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  1. Madison would kill Venice in Jesse voice did you see madison 1977 Schedule
  2. You talking about the same MC team that won by one point in 2021 and lost in 2020 where should they be playing wait I heard madison number will be lower next count
  3. Who should he play Trinity Christian, The bolles school St Thomas Alabama Georgia come on man be real? YOU STILL Mad BRO
  4. No Columbia is a great team madison only beat them when they are down rite?
  5. Why don’t y’all move up so y’all don’t have to lose to Madison
  6. Can you tell us who’s going to be the next coach
  7. You should start a Petition this time because coach said start another because them boys About to win another one
  8. If bolles and Trinity have less kids than madison who would you Consider there size?
  9. Show up and win the last time madison won a championship 13-12 that’s not just showing up look like the other team showed up also
  10. Would them losing to bolles make it right? Or not your problem just them being in 1A
  11. How you Complain about madison being in 1A but not complain about madison playing against Private schools do Madison Have the Resources to Compete Against the Trinity or bolles every year being a 1Aschool
  12. What about we put madison in the SEC what would we call them smashmouth or crymouth?
  13. What class should madison play in what class should that team that beat y’all 51 to12 play in because it’s all about the wins right?
  14. So should madco go up Against the Private All-Stars of 3A or 4A where would you put madco
  15. Okay I was just checking but Bozeman ok in 1A because they don’t win? Just WIN BABY
  16. What about the schools with over 600 kids o wait it’s about the wins? Just say it madison won and you butt hurt
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