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  1. What about we put madison in the SEC what would we call them smashmouth or crymouth?
  2. What class should madison play in what class should that team that beat y’all 51 to12 play in because it’s all about the wins right?
  3. So should madco go up Against the Private All-Stars of 3A or 4A where would you put madco
  4. Okay I was just checking but Bozeman ok in 1A because they don’t win? Just WIN BABY
  5. What about the schools with over 600 kids o wait it’s about the wins? Just say it madison won and you butt hurt
  6. Both teams are very good Hawthorne better not play like they did last week they did not move the ball like they should have and that was Chipley this madison team is well coach and will try to make you over think like I said don’t play like last week
  7. Happen to Madison last year also good point
  8. I bet madison county would duck them and move up to 8A
  9. Pahokee should be safe don’t see no one north of Madison beating them
  10. Baker will not be the number one seed union and land is in front of them so pk will not have to worry about that let’s say these team win union 1 baker 2 madco 3 pk 4 1 would play 4 2 play 3
  11. Crazy pk going to gainesville this Friday if win go to union county or Madison county next Friday if win tallassee after man look at them miles
  12. So you saying if madco and baker both win they play?
  13. Madison should be pulling for pahokee this week if they win and baker win that would make madco 3seed and pk4 could be a great state championship game
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