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  1. At some point in your coaching career you have to ask yourself? Do you want to win at all cost, or do you want to do right by the kids.If your a coach, time to look in the mirror.......
  2. Great pick up for Osceola to finish out their schedule. I knew they wouldn't look the other way at this chance. After checking some contacts, it looks like they have had some kids come back home to play this season.
  3. Didn't hear that will have to check into that sounds good if true, but like I said haven't heard to much this summer,
  4. I haven't heard much around town about the Kowboys this summer. This could be a down year for them, they lost a lot of talent off of last years team.
  5. I really don't know what the travel situation is with the team. I doubt they could travel to Lake City. Osceola actually had Columbia on the schedule last year week 2 at Columbia, but there was a mix up or something with the scheduling and it never happened. Osceola ended up play Miami Columbus week 2.
  6. I would love to see that happen. I'm very certain that Coach Nichols would make that trip.
  7. Don't think so...They are not playing in the fall.
  8. Heard Osceola needs a game on Nov. 6th?
  9. Brevard--- (Rockledge-Eau Gallie) don't want that smoke. Osceola needs a game Nov, 6th.
  10. The Team that beat them from Osceola last year.
  11. How about a team that sent the Naughts home 3 straight years. in 12, 13, 14, Lets go Kowboys!
  12. Osceola can't sneak into that group with APK and DP?
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