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  1. Great comeback win for Columbus. Made all the plays they had to make at end of game.Love to watch that happen! Good for the kids!!
  2. Interesting Vero breaks the record the game before Viera comes to town. Guess it is all about timing, with records!
  3. Might be an oversight but #38 Viera beat #34 Deland a couple weeks ago. With both teams with two losses imagine Viera should be higher ranked!
  4. Plant just doesn't get waxed 38-3. Anyone at game that can give some insight into whether Armwood that good?
  5. Lots of talk about the transfers in to Lakeland this offseason. Adding to a program that was loaded last year just makes these results seem expected. Lakeland might only be challenged by STA this entire season. The rest of us can just wait patiently around for that game to happen in November.
  6. Convincing Titusville win, go bet the lottery. lol
  7. They destroyed Gateway on the road 42-12 so impressive start. QB Denaburg must be younger brother of Mason stud looked impressive last week in KOC. I would think they might be most improved team in Brevard.
  8. You are being too gracious with Viera. Commentator said over 100 yards in penalties in first half and not sure if all were accepted by Cocoa. Most were execution penalties, just not ready to play the game. What, 4-5 penalties on first drive of game. They had 2-3 first downs, moved the ball and ended up punting from where they started. Commentator said Viera scored on the back of the endzone catch that was called incomplete( feed didn't show viewers endzone), that plus terrible time management at end of half-Viera could have been up 17-10. Thought Viera and Norton would miss USF Atkins and it showed. Norton, scrambling till he could find Atkins last year, was too much of their offense. Cocoa is Cocoa again and should fight for state, Viera defense improved from last year but offense has a lot to clean up not sure if season is long enough to do it.
  9. Cat Scratch, Titusville for the win? They and Bayside have been fighting for the worst team in Brevard for the last three years. Finding a Head Coach 2 weeks before the season starts can't be a good sign of the program turning the corner.
  10. Not sure if that was the freshman that played against Viera at QB two years ago but that position alone cost them the game. Gonzaga lost a lot of senior talent the year before and were not ready to play that game so early in the season. Even talented programs need a few games for key freshmen to gain needed experience.
  11. This has been the problem in Brevard County for a decade. Cocoa up until this year had double digit transfers-in every year. For a program that only lists 35 or so players, were talking a third of roster. It changed with Head Coach Wilkerson leaving this year and the result was the worst defense the Cocoa program has had in at least a dozen years. Rockledge players stayed home and the school had its best team in years. We will see what happens this next off-season, hopefully everyone stays or transfers don't all go to one program.
  12. How special is Dwyer this year? Usually solid on defense,average on offense. Do they have even a punchers chance against STA this year?
  13. Viera is looking forward to this game. Last year's ending didn't sit well with the fan-base or the players. This game will be settled on the field not the press-box.
  14. Big win for Hawks! Come close every year to beating Cocoa, last year double OT at their place. Finally get over the hump !! Congratulations to the kids.
  15. Great offensive game by both teams. Best DB on both teams was out injured, Cortez Reid for Hawks. Cocoa worst Defense they have had in 20 years. Soph. QB Norton starting to click for Viera.
  16. Just guessing...How is the new Offensive Coordinator doing this year?
  17. Space Coast definitely improved, lots of Astronaut High transfers. Doubt that will hold up to a strong Rockledge team this week. Raiders have the best player in Brevard County, Ladarius Tennison, a hard running RB and flies all over the field on Defense.
  18. Carol City Apopka Northwestern American Heritage Atlantic St Johns Armwood Columbia Dixie County Crestview
  19. Can't argue this point. Viera has to have quality QB play to have success, and although QB has talent, he is just a sophomore and too inexperienced. Schedule has been really tough working against him with first 4 games on the road against strong competition. They will play another close game and probably come up short. As season goes on and if QB matures, who knows? Should still win district, and play-offs will all be about match-ups.
  20. Good news is IMG coaching staff has your game to keep their players motivated.
  21. Great comeback after last week's loss at home to Viera. Viera wasn't so lucky ,losing a tight one at Rockledge 26-21.
  22. What's your point? The clock running out is not the same as defense stopping a team from scoring.Did they not score on the next play? Vero lost by 7 at home against a soph. QB playing in his first varsity game. Losing by 17 on the road sounds about right.
  23. After watching the entire game( a feat in itself), Vero will be lucky to keep it a game. They have too many issues to fix in a week. Playing an elite team like Venice requires much more discipline than they showed against Viera. Just getting special teams lined up was a difficult assignment all game. Way too many players not executing on both sides of the ball. Venice is starting a new QB so that could help you guys, you'll need it.
  24. My picks: Carol City Venice Chaminade-Madonna Raines Palm Bay Armwood Fleming Island Lee ST. Thomas Miami Central
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