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  1. Did Hawthorne knock Pahokee out once so if Hawthorne knock out that 4A team that would be 2times that they have knock out pakokee because I think they would play pahokee first then that “Quote 4A team
  2. Jesse or the kids at Madison County that works hard?
  3. Name how many player on that team was playing on other teams last year
  4. Football fan


    Yea I see how u feel where were you when Madison County was going up against those all star teams should they have been going up against those Private baby college
  5. Football fan


    See we got a Madison County hater
  6. 2016 2017 2018 2019 my bad u said 15 years
  7. Still waiting to see if LeBron James son Transfer there also
  8. Tom Brady son just Transferred to the Charter school in Madison
  9. Thanks god them boys done cowboys fan Respect
  10. If Florida Separate Private from public school what class would Madison county be in
  11. U had your Chance to end that 3peat last week Where was u when Madison was the smallest public school in 3A where was u when Madison was the smallest school in 4A wasn’t your Concerns right?so take it up with the FHASS. Pull up the Population for Madison County put it up against Any other county in Florida why don’t fhass start Counting the county Population
  12. Madison County 3peat now put what u wanna behind that
  13. And u only lost by 1point? That chain crew should be Fired
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