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  1. Not bashing but how come pk don’t Compete in basketball?
  2. Do u have the Total Penalty yards for both team?
  3. B town is a well coached team trust me he will find out Saturday
  4. What about that extra time out pk got the second half could have won/lost the game too? The ref was bad all game not just against pk the NFL didn’t loan them
  5. Thanks to them staten boys 2016-2019
  6. Let me guess they cheating for Madison?
  7. I heard playing us win or lose the stage wasn’t big enough for them
  8. How many time have that school beat(us) so u feel good about beating a 3A team?
  9. Or should Madison be Complaining about losing to 7A team(drop down to run from we know who) a 4A team
  10. You calling lee a real team? Who should Madison be playing 5A 6A or 7A champs from last years?
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