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  1. Any KOC Games tonight??

    Any good streams aside from the two blowouts (Lakeland/Vero)?
  2. Losing track of what is really important here: there is absolutely NO WAY that Dillard trots out a DL that averages 6'6 400+. Pure and utter blasphemy. I legitimately belly-laughed when I read that. Absolutely no shot.
  3. Football reclassifications

    And STA's kryptonite: Miramar. 4-3 against Miramar in the last seven years. I'm sure Harriott and company aren't too pleased with that.
  4. Apopka Coach on the Move?

    Check out the supplements for RD and company. He is probably going to make 120k+. Most of his assistants will have coaching supplements between 10-15k. Pretty sweet deal! Supplements are for one year only and are not included when base salary is computed.The principal must recommend a particular individual for a specific supplement each school year; no continuing service status in the supplement position is implied or should be assumed by the individual receiving a supplement. Supplements expressed as a percentage are to be computed by applying the stated percentage rate to the state teacher salary matrix, bachelor's degree and years of experience at 187 days. FOOTBALL HIGH SCHOOL Head (1) (240 days) ** 79.1582% Head (1) (187 days) 114.88732% Assistant Head (1) 20.70% Assistant (7) 17.77% Defensive Coordinator (1) 20.70% Offensive Coordinator (1) 20.70% Strength and Conditioning Coordinator (1) 4.67% Head 9th Grade (1) 16.74% Assistant 9th Grade (5) 15.15% ** Position supplement calculated based on 240 days.
  5. 3A State Championship Game

    Just feels so dirty, amirite?
  6. College Recruiting?

    @gatorman-uf, I watched the same game. IMO, there was not a single Division 1 football player on the field that night. I've seen a bunch of King's over the past few years. I really respect their HC--they are very well-coached on offense, and I think he does a really good job with what he has. But there is a reason those players don't have high-level offers: they are good high school players that play against below average South Florida competition. So addressing your initial question, no, I do not believe production on the football field means colleges should come and recruit. I think colleges understand the type of kid that is there. They understand the type of football that is being played in their conference. End of the day, a kid has to fit a profile, and the majority of kids at King's just don't fit it. That said, I feel for these kids, and for that matter, all of the kids who get the short end of the stick in the recruiting game. All the holier than thou stuff you see from college coaches on Twitter is the furthest thing from the truth. Generally speaking, coaches need and recruit "dudes," and they could care less about what comes with it.
  7. Just being completely honest, @VeniceIndiansFootball: I don't see how Venice stays in this game. They looked really slow against a Vero Beach team that ended up being pretty average. You never know, but if I was a betting man, I would bet that this one gets ugly. Hope I'm wrong--I will be on the Visitors side tomorrow night--would love to see a great game. Good luck to both teams involved.
  8. Regional Final Streams

    NFHS 1. Central-Northwestern 2. Taylor County-FSU 3. Bolles-Trinity Christian 4. Dunnellon-Villages 5. Mandarin-Wekiva (looks like no YouTube for Wekiva tonight) 6. Armwood-Vanguard 7. Dr. Phillips-Riverview 8. Glades Central-University YouTube/Facebook 1. Lakeland-Plant (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPeTJ_ysaNZbpbr5TqrjNoQ) 2. King's Academy-First Academy (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCewAxhTvVV0hy9vU5O5MSbw) Note: FHSAA listed King's Academy YouTube page as last week's streaming source. Not seeing anything on the page as of publishing time. 3. Cocoa-Bishop Verot (https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCoastDaily/) Anything I am missing, please post on the thread. Good luck to all tonight!
  9. Per Wikipedia: On August 12, 2006, McPherson was hit by a golf cart driven by the Tennessee Titans mascot during half-time. On December 8, 2006, he sued the Titans because of the accident that occurred during the pre-season game at LP Field. The suit sought $15 million in punitive damages and $5 million in compensatory damages.
  10. HS Football on ESPN2 Tonight

    There will be a four-screen setup at the XDC compound this evening. St. John's-Good Council, Heritage-Gibbons, Vero Beach-Treasure Coast, and the local game on CW, Seminole Ridge-Palm Beach Central. A little take-out, a few adult sodas, and some High School Football, NFL RedZone-style. Life will be good in a couple hours!
  11. Treasure Coast Trivia

    The cyclical nature of football in Ft. Pierce is pretty amazing. Like clockwork, the talent shifts in that town. Right now, Westwood has the dudes. 2004: Cancelled (FPC clearly better) 2005: Cancelled (FPC clearly better) 2006: Central 36-6 2007: Westwood 37-0 2008: Westwood: 38-7 2009: Westwood 20-17 2010: Westwood 22-21 2011: Central 61-0 2012: Central 43-0 2013: Central 42-0 2014: Central 51-0 2015: Central 35-0 2016: Central 24-0 2017: Westwood 34-20 2018: Westwood 26-18
  12. Why Vero Beach will win states this year

    Have you watched them play? Palm Beach County 8A is average at best, and I think Atlantic and Palm Beach Central would both beat Vero. Just my opinion.
  13. Treasure Coast Trivia II

    Lenny Jankowski: Vero Beach and John Carroll, I believe.
  14. Vero Beach vs Centennial crucial district game

    Watched the entire Pahokee-Vero Beach game, and I didn't leave overly impressed with the Indians. Pahokee was an absolute clown operation, and IMO, a quality 8A program would make quick work of that bunch. I have seen Centennial a bunch on film over the past few years, and while their offense is somewhat predictable, they are sound on both sides of the ball. But most importantly, their HC has attracted some of the better athletes in the PSL area. Should be a good game with two evenly matched teams. I would probably lean Centennial after watching Vero last week.
  15. Who Is This FL Legend in the Photo? Fred Taylor

    According to some of the old timers, they didn't let Casko back on the bus after the game. 127 miles on US-27 with the best cab driver Lake Wales had to offer.