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  1. Would love to know that coach? How did Osceola come into this conversation? Please Please give me more info......
  2. It’s because the school is 81 percent Hispanic, 8 percent white, 6 percent black. Does that answer your question? Osceola High School in Kissimmee is 70% Hispanic, 13% White, and 13% Black. They seem to do alright.
  3. In HS football it is always any given Friday night! Who expected the Country Kowboys from Osceola County to go into The Mecca and beat Palmetto last year in the Semi's. Palmetto had 2 4 Star DL and tons of talent, but the Kowboys came out with a win. Coaching can make a huge difference in games at this point in the season. All 8A schools have some very good coaching, and I expect some great games
  4. Haven't followed much this year and it looks like DP is like 2-5. Just trying to see what's going on there.
  5. What is going on there? @Pipe Dreams
  6. If you had to list the top Football schools in Osceola County what would it be?
  7. So Osceola has a QB that can throw for once and they enter a 7v7 and have a bad day. Are they out of the District race? How bad were they at the 7v7? I think they a D and a running game to compete.
  8. The new classifications and districts for football, they were suppose to come out in the middle of January.
  9. When will these be released?
  10. Seminole Dr. Phillips Edgewater BMC West Orange Osceola
  11. Once again Osceola is left out. Yes the better team won (Seminole). Played 4 of 5 games on the road and beat Palmetto in the "MECCA" which was the best Miami had to offer. TFOH, not expecting top 10, but can't squeeze in the top 25. Come on Man!
  12. Thank you for all the replies. I never said they were disrespected ( Pipe dreams ), just wondered about lack of respect..... media and talk on the board. I fully understand that there is not much talk on the board about Osceola. I guess I need to become more active and encourage more KOWBOY fans. Thank you guys.
  13. Why does this team never get any respect? With the current staff, they have played in two State Championships, won 9 straight District Titles and a bunch of play off games. I understand they have not won a State Championship, but a team that is in the middle of it every year and nobody talks about them. Play off records......3-0 against Lakeland, 2-1 against DP, 1-0 against Vero. I just wonder???? Are they really not that good? Is there coach a D*#K and nobody like them. I'm a big Kowboy fan and just wonder why when the media hits Central Florida you never hear Osceola mentioned. By the way they are playing for a Regional Championship on Friday which will be the current staff's 5th in 11 years. Not to shabby.
  14. Osceola last won a title 22 years ago and leads the other teams in play off wins. They have also played in 3 other State Championship games since the 98 championship team. How many team on the list has played in multiple State Championship games sine they won one?
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