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  1. Pretty cool to see. I don't think the county has had a state championship winner since the Gators won in 93. Felt like one of these Baker teams would eventually get over the hump.
  2. Dillard will claim the state championship!
  3. What happened? Is this forum being targeted?
  4. Condense down the state so the Panhandle joins lower Alabama!
  5. I root for Niceville to succeed if that counts haha.
  6. LOL I had Lincoln in my first post before I edited it, but I was thinking of the 2010 Lincoln vs Armwood game so I was like "Oh no, STA didn't play Lincoln in 2010"... D'OH!!!!!!!
  7. 5 Pine Forest and Lakeland (No I did not google these, im just going off prior knowledge) (edit: to Lakeland)
  8. Going to be an interesting game. This may be the 2nd best Niceville team put on the field. Would have to dig into the archives and compare stats, film etc. But it will be a tough challenge on the road for Niceville
  9. Host all games in Lake City now for neutral site playoffs?
  10. FSU is baaaaad. But, good for those Florida boys!
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