NFHS (Plenty more--just highlighting some of the bigger games available) 1. (Thursday, 6:25 PM) Forest Hill-Seminoe Ridge 2. (Thursday, 7:00 PM) Trinity Christian-Godby CW West Palm 1. (Thursday, 6:30 PM) Palm Beach Central-Dwyer (http://cw34.com/sports/friday-night-rivals/watch-dwyer-high-school-takes-on-palm-beach-central) YouTube Space Coast Daily Facebook
  9. Reminder: if you come across a stream at some point this evening, just post it on this thread and I will add to the original post.
  10. Going to do my best to compile a list of available streams, both free and paid (NFHS), for each week of the season. There is nothing like sitting in the stands watching a high school football game. BUT, there is also nothing like a sitting on the couch, cold beer in hand, streaming 5-10 of the best games in the state NFL RedZone-style. If you know of any other streams, please let me know so that I can update the original post. Here is what I've got so far: NFHS (Plenty more--just highlighting some of the bigger games available) 1. (Wed., 7:00 PM) Belen-Columbus 2. (Thu., 7:30 PM
  11. Any good streams aside from the two blowouts (Lakeland/Vero)?
  12. Losing track of what is really important here: there is absolutely NO WAY that Dillard trots out a DL that averages 6'6 400+. Pure and utter blasphemy. I legitimately belly-laughed when I read that. Absolutely no shot.
  13. And STA's kryptonite: Miramar. 4-3 against Miramar in the last seven years. I'm sure Harriott and company aren't too pleased with that.
  14. Check out the supplements for RD and company. He is probably going to make 120k+. Most of his assistants will have coaching supplements between 10-15k. Pretty sweet deal! Supplements are for one year only and are not included when base salary is computed.The principal must recommend a particular individual for a specific supplement each school year; no continuing service status in the supplement position is implied or should be assumed by the individual receiving a supplement. Supplements expressed as a percentage are to be computed by applying the stated percentage rate to the state teac
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