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  1. Because their coaches suck! Not crap like Taggert coaches, but they still suck!
  2. Thought that fumble late would cost Cocoa. Also a little luck before that with Cowboys fumble as they were driving deep into Cocoa territory. Two very solid wins in a row for Tigers.
  3. This sounds like the prediction of every team that has played ST Thomas in the playoffs the last 10 years. LOl So little changes, but the occasional upset does happen!
  4. I would say more than slightly, TJ Johnson started at RB transfer from Viera. Stud won game against Viera by himself. Very under-rated. They also got starter DE Julius Barfield , D1 talent, from Viera. Never really bought in to Barfield as he takes way too many plays off. Nine starters left Viera this summer when I believe coaching staff decided to change culture. Lots of malcontents hit the road, sadly their talent went with them. Coaches thought team played much better and together but lost most of their top talent, and it does take talent to play at the top levels. Along with those Eau Gallie guys- Housey twins(starters at CB,WR)went with Bryce Norton to Rockledge. Bad move when your team leader leaves but Norton didn't even start this year at QB for Rockledge, waste of talent. Another huge loss for Viera was WR Davis Mallinger who starred for Cocoa this year. Lots of talent mentioned here spread out to the three top teams in the county. At Viera this would of been a very talented and Senior laden team that would of given Edgewater a respectable game. Viera has been getting used to developing local talent, never relied on transfers, but took a big step back this season with all those that transferred out. Viera was right there with Cocoa until last season, now Rockledge is clearly a step above them also. Looks like they are trending in the wrong direction.
  5. Agree on Viera being toughest team in Region 2 , and they lost too many to transfer. QB Norton and twins -Housey RB & CB went to Rockledge, WR Mallinger went to Cocoa, DE Barfield to Eau Gallie and RB Johnson to ??. Sad because without that D1 talent they have been dominating in first 3 games. Could of challenged Edgewater with it, no chance without it.
  6. Great comeback win for Columbus. Made all the plays they had to make at end of game.Love to watch that happen! Good for the kids!!
  7. Interesting Vero breaks the record the game before Viera comes to town. Guess it is all about timing, with records!
  8. Might be an oversight but #38 Viera beat #34 Deland a couple weeks ago. With both teams with two losses imagine Viera should be higher ranked!
  9. Plant just doesn't get waxed 38-3. Anyone at game that can give some insight into whether Armwood that good?
  10. Lots of talk about the transfers in to Lakeland this offseason. Adding to a program that was loaded last year just makes these results seem expected. Lakeland might only be challenged by STA this entire season. The rest of us can just wait patiently around for that game to happen in November.
  11. Convincing Titusville win, go bet the lottery. lol
  12. They destroyed Gateway on the road 42-12 so impressive start. QB Denaburg must be younger brother of Mason stud looked impressive last week in KOC. I would think they might be most improved team in Brevard.
  13. You are being too gracious with Viera. Commentator said over 100 yards in penalties in first half and not sure if all were accepted by Cocoa. Most were execution penalties, just not ready to play the game. What, 4-5 penalties on first drive of game. They had 2-3 first downs, moved the ball and ended up punting from where they started. Commentator said Viera scored on the back of the endzone catch that was called incomplete( feed didn't show viewers endzone), that plus terrible time management at end of half-Viera could have been up 17-10. Thought Viera and Norton would miss USF Atkins and it showed. Norton, scrambling till he could find Atkins last year, was too much of their offense. Cocoa is Cocoa again and should fight for state, Viera defense improved from last year but offense has a lot to clean up not sure if season is long enough to do it.
  14. Cat Scratch, Titusville for the win? They and Bayside have been fighting for the worst team in Brevard for the last three years. Finding a Head Coach 2 weeks before the season starts can't be a good sign of the program turning the corner.
  15. Not sure if that was the freshman that played against Viera at QB two years ago but that position alone cost them the game. Gonzaga lost a lot of senior talent the year before and were not ready to play that game so early in the season. Even talented programs need a few games for key freshmen to gain needed experience.
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