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  1. You know, they should divide the regions up and do championships like this: Panhandle. Central. South Florida. North Florida. Then the best of the best play in a champion of Florida bracket to determine the best team in Florida.
  2. I don't get why there is a paywall for the high school championships.
  3. Destin High has fielded a football team, and E.G. Green will be the first head coach of the program. There were rumblings years ago that they might get a high school... and now they have a football team. He was on the 1991 FWB team with Danny Wuerffel. The state championship game is on YouTube. Green has a TD at 2:26 in this blast from the past. - Played under Bowden in the 90s for FSU. - Drafted by the Colts in the 1998 NFL Draft. For classification, I don't know the enrollment figure, but Destin is smaller than FWB. I would assume 5A at the highest, but we will see closer to when they get added on. Tagging Sportsnut for the update @SportsNut25
  4. I like the idea of it. Athletes are putting their bodies on the line for this game. They have to get a cut of the pie considering the crazy salaries for Kelly, Cristobal, etc.
  5. It should make for a good product on Netflix though!
  6. A Panhandle team is in it! Pine Forest going for it.
  7. Is this a high school or a professional stadium?
  8. I just hope STA gets gets blown out, but I won't hold my breathe.
  9. Now break it down by region! Although, South Florida probably still has the most.
  10. 1A. Madco vs Hawthorne 2A. TCA/Champagnt 3A. Chaminade/BP 4A. Cocoa and Cardinal 5A. Central and Sebring 6A. Northwestern and Jones 7A. STA/Lake Gibson 8A. Venice/Apopka
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