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  1. You know, they should divide the regions up and do championships like this: Panhandle. Central. South Florida. North Florida. Then the best of the best play in a champion of Florida bracket to determine the best team in Florida.
  2. I don't get why there is a paywall for the high school championships.
  3. Destin High has fielded a football team, and E.G. Green will be the first head coach of the program. There were rumblings years ago that they might get a high school... and now they have a football team. He was on the 1991 FWB team with Danny Wuerffel. The state championship game is on YouTube. Green has a TD at 2:26 in this blast from the past. - Played under Bowden in the 90s for FSU. - Drafted by the Colts in the 1998 NFL Draft. For classification, I don't know the enrollment figure, but Destin is smaller than FWB. I would assume 5A at the highest, but we will see closer to when they get added on. Tagging Sportsnut for the update @SportsNut25
  4. I like the idea of it. Athletes are putting their bodies on the line for this game. They have to get a cut of the pie considering the crazy salaries for Kelly, Cristobal, etc.
  5. It should make for a good product on Netflix though!
  6. A Panhandle team is in it! Pine Forest going for it.
  7. Is this a high school or a professional stadium?
  8. I just hope STA gets gets blown out, but I won't hold my breathe.
  9. Now break it down by region! Although, South Florida probably still has the most.
  10. 1A. Madco vs Hawthorne 2A. TCA/Champagnt 3A. Chaminade/BP 4A. Cocoa and Cardinal 5A. Central and Sebring 6A. Northwestern and Jones 7A. STA/Lake Gibson 8A. Venice/Apopka
  11. Pretty awful. I went to the Notre Dame game and had a good time despite the result. My buddy had a covid scare this week so we did not go to the JSU game. Pretty sloppy play all around last night. Just a bad game. I can't say much else... but the wildcat, not kicking the FG, and that weird final play that gave JSU the game...
  12. Pretty cool to see. I don't think the county has had a state championship winner since the Gators won in 93. Felt like one of these Baker teams would eventually get over the hump.
  13. Dillard will claim the state championship!
  14. What happened? Is this forum being targeted?
  15. Condense down the state so the Panhandle joins lower Alabama!
  16. I root for Niceville to succeed if that counts haha.
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