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  1. Osceola can't sneak into that group with APK and DP?
  2. Week 2 Osceola @ Columbus Week 3 Cocoa @ Osceola
  3. I think Osceola scheduled Columbus this year and lost like 21-17?
  4. Osceola-DP At this point in the season you have to limit penalties and avoid TO's. If you don't do that your season is over. These 2 teams always play each other tough, however I feel Osceola was the better team last night with or without turnovers.
  5. Osceola has offered to play the game on a Monday night.
  6. Osceola KOC vs. Lakeland #2 Columbus (Miami) #3 Cocoa #9 Manatee
  7. Was it true that the QB was charged of allegations the week before the State Championship game? He withdrew from Lakeland days after the State Championship game?
  8. Word on the street for Kissimmee Osceola: District: Cypress Creek, Freedom, Celebration, and Lake Nona Out of District: Columbus, Cocoa, Harmony, Manatee, St. Cloud. and Liberty Spring: Edgewater Classic: Lakeland
  9. Word on the street is Osceola has inquired about a a game, and will travel.
  10. He did make some bad decisions after his college career, but he has rebounded like a champ. His son graduated from Osceola HS in 2017 which he was very involved in. He has since married and is expecting a child any minute, he has spent many hours with the youth in Osceola County discussing the positive impact that sports can have on your life. Willie has spent many hours over the last couple years doing free football camps for the youth in Osceola County. He is doing his best to give back to Osceola County! Thank you Willie Green.
  11. How about punish them for their actions and don't just slap them on the wrist!
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