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  1. Passed at 58 years old. Noteworthy to us Nicevillians since he was an assistant on the football coaching staff for a short stint while his son Gavin was on the team. We're no STA, so having someone like him on our sideline was a pretty big deal. RIP big guy.
  2. That's pretty cool. I'd love to see that info. I graduated Niceville in 76. I'd always heard that Niceville was the first high school (at site of current Edge elementary) then Choctaw opened at some point (at current site of Meigs JHS) and Niceville was shutdown at that time only to be reopened later at it's current site. Choctaw was moved once a new building was built at it's current location and FWB opened later. I could've sworn FWB opened around the time I started HS. Don't know the years for the above and sounds like what I heard just applied to the south county. I didn't know Cres
  3. Wow, lots of effort went into that! Was curious to see it sorted solely by Titles/1K. Not surprising the leaders are the smaller counties due to the classifications they generally play within. Once you go above 50K population, Leon jumps out. Wonder how they fare if only FHSAA titles were counted. Also over 50K, Okaloosa and Escambia fare pretty well so the western panhandle's holding it's own. County 2020 Population Titles/1K Titles Runne
  4. I was going to post about #2, RB Kayleb Wagner. He was clearly the MVP for Baker (12 rushes, 152 yds, 12.7 avg, 1 TD). I live in Okaloosa county and have seen Baker highlights throughout the year on tv, but up until watching this game on livestream did not notice he had the physical disability. They said it was congenital. I think it's really cool he's able to accomplish what he does on the HS FB field and also hope he gets a chance at the next level.
  5. Yea those were some really good years for us. Wish we could say we've all won a title, but Crestview (Okaloosa has 5 schools) hasn't. Matt Brunson, who now coaches Baker, got them to the 3A title game in 2002 but they lost to Rockledge. IMO, Crestview has the potential to be the top team in the county at least in terms of population growth. Back in those championship years Fort Walton Beach, Choctaw-Hatchee (hyphenated for those that mispronounce it as Chocta-Whatchee) were the big schools followed by Niceville then Crestview then little ole Baker. Now it's Crestview, N'ville (7A);
  6. Please enlighten me... which schools/counties/school districts aren't playing in the FHSAA playoffs? Or at least some of the prominent contenders.
  7. Seems they blackout all their events for a time, not just playoff football but other sports as well. Don't know why the NFHS network even allows that.
  8. Port Saint Joe (2014) isn't too far from Baker I suppose. Wakulla 1981?
  9. Niceville prevails 35-18. Island scores 18 late after running clock against bench players. NFHS sucks, failed to deliver promised livestream.
  10. Date of original post + your signature appears to answer the bonus question: Columbia
  11. On Buchholz, I agree. They always seemed to go +1 against our receivers. If we were 2x2 they were 3x3 with no one behind and between the DEs but a MLB or very high safety. Parker was very effective but we needed to attack the middle more to make them ease off our WRs. I might've tried #14 at RB with some inside zone plays or run the QB inside a bit more, but I think they'd rather avoid running him at this point. Also QB Wainwright's arm wasn't as sharp this game. I don't think he was rattled, but we did give up a bunch of sacks to their blitzes. Fleming Island seems to be a run
  12. First post here. Lurked a short while, see a lot of usernames from another network's FL high school forum that now appears pretty dead. Nicevillian hoping to discuss Niceville's upcoming matchup with Fleming Island. Our Eagles, for the first time all year, were certainly tested against Buchholz and fortunate to get the win. Any other Eagles from either school onboard? @AmstaffNole
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